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Super POS World 2

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I'm on the fence about this... not sure I'm really in a Mario mood just yet. I might sign up in a week or so though, who knows.

As for streaming the levels when they're done, that's something I'll almost certainly be up for when the time comes. :jarsnake:

Space Raton:
Since you're on the fence, Soap, I'll leave an end-castle spot that is optional for you.

Super POS World 2
-Super POS World 2 will be structured similar to Super Mario Land 2. There are four main zones with three levels each: Earth Zone (Gamma), Air Zone (Malik), Water Zone (Vivian), and Fire Zone (Rick). These are linked by a nonlinear world map (I'll build that), and can be completed in any order.
-Completing all four main zones will unlock the Castle Zone (Soap), where the end boss resides.
-Additionally, each of the four main zones will have a secret exit hidden in one of its levels. This will unlock a level in the Special Zone (Mia).

Earth Zone (Gamma)
-Enemies: Rippers, Zoomers, Swoopers, Mega Moles
-Power-up: Fire Flower
-Mainly caves. Make a level where the ceiling or walls try to crush the player.

Air Zone (Malik)
-Enemies: Winged Goombas & Koopas, Lakitus, Hoopster
-Power-up: Super Leaf
-Lots of clouds and vines. Include a "long vertical climb" level.

Water Zone (Vivian)
-Enemies: Bloopers, Cheep Cheeps, Spark, sorry there aren't that many water-themed enemies
-Power-up: Ice Flower
-Levels don't have to be completely underwater. One level should have water that rises and lowers.

Fire Zone (Rick)
-Enemies: Podoboos, Blargg, Bob-ombs
-Power-up: Hammer Suit
-Fire bars are a little weird to set up, but I'll show you later. Lots of lava. Have a section with a long Skull Raft ride!

Castle Zone (Soap, maybe)
-Enemies: The dang Bowser
-Power-up: Poison Mushroom
-This could be one big castle level, or maybe split into two levels as a sort of extra checkpoint. Up to you!

Special Zone (Mia)

Ok, that's all for the assignments! If you have any questions about this, or aren't sure how to implement something in your level, feel free to ask me.
For a deadline, I think July 9 (four weeks from today) should be ok. Your levels are not required to be super long or complex!

It's still processing but here is the youtube upload of the stream for anyone who missed it:

Click to load

total body workout:
This was so much freaking fun


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