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[Imagefest]Wii U Unboxing!

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Gee I wonder what's inside here? Is it my new Barbie Dream House I've been waiting for?!

Damnit it's only a shitty Wii. Someone even typoed the box and put a stupid U there. Gay.

So now Mario got Peach to fuck a Yoshi so they can have Yoshi babies. How's that for U?!

What the fuck? I paid 350 bucks for cardboard? Fuck U Nintendo!

NINTENDO LAND!!!!!! BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!! And some shitty styrofoam!

Wires galore! Also that chick looks really hot.

So my tablet had a baby with my NES controller. This is the result.

Just because why not?

Great now to kick back for a few hours while this updates. I censored the words so Nintendo doesn't sue me!

I've heard Mario U is really good. You'll have to give us the nitty gritty!

I'll do a videofest of Mario U if I can set it up right. I haven't opened it yet been pretty busy.

Wow this was interesting:

OMG MAIL FROM MiiVerse Admin! I must be in trouble!

Violated? Oh no, was my penis too realistic looking for the kiddies?

And here's the post. Wonder what could've violated them so bad.

prob "I miss the tanooki shit". I wonder how such deletions are handled... like if there's some kind of handwriting recognition or there are moderators or if it just operates off of reported posts. Either way, someone or something can't read your handwriting. :link:

I went to yeah! a "smoke weed" post but got an error because it had been deleted.


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