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 on: June 11, 2017, 02:56:46 AM 
Started by Mia Kris - Last post by total body workout

Well, I can't promise that my first level will be first-place material... but from the experimenting I've done using your tutorials I'm pretty excited to make it!

Oh, I might have skipped over such a detail in my reading, but, is it possible to make custom characters, or custom character costumes? :o

 on: June 10, 2017, 07:57:15 PM 
Started by Mia Kris - Last post by Mia Kris
Tutorial: Layers and Events

-My favorite post-launch addition to Mario Maker was the pink coins that would spawn a key when they were all collected. Good news, we can do this - and quite a bit more! - with the Layers and Events systems.
-I made a video a while ago to show this off.
Click to load

-First, we'll do "Collect all the red coins to spawn a key".
-Make sure you have both the Layers and Events windows open.

-Click "Add" in the Layers window, and name your new layer "Red Coins" (the layer name can be anything, but it's good to be descriptive).
-In the Classic Events window, click the plus sign to add a new event. Name it something like "Red Coins Collected".

-Next, place some Red Coins in your level. Select them, and use the right-click menu to change which Layer they're assigned to.

     Blocks, BGOs, and NPCs can all be assigned to layers. You can use layers to put multiple blocks or NPCs in the same tile, though the graphics can render strangely depending on how this is done.

-Still having all your Red Coins selected, right-click and go to Properties.
-The four drop-downs at the bottom of this window allow you to configure the coins as an Event trigger.
-In this case we want to set "Layer is empty" to trigger the custom event we created.

-Next, we'll need a Key that's in a separate layer. Place a Key in your level, and from the right-click menu select "Add to new Layer..."
-Check the box for "Hidden", since we don't want the key to be visible to the player initially.

-You'll actually see the key disappear in the editor, but if you need to see it again, you can toggle the layer visibility with the checkbox in the Layers window.

-Now that both layers are configured, select your Red Coins Collected event in the Events window. Under "Layer Visibility", add Key to the Show field. Like this:

-That's all you need to do for a functioning, SMM-like "Collect the red coins to spawn a key" mechanic!

-You may have noticed one of the triggers was "On Death". This can be used to spawn stuff when enemies die.

     The "on death" trigger doesn't require the enemy to be in particular layer. However, if you want to do something like "spawn the key after killing a set of Goombas", use "Layer is empty" on a layer full of Goombas instead.

-Another important event function is "Layer Movement". We can use this to set up simple moving platforms.
-As an example, let's make this cloud move left and right over a gap.

-First, put the cloud in its own layer.
-Now create two events, "cloud move right" and "cloud move left".
-For "Cloud move right", check the "Autostart event" box - this will cause the event to start immediately when the game loads.
-Open "Layer movement", select the Cloud layer, and set Horizontal speed to 1 (block per second).
-Then, open "Trigger Event", select the "cloud move left" event, and set a delay of 2.0 (seconds). Thus, 2 seconds after the "cloud move right" event starts, it will trigger the "cloud move left" event.

-Similarly, configure "cloud move left" to set horizontal movement to -1 (negative values mean left), and set it to trigger "cloud move right" with a 2 second delay.
-Now when you test the level, the cloud should be moving!

-There's not much limit to the scope of Layer Movement events. For instance, you can make fairly large hazards too!

That's all the basics on how to make Layers and Events work with each other. Figuring this stuff out was when I really felt sold on this engine being a more powerful creation tool than Mario Maker. So, be creative and explore the possibilities!

 on: June 10, 2017, 06:06:51 PM 
Started by Mia Kris - Last post by Mia Kris
Tutorial: Custom Music and Backgrounds

-This is where the "Custom Folder" for your level is going to come into play!
-Again, the folder structure is to have a folder with the name of your level in the same directory as the .lvl file itself, like so:

-To add custom music, just place one or more songs into the custom folder.
     A wide variety of formats are supported!
-Once you have your song(s) in the folder, go to the Section Settings window in the editor, select "Custom" for music, and click the browse button under "Music file:". You should see a list of all the songs you put in your custom folder. Just pick one, and... that's all there is to it!

     If you have multiple custom songs, you can pick a different one for each section of the level.

-Backgrounds are slightly more complex to set up. The basic idea is that we're going to replace one of the built-in backgrounds.
-There are a couple format requirements. Backgrounds have to be in .gif format. The image must be at least 600 pixels tall (the height of one screen). Width doesn't matter, as backgrounds are always tiled horizontally.

-As an example, let's say I want to use this background from Kirby Super Star:

-Looks pretty nice, but it's only 168 pixels high. I'll do a 400% nearest-neighbor resize on it so that it meets the 600px height requirement.
-Next, I'll place the resized .gif in my level's custom folder. Unlike music, this needs a specific filename format: "background2-53.gif" without the quotes.
-What this is doing is telling the editor to replace built-in background #53 with our custom background. It doesn't have to be #53 specifically, but due to the way background configs are set up, you have to be careful not to replace one of the animated backgrounds or you'll get something like this:
Spoiler for Replacing an animated background:
     Other good options for backgrounds without fancy configs are #20 or #48.
-Once you have the background in place with the proper filename, you'll see it show up in that spot in the background image options. There will be an asterisk in front of the name to indicate that it's a custom graphic.

-A somewhat technical side note: if the height of the section is taller than the background image, the game will employ vertical parallax scrolling. This will be done such that in-game, the bottom of the section will line up with the bottom of the image and the top of the section will line up with the top of the image. A bigger gap between the section size and the image size will result in the background appearing "farther away" from the foreground.

 on: June 10, 2017, 03:43:42 PM 
Started by Soaprman - Last post by Rick
forum isnt broken yet so you must not have done anything :pacman2: :pacman2: :cranky: :fuckyou: :fuckyou:

 on: June 10, 2017, 03:43:34 PM 
Started by Soaprman - Last post by Mia Kris
Hmm, looks like you're able to post. Great!

 on: June 10, 2017, 03:31:49 PM 
Started by Mia Kris - Last post by Malik
1: Mia
2: Gamma
3: Rick
4: Malik

 on: June 10, 2017, 03:31:07 PM 
Started by Soaprman - Last post by Soaprman
actually a test post, no funny business

 on: June 10, 2017, 02:58:04 PM 
Started by Mia Kris - Last post by Yoshi348
Uncle Broadsword is literately a original character do not steal from a game the developers are working on. So more of that shit.

Zelda changes her song with certain pickups (and doesn't change back when she loses them); fire flower changes it to saving and restoring her position, and another one saves and restores enemies.

 on: June 10, 2017, 02:37:34 PM 
Started by Mia Kris - Last post by Mia Kris
If you're working through these, feel free to post your own screenshots and/or questions!

 on: June 10, 2017, 02:25:21 PM 
Started by Mia Kris - Last post by Rick
I'll DL it and work on it this week coming up.  seems fun!

1: Mia
2: Gamma
3: Rick

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