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 on: June 09, 2017, 06:41:19 PM 
Started by Mia Kris - Last post by Mia Kris
Tutorial: Alternate Characters

-Possibly the biggest added feature in SMBX compared to Mario Maker is the option of using different playable characters with unique mechanics.
-The original SMBX had five characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Link. SMBX2 has expanded the roster to eighteen!
-This will be part tutorial, part showcase. The best way to learn about the alternate characters is to try them out yourself!

-As for how to change the player into another character, there are two ways that I know of.
-The first way is to place a block known as a character switch. These can be found in the "Player Block" category. They work like so:

-If you want the player to start your level as a specific character, that's done via Lua script. Again, we'll cover that in more detail later, but for now know that you'd want to have a file called lunadll.lua in your level's custom folder with the following code:
Code: [Select]
function onStart()
player.character = 1  --Put the desired character's ID here.

Spoiler for List of character IDs:
1: Mario
2: Luigi
3: Peach
4: Toad
5: Link
6: Mega Man
7: Wario
8: Bowser
9: Klonoa
10: Ninja Bomberman
11: Rosalina
12: Snake
13: Zelda
14: Ultimate Rinka
15: Princess Rinka
16: Uncle Broadsword
17: Juni
18: Samus

-So, on to some overviews of the characters! I'll be spoilering these out because it's a lot of .gif spam.

Spoiler for Luigi:
Luigi is actually the only character who doesn't have special mechanics like you'd expect! As far as I can tell he is just a reskin of Mario.
Spoiler for Peach:
Peach has her hover ability from SMB2.
Spoiler for Toad:
Like in SMB2, Toad runs faster than Mario but can't jump as high.
Spoiler for Link:
Link is based off his appearance in Zelda II. His sword can take out enemies and breakable blocks.
Spoiler for Mega Man:
One of the most impressive bits of programming here, Mega Man has a number of abilities depending on which power-up he gets... and can switch between them on the fly!
Spoiler for Wario:
Wario has two special abilities. If he runs for a while, his charge will break through blocks. Also, he can open up a shop interface at any time to exchange coins for power-ups.
Spoiler for Bowser:
Bowser can recruit enemies to follow him and fight at his command.
Spoiler for Klonoa:
I've never played this game before, but it looks like Klonoa can grab&toss enemies, and also float for a bit.
Spoiler for Ninja Bomberman:
This one seems quite powerful. He can double-jump, drop bombs, and hover.
Spoiler for Rosalina:
It's her...! She can double-jump (though her base jump is much shorter), and hover. Collecting coins fills a meter that can be consumed to gain a starman power-up.
Spoiler for Solid Snake:
This one's quite funny. Enemies will gain flashlights, and if Snake is spotted, additional enemies will spawn for a while. Be careful...!
Spoiler for Zelda:
Zelda can teleport vertically if standing on the ground. Her Ocarina can "save and restore" the status of breakable blocks.
Spoiler for Uncle Broadsword:
I don't even know what game this guy's from! But, his sword attacks are very agile, and can even suspend him in the air for a bit.
Spoiler for Juni:
This mysterious girl isn't very capable at first, but gains numerous abilities when collecting power-ups.
Spoiler for Samus:
Samus gains new weapons as power-ups are collected. The morph ball's here, too.

-Another fancy block we can look at is the Costume Block. Each character has multiple costumes that change their sprites - this is cosmetic only.

     Some of these are pretty clearly developer injokes, but, for instance, we might want to use SMW Mario primarily.

-If you looked at the character switches, you probably also saw the character blocks. These are blocks that become passable only when playing as that character. I wonder what kind of puzzles you could make with these?

 on: June 09, 2017, 04:52:31 PM 
Started by Mia Kris - Last post by Gamma_Metroid
1: Mia
2: Gamma

 on: June 09, 2017, 01:48:30 PM 
Started by Mia Kris - Last post by Mia Kris
Tutorial: Tricky Terrain - Water, Quicksand, and Lava

-In the Section Settings window for a given section, there's an "underwater" checkbox. This makes the entire section take place underwater, just like Mario Maker's underwater levels.
-However, SMBX lets us place arbitrarily-sized bodies of water in our levels, too! I'll demonstrate.

-Ah, it looks like we're at the beach today! But, what's the beach without water? Let's place some!

-However, just placing water BGO tiles isn't enough - they're technically just cosmetic. To make this swimmable, there's another way to designate the area as containing water.

-Just click the Water icon (located near the start point icon), then click and drag a rectangle anywhere to place water. The specified area will now have water physics!
    If you have snap-to-grid on, Water can snap to half-tile intervals, which is what looks best with most water BGOs.
     With the Select tool, you can move, copy, or delete an existing water area.

     Be careful, going off the bottom of the screen still results in death!

-Right next to the Water button is a Quicksand button. Placing Quicksand works just like placing Water. Combine this with the "Quicksand Foreground" BGO tiles to create a not-immediately-lethal hazard.

-On the other hand, Lava is considered a block rather than BGO, and is automatically deadly to the player, so simply placing anything from the "Lava Blocks" category is all you need to do.

     The "Lava4" blocks have the most options for creating "shapes" with lava. Note the interaction with the Skull Raft NPCs.

That's all on these types of terrain.

Spoiler for Ah, well, one more thing...:
Once we learn about layers and a bit of scripting, we'll be able to do stuff like this:

 on: June 09, 2017, 03:13:37 AM 
Started by Mia Kris - Last post by Mia Kris
Tutorial: Sections and Warps
-Like Mario Maker, your level can have multiple sections - but now you can have as many as you want!
   Please don't make anything too complicated...

-Use this bar near the top to select a section:
-Once you open Section 2, you'll see that it's blank, just like when you first started your level. For each section, you'll need to select a background and music again.

-To travel between sections, we'll need to create Warps. Open the "Warps and Doors" window, if it's not open already. Within this menu, click the plus sign near the top right to create a new warp.
-For "warp type", let's select Pipe.
   Unlike Mario Maker, any type of warp can be used to travel either between or within sections.
-If you haven't already, place appropriate blocks from the Pipe category into both sections of your level.
   Technically you can put any type of warp anywhere, but it's good to be consistent with established conventions - usually...
-Click on "Set Entrance" and place it at the top-middle of your pipe, as shown here:

-Now do the same with "Set Exit" at the other end of your pipe.
-For "Pipe Direction", make sure to set the entrance to go Down.
-But we're not done yet! Each Warp is only one-way, so if we want to make a two-way pipe, we'll have to create a second warp. Do so, with the Entrance and Exit positions reversed.
   This may seem like a tedious extra step, but, it allows you to get creative with stuff like pipes that don't send you back to where you came from.

-Now let's try making a locked door. Place two door BGOs in your level.
   For some of these door options, the game is smart enough to animate the BGO when the player warps.
-Create two warps, with both having an entrance and an exit on each door.
-Enable the "Locked" checkbox on one of the doors. Awkwardly this setup doesn't allow you to have both warps unlock when you use a key, like in Mario Maker - doing that would require advanced scripting. I think for the vast majority of level designs, though, it's sufficient to just have one side of the pair locked.
   There's a "Door Lock" BGO in the _system category, but don't worry about placing it - it's automatically spawned when a locked warp and a door BGO line up.
-Create a "Key" NPC from the "Carryble tool" category. This can be placed on the ground, or specified as the contents of a block.
   Later when I cover Events, I'll show how to spawn a key upon killing enemies or collecting macguffins, like in Mario Maker.
-Now if you test your level, you'll find that you have to be holding the key to use the door. Once a key is used on a door, the key goes away and the door is permanently unlocked.

-If you use the "Level door: Exit only" option (which works with pipes too), using that warp counts as finishing the level. Feel free to use this!
   You may also notice a "Keyhole" BGO - touching this with a key also constitutes a level exit!

 on: June 09, 2017, 02:44:46 AM 
Started by Mia Kris - Last post by Mia Kris
Tutorial: Editor Basics
-Once you've downloaded and extracted the SMBX2-Beta3 archive, open SMBX2.exe. This launcher gives the choice of a few built-in "episodes" (games) that you can play, but to get to the editor, use the "Launch Editor" button in the bottom-right.
-Once the editor loads up, go to File -> New -> Level...
-It's good to save your new level right away. Enter a title, and check the "Make custom folder" checkbox. This will create a folder alongside your level in which you can place custom assets or scripts. There's not much reason not to use it.
-Select the save location for your level and its custom folder to go in.
   I suggest creating a "World" folder at \SMBX2-Beta3\Data\Worlds\[your world folder] to put all your levels in. If you have a collection of levels plus a .wld world map file in that location, it'll be put in the Episodes dropdown in the launcher.

-Your new level will just be a black canvas, like this:
-First thing I recommend doing is picking a background. This is in the "Section Settings" window, pictured bottom-right.
   If you don't see that, or any other window I reference from here on out, go to the "View" menu on the top to turn it on!
-Also in the Section Settings menu, you can pick the music that will play in this section of the level.
   It's fairly easy to import custom background images and music; I'll cover this later.

-On the left side of the screen is the Level Item Toolbox, which is split into three broad categories of "Blocks" (level geometry), "BGO" (mostly noninteractive cosmetics), and "NPCs" (includes enemies, but also stuff like coins and power-ups). Each of these tabs can be filtered by "Group" (which Mario game) and/or "Category" (level theme or function).
-Let's first place some tiles. Under the Blocks tab, select a Group like "Grass and Ground", select a tile, and click and drag on the canvas to place it. Great, ya made some level geometry!

-Before we make the level any more complex, let's specify the player's starting position. There's a button in the top menus that looks like Mario's face:

This will allow you to place a marker that indicates the starting point.
   Unlike Mario Maker, this isn't just for testing - no matter where you put it, that's really where the level starts!
-As a starting position and some sort of geometry are the bare minimum for gameplay, let's do a test. In the menus you can select Test -> LunaTester -> Run Testing, or, simply press F5. After a brief load, you'll be playing your level!
   The basic controls are: Arrow keys to move, Z to jump, X to run, and ESC to pause. If you have a gamepad you may need to configure it from the Options menu in one of the premade episodes. I highly recommend a gamepad.

-Once you're done testing, you can select "Quit" from the pause menu, or simply close the game window.
   You can make changes and test again without even needing to save the level. This is great for iterative design!

-Let's add more geometry. For "Category", select "Sizeable blocks". These are similar to Mario Maker's "semi-solid platform", and can be dragged out as any size. 

-Next let's add an enemy. Under the NPC tab select the Enemy category. There are a lot here, and pretty much have the behavior/AI you'd expect. For example, if you put a Red Koopa Troopa on your platform, it won't walk off.

-Now we'll add a power-up. Create a ? block from the "? Blocks and bricks" category. Right-click it and go to "Properties..."
-Click on the button under "Block contents". By default the content is 1 coin, but you can instead select any NPC (any of 'em!). For now, just make it a mushroom or fire flower.
   You can specify contents in any type of block, though many blocks cannot normally be destroyed.

-Almost done. Let's make the level bigger (they always start at the size of one screen). In the Section Settings window, click the "Resize section" button. You can now simply click and drag any of the edges of the level to expand it in that direction.
   Unlike Mario Maker, there's practically no limit on how wide or tall your level can be - go wild!
   Also: blocks, NPCs, etc can all be placed outside the section boundaries. It's just a limit on where the player and camera can go during gameplay.

-Lastly, let's create an ending for the level. Filter the NPC tab to the "Exit Point" category. This gives you a few options of objects that end the level when the player touches them.

   The simplest are "Crystal Ball", "Magic Ball", or "SMB3 Card Roulette". Goal Tape requires appropriate BGOs to look right - try this out!

That's about it for the basic editor functions! Play around with more types of blocks and NPCs, and don't forget to save your level when you're done.

 on: June 09, 2017, 02:32:06 AM 
Started by Mia Kris - Last post by Mia Kris
As promised in the Super POS World 2 thread, I'll be creating several tutorials on using SMBX 2.0. There'll be some focus on comparing and contrasting it with Mario Maker, since most of us are very used to that.

Tutorial Index
Editor Basics
Sections and Warps
Tricky Terrain - Water, Quicksand, and Lava
Alternate Characters
Custom Music and Backgrounds
Layers and Events

Here's a bullet-point comparison of what differs between the two engines:
Spoiler for Hidden:
I'll just start with the "bad news" list. Stuff that's in Mario Maker and not SMBX 2.0b3:
-Flame Jets
-One-way blocks
-Conveyor belts exist, but only move at one slow speed.
-Rails exist, but only carry one type of platform, or grinders
-Only one checkpoint per level
-Making enemies bigger, giving enemies wings (bigger or winged versions of a few basic enemies exist)
-Enemies: Floor Ghosts, Monty Mole, Homing Bullet Bill
-Power-ups: cape feather, propeller mushroom
-The Clown Car is there but it's... weird.
Some of the items above can be worked around if you are inclined toward Lua scripting. In particular there is an API for multiple checkpoints that I have yet to try out. Also, some of these are planned for beta 4 "near the end of summer".

Now the fun part, Stuff that's not in Mario Maker and is in SMBX 2.0b3:
-Unlimited* level size (both x and y dimensions)
-Unlimited sub-levels
-Unlimited pipe & door warps
-Wrapping levels
-SMB1 one-way scrolling
-Custom tileset & background graphics
-Custom music
-Water tiles
-SMW style world map
-Multiple exits per level
-Event triggers! Create triggers like "Collect all red coins" or "stomp all goombas" to do things like "spawn a key" or "change the music", etc, etc.
-Moving blocks - make any level geometry move around!
-SMW-style "Reserve item"
-SMB2 mechanics: Digging up grass and sand, throwable enemies (shy guys etc).
-Colored Yoshis with SMW-like powerups
-Multiple playable characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad - and many more, each with unique gameplay twists!
-Power-ups: hammer suit, tanooki suit, ice flower, stopwatch
-Blocks: Switchable, Message, Diggable Sand, TNT, and more
-Enemies: Too many to list... notably most of SMB2, and some stragglers from SMW.
*Technically there are limits on these, but they're impractically large.

 on: June 09, 2017, 02:00:04 AM 
Started by Mia Kris - Last post by Mia Kris

Super POS World was a lot of fun, and something we ought to do again!
But, I feel we approached the limits of what can be done with Mario Maker. So, I'd like to use Super Mario Bros X 2.0. If you haven't heard of it, it's basically Mario Maker for PC, with significantly more features and customization.

Download it here!

Since one of the features in SMBX2 is SMW-style world maps, I'd like us to make a "Super POS World 2". We'll have everyone submit maybe 3 levels, and then I'll unify them all in one big world map (which will include some secrets!). This will result in a full "game" that can be downloaded and played through as a single experience, rather than just a list of ala carte levels.

To help facilitate this, I will be posting a set of tutorials on how to use SMBX2, including notes on what's new or different compared to SMM.
Please sign up below! Once few have a few people signed up, I'll give maybe three to four weeks to make levels. We can discuss things like quantity and style as we go.

1: Mia

 on: June 07, 2017, 11:15:22 PM 
Started by Rick - Last post by SK
im honestly still pretty happy with skmega even if certain things (cwc) didnt age well, but for the monsters i think it still requires having ALL of the skins we made which is a hassle to set up. for the weapons/classes, i think theres a version of it that still works (in fact i think i revisited it recently)

that being said, a wad that handles the idea much better should be fun to try out!

 on: June 07, 2017, 10:31:19 PM 
Started by Rick - Last post by Yoshi348
Alright first of all, since Zandronum has become one of those open source projects, you're going to want to have the latest beta/alpha/whatever instead of the latest stable which is woefully out of date. Should be easy to find on the Zandronum page download page. https://zandronum.com/download

I don't even remember where Delta Invasion is anymore, nor where the skulltag.pk3 compatability thing is for actually running it. I hope SK (or even Soap?!?!) remembers more than I do on that front.

Co-op is pretty radcore though and there's always great stuff because you just put in a regular ass doom WAD and out pops fun! Some of my picks (I'm going for more rather than less here):

Ancient Aliens is the latest magnum opus of the Doom world, and it's fucking amazing. It's fucking pretty too.

Plutonia The IWAD: Still good after 20 years

Community Chest 2, 3, and FOUUUUUUUUUUUUUR: Just a good selection of maps by people trying to make their big splash with their potential only shot at mapping. I forget which one had Soap's maps (probably 2) and which one had Literately The Entirety Of Death Mountain From LTTP The Map (probably 3). Two might be rougher than the others in varying quality land. The original CChest is quite a bit more hit or miss.

Memento Mori: There's a lot of old classic we could talk about here but MM, though it's one of the oldest, does stand out in that it was actually built primarily for co-op play, so you know. Pretty good, with only a small amount of "for its time" rider.

Scythe: Another old classic that I point out mainly because it's filled with shorter, smaller maps on purpose, so if you want that kind of pace, there you go. Scythe 2 doesn't fill the same niche but I should point out that it's damn good too.

I'm not sure many of you are interested in DM but I'd be down and this seems like the mapset of choice for now.


SPACE HUNTER: It's an NES Metroid weapons mod for Doom! May not sound exciting, huh? Well it's pretty great; I'll convince you by mentioning that the ice beam causes enemies to explode into ice shrapnel, which can kill other enemies that also explode into ice shrapnel, which can... you get the idea. There's some dumb shit in here.

Samsara: So I have no idea where skmega is, whether it still works, and whether SK can bear looking at the vault of time capsule meme horrors within his soul, but apparently he wasn't the only one with that basic idea. The selection of heroes is quite a bit different from SKMega too, with only a bit of overlap.

 on: June 06, 2017, 10:53:26 PM 
Started by Rick - Last post by Yoshi348
The thing about that is that Invasion is pretty dead; I don't think there's anything for it other than the old delta invasion stuff that's any good. I mean that's probably something to fire up but we're probably going to at least need some good co-op stuff thrown in there too.

I'll do my big idea vomit post later.

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