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Topic: The closest we've come to Saber's packagefest  (Read 2177 times)
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Permalink  •  September 17, 2017, 03:01:32 PM
The closest we've come to Saber's packagefest
« on: September 17, 2017, 03:01:32 PM »

So remember when Saber sent me a package?


That was meant to be part of a dual fest where he sends me a package and I send him a package. I ended up actually sending him a package, almost exactly two years ago. He acquired this package on the 26th of September 2015. A Friday. He actually posted pictures in #nuzlocketalk, the IRC channel I was in only because he was - and then he never posted the actual fest.

But anyway.

If you want to see what kind of crap I sent to Saber, complete with live reactions - here's the IRC logs from that day. Almost completely unedited. Also some backstory but yeah.


(18:28:59) (SABERinBLUE) So I'm waiting in line at Starbucks but I have this...thing in the car with me
(18:29:01) (Jimcloud) No.
(18:29:11) (SABERinBLUE) It speaks in a strange tongue
(18:29:13) (Jimcloud) SABERinBLUE: Has it tried to eat you yet?
(18:29:22) (~Pillowcase) is it the wife
(18:29:24) (SABERinBLUE) And says "not sorry" on the top
(18:30:56) (~Pillowcase) oh it's the thing you got from the magical quest
(18:31:16) (Jimcloud) I kind of thought that was obvious enough it didn't need stated, Pillow
(18:31:16) (Jimcloud) :v
(18:31:32) (~Pillowcase) well i hadn't heard of it before
(18:31:39) (~Pillowcase) so i had no frame of reference for it
(18:31:51) (~Pillowcase) but when he said something was written on the top
(18:32:15) (Jimcloud) Although that being said
(18:32:24) (Jimcloud) I feel the need to quote a few lines here out of context
(18:32:32) (Jimcloud) namely the following
(18:32:42) (Jimcloud) [12:29:09] <SABERinBLUE> It speaks in a strange tongue
(18:32:44) (Jimcloud) [12:29:10] <Jimcloud> SABERinBLUE: Has it tried to eat you yet?
(18:32:49) (Jimcloud) [12:29:22] <SABERinBLUE> And says "not sorry" on the top
(18:32:51) (Jimcloud) [12:30:53] <~Pillowcase> oh it's the thing you got from the magical quest
(18:39:01) (Jackinev) :V
(18:41:12)      —› quit: (ShinyDustox) (KiwiIRC@7A26F746.920390E6.92C9546F.IP) (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
(18:41:28)      —› join: (ShinyDustox) (KiwiIRC@7A26F746.920390E6.92C9546F.IP)
(18:41:33) (Jimcloud) Gotta quit that phone nudgin'
(18:41:39) (ShinyDustox) ah no
(18:41:46) (ShinyDustox) i pressed the reload button by accident
(18:41:47) (ShinyDustox) also joy
(18:41:50) (ShinyDustox) my ps3 froze
(18:41:53) (Jimcloud) D:
(18:41:56) (Jimcloud) Bad PS3
(18:42:01) (Jimcloud) no biscuit
(18:42:02) (Jackinev) Rip PS3
(18:42:07) (ShinyDustox) im not even sure if i saved after the boss
(18:42:12) (Jimcloud) Mine does that infrequently :\
(18:42:15) (Jackinev) What game?
(18:42:17) (Jimcloud) Which boss?
(18:42:18) (ShinyDustox) FFX
(18:42:20) (Jimcloud) X X2 remaster :v
(18:42:28) (ShinyDustox) the one near kilika temple
(18:42:34) (Jackinev) Speaking about PS3...
(18:42:37) (Jimcloud) Oh, that thing
(18:42:40) (Jimcloud) Sinspawn... I wanna say Gui
(18:42:59) (Jimcloud) Aww, nuts, not Gui
(18:43:02) (ShinyDustox) Geneaux apparently
(18:43:07) (Jackinev) I haven't played KH2.5 for a long long time
(18:43:16) (~Pillowcase) what's wrong with the ffx gui
(18:43:20) (Jimcloud) Geneaux yeah
(18:43:20) (Jackinev) Aaaand now I HAVE to play it
(18:43:27) (ShinyDustox) damnit
(18:43:35) (ShinyDustox) ill finish FFX then play Zestiria
(18:43:37) (ShinyDustox) then 2.5
(18:43:52) (Jackinev) 2.5 comes before everything else
(18:44:00) (Jimcloud) ShinyDustox: Did I mention to you I started playing 2.5 the other day? :V
(18:44:03) (Jimcloud) Just recently bought it
(18:44:12) (ShinyDustox) oh no no you didnt
(18:44:15) (Jimcloud) I almost threw my controller into the screen no less than four times in the opening segment
(18:44:18) (ShinyDustox) meh i already played KH2 but
(18:44:26) (ShinyDustox) joy
(18:44:29) (ShinyDustox) i didnt save after the boss
(18:44:32) (Jimcloud) ;~;
(18:44:41) (Jackinev) Rip Dustox
(18:44:46) (Jimcloud) I remember that boss being easy but
(18:44:49) (Jimcloud) I also overgrinded so
(18:45:01) (ShinyDustox) oh wait i did
(18:45:03) (ShinyDustox) nvr mind
(18:45:04) (ShinyDustox) whew
(18:45:05) (Jimcloud) pff
(18:45:05) (ShinyDustox) thank you past me
(18:45:09) (ShinyDustox) yeah i overgrinded a bit too
(18:45:16) (ShinyDustox) missing some ability spheres though
(18:45:21) (Jimcloud) Are we talking "Yuna knows Fira" overgrinded or
(18:45:22) (ShinyDustox) i remembered that was my problem with grinding here
(18:45:37) (ShinyDustox) oh you used expert grid
(18:45:40) (Jimcloud) I did
(18:45:42) (Jackinev) Uhm... should I play Birth By Sleep
(18:45:43) (Jimcloud) expert grid is amazing
(18:45:46) (ShinyDustox) do it
(18:45:52) (ShinyDustox) naw i wanted to do it from scratch
(18:45:58) (Jackinev) Or start grinding like hell for the Organization 13 rematches?
(18:46:15) (ShinyDustox) do org 13
(18:46:29) (ShinyDustox) i havent played X for a long time so rather did it for the start
(18:46:50) (Jackinev) >Org 13
(18:46:50) (Jimcloud) Well "expert" grid doesn't necessarily mean it's not for beginners :V
(18:46:51) (Jimcloud) Just.
(18:46:55) (Jackinev) >critical mode
(18:46:59) (Jimcloud) You have to make sure you know what you're doing when you branch out
(18:47:04) (Jimcloud) or you will dearly regret it
(18:47:07) (Jackinev) Easy peasy
(18:47:18) (ShinyDustox) yeah i wanted to avoid that
(18:47:25) (ShinyDustox) didnt want to spoil the experience
(18:47:33) (ShinyDustox) by suddenly having a handicap
(18:47:59) (Jimcloud) of course normal grid doesn't stop you from doing that, it just makes it harder
(18:48:09) (Jimcloud) expert grid has increased grinding opportunities : 3
(18:48:20) (ShinyDustox) how did you get all the ability spheres?
(18:48:20) (Jackinev) Switching to mobile
(18:48:22)      —› quit: (Jackinev) (~Jackinev@Rizon-CB575C83.ip53.fastwebnet.it) (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 40.0.3/20150826023504])
(18:48:27) (Jimcloud) Uhh, let me remember
(18:48:46)      —› join: (Jackinev) (~Jackinev@Rizon-CB575C83.ip53.fastwebnet.it)
(18:49:12) (Jimcloud) Oh yeah
(18:49:24) (Jimcloud) http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Piranha_%28Final_Fantasy_X%29 I grinded these guys at the very beginning for them because I anticipated a dearth
(18:49:36) (KennyMan666) (18:29:24) (SABERinBLUE) And says "not sorry" on the top
(18:49:37) (KennyMan666) So
(18:49:42) (KennyMan666) For a bit of context
(18:50:00) (ShinyDustox) i see
(18:50:09) (Jackinev) Oh hey Kenny
(18:50:21) (KennyMan666) http://kenny.next-era.net/boxcanyon/018.jpg This is the package Saber sent to me
(18:50:48) (Jackinev) XD
(18:50:56) (Jimcloud) ShinyDustox: Mi'ihen Highroad will also have some nice ability sphere opportunities in Dual Horns
(18:51:02) (Jimcloud) pfff
(18:51:03) (KennyMan666) For further context
(18:51:06) (Jackinev) What's inside that package?
(18:51:07) (KennyMan666) This is a story that stars
(18:51:12) (KennyMan666) Goddamn I don't even know how long ago it was
(18:51:15) (ShinyDustox) hm
(18:51:16) (KennyMan666) Okay kids
(18:51:18) (KennyMan666) Gather round
(18:51:22) (Jackinev) Yay!
(18:51:30) (ShinyDustox) ill probably play until Luca before i sleep
(18:51:40) (KennyMan666) It's time for a story from the times when Saber was still a person with friends
(18:51:52) (KennyMan666) I think this even predates Apocalypse Johto
(18:51:57) (Jackinev) That has to be a LOOOOONG time ago
(18:52:00) (KennyMan666) It is
(18:52:01) (KennyMan666) So
(18:52:03) (Jackinev) ;)
(18:52:24) (KennyMan666) Saber was, I think, working at some comic/book shop whatever thing
(18:52:35) (KennyMan666) This shop had some kind of sale, which included Star Wars books
(18:52:36) (KennyMan666) Now
(18:52:52) (KennyMan666) Being absolutely insufferable Star Wars geeks is one of those things that mine and Saber's relationship is based on
(18:53:04) (KennyMan666) Despite this I had not read a lot of Star Wars books
(18:53:18) (Jimcloud) So he sent you homework
(18:53:19) (Jimcloud) :V
(18:53:38) (KennyMan666) So I tossed $20 at Saber through Paypal for him to buy books for me, on his idea
(18:53:47) (KennyMan666) And then he was going to send these to me
(18:53:50) (KennyMan666) The books were bought
(18:53:54) (KennyMan666) The package was not sent
(18:54:06) (Jackinev) O.o
(18:54:10) (Jimcloud) tut tut
(18:54:11) (KennyMan666) A bit later I was in the market for purchasing a capture device for video games
(18:54:16) (KennyMan666) Specifically, a Dazzle
(18:54:20) (KennyMan666) Because I'm a speedrunner
(18:54:36) (KennyMan666) And a Dazzle is a USB device that you feed RCA input and then you record it
(18:54:49) (KennyMan666) So there was this guy selling refurbs on eBay
(18:54:57) (KennyMan666) Problem: He didn't ship to Sweden
(18:54:59) (KennyMan666) So
(18:55:01) (KennyMan666) I hit up Saber
(18:55:11) (KennyMan666) Because he still had things to send me
(18:55:15) (KennyMan666) So the Dazzle is shipped to him
(18:55:21) (KennyMan666) And he puts it in the package
(18:55:27) (KennyMan666) The package was not sent
(18:55:33) (Jackinev) :P
(18:55:48) (KennyMan666) At some point during this, I even toss Saber more money for the shipping
(18:56:07) (KennyMan666) The package was not sent
(18:56:29) (KennyMan666) At this point the package had become a running gag, a legendary artifact, a concept
(18:56:48) (KennyMan666) It was also decided at some point that since Saber had gotten a new DS Flashcart he would send me his old one
(18:57:08) (Jackinev) And the package was not sent?
(18:57:14) (KennyMan666) I believe I might have originally said "give your old one to me lol" or something like that when he said he had gotten a new one
(18:57:24) (KennyMan666) The package was in not sent.
(18:58:03) (Jimcloud) Okay, so I refuse to believe that this package went all Brave Little Toaster to get to Sweden
(18:58:13) (KennyMan666) At this point, even another one of our mutual internet friends (well, also lives in Texas, so Saber had in fact met this guy) was starting to remind him about it
(18:58:17) (KennyMan666) Well basically
(18:58:51) (KennyMan666) Eventually, the package was indeed sent, but it had been kind of a long time inbetween the latest addition to the contents of the package and the actual sending of it
(18:59:05) (KennyMan666) Apocalypse Johto was running at this point
(18:59:14) (KennyMan666) And at some time
(18:59:21) (KennyMan666) I think it was 100 pages or something
(18:59:32) (KennyMan666) I registered on the forum and posted in his thread
(18:59:41) (Jimcloud) Pfff
(18:59:42) (KennyMan666) Mostly being like "This is my pal Saber and he's a cool guy"
(18:59:54) (KennyMan666) "And goddamn you're actually still doing this"
(19:00:11) (KennyMan666) Remember that I had seen his first webcomic project
(19:00:23) (Jackinev) What was that?
(19:00:24) (KennyMan666) It had gotten a few pages, then canceled and restarted
(19:00:31) (KennyMan666) Ad this happened like three times
(19:00:39) (Jimcloud) and then it was finally actually canceled
(19:00:48) (KennyMan666) It was called The Paragon Project and was some science fiction whatever
(19:00:53) (KennyMan666) Yeah it was abandones for real
(19:01:03) (Jimcloud) The reason for Saber's site's weird name :v
(19:01:03) (KennyMan666) So after I make this post where I'm just praising
(19:01:06) (KennyMan666) Praising Saber
(19:01:20) (KennyMan666) He writes to me on IRC and is like "I read your post and I feel like an asshole"
(19:01:28) (Jackinev) XD
(19:01:37) (KennyMan666) So the package arrives
(19:01:39) (KennyMan666) Now
(19:01:46) (KennyMan666) Even before this package was sent
(19:02:10) (KennyMan666) Even around the time when it wasn't "the package", but only "a box of Star Wars books", the idea was born
(19:02:18) (KennyMan666) That he sends me a package and I send him a package
(19:02:42) (KennyMan666) So when I got the package I actually started assembling some items in a box
(19:02:47) (KennyMan666) This became a thing that was like
(19:02:49) (KennyMan666) Lying around for a while
(19:02:55) (Jimcloud) Shockingly
(19:02:58) (KennyMan666) And I was like "maybe I should get done and fox it"
(19:03:00) (KennyMan666) *fix
(19:03:02) (KennyMan666) Er
(19:03:03) (KennyMan666) Ship
(19:03:04) (KennyMan666) The fuck
(19:03:07) (KennyMan666) Anwyay
(19:03:15) (Jackinev) Curse you autocorrect?
(19:03:17) (KennyMan666) There was a specific thing that held it up really
(19:03:20) (KennyMan666) lol no
(19:03:25) (KennyMan666) I don't use autocorrect on anything else
(19:03:26) (KennyMan666) ever
(19:03:33) (KennyMan666) else, what the fuck
(19:03:35) (KennyMan666) I can't type today
(19:03:35) (Jackinev) Lol
(19:03:43) (Jackinev) (Always blame the autocorrect)
(19:03:51) (KennyMan666) So, anyway
(19:04:33) (KennyMan666) The idea was basically an international packagefest in two parts ("Packagefest" being the part where you get the package and open it and take pictures of the stuff and post it on POS and I'll link to my part when this story is done)
(19:04:39) (KennyMan666) Like 3 weeks ago
(19:04:42) (KennyMan666) I go like y'know what
(19:04:46) (KennyMan666) I have money now
(19:05:04) (KennyMan666) Let'f fucking do this
(19:05:07) (KennyMan666) *Let's
(19:05:09) (KennyMan666) So
(19:05:09) (KennyMan666) Well
(19:05:13) (Jimcloud) It was done
(19:05:14) (KennyMan666) I used another box
(19:05:17) (KennyMan666) Gathered things
(19:05:26) (KennyMan666) IT's a mixture of stuff
(19:05:41) (KennyMan666) Half specifically prepared/purchased gifts for Saber
(19:05:47) (KennyMan666) Half things where I think I'm being funny
(19:05:49) (KennyMan666) And half filler
(19:06:00) (KennyMan666) And well
(19:06:02) (KennyMan666) That's about it
(19:06:06) (KennyMan666) The package is now in Saber's hands
(19:06:11) (KennyMan666) Or car, as the case may be
(19:06:13) (Jackinev) How long have you been preparing this package for?
(19:06:17) (KennyMan666) And I'm just awaiting his reactions
(19:06:19) (KennyMan666) Well
(19:06:33) (KennyMan666) The origins was basically around when I got the package from Saber
(19:06:36) (KennyMan666) And that was in May 2012
(19:06:42) (Jackinev) O.o
(19:06:52) (KennyMan666) But most of that time it's just been sitting in my storage room without me doing much
(19:07:00) (Jackinev) We definitely have to see the pictures now Saber
(19:07:11) (GoGoGogoat) we need the pics of kenny's box too
(19:07:13) (KennyMan666) When I decided it was time to Get It Done I took like 1-2 days to get it assembled
(19:07:19) (KennyMan666) http://thedailypos.org/forum/index.php?topic=10782.msg144449#msg144449
(19:09:06) (Jimcloud) Why is there rope in the box
(19:09:17) (KennyMan666) In the end the package I sent to Saber ended up weighing 2.2 kgs
(19:09:29) (KennyMan666) That's a thing I asked myself when I received it
(19:09:34) (KennyMan666) It has still not been answered
(19:10:03) (KennyMan666) But yeah this is the conclusion of something that has been in the making for so, so long
(19:10:14) (KennyMan666) God I don't even remember WHEN Saber got those books for me originally
(19:10:20) (KennyMan666) Hmm
(19:10:25) (Jimcloud) http://kenny.next-era.net/boxcanyon/028.jpg okay the thing on the right is, like, obviously a Gyarados made out of pipe cleaner and... stuff
(19:10:36) (KennyMan666) Let's actually check if my Paypal account has records of that transaction
(19:10:46) (KennyMan666) Yeah person in the thread figured that out too
(19:11:47) (KennyMan666) Apparently my Paypal history only goes back to 2014
(19:11:49) (KennyMan666) BUT WAIT
(19:11:59) (KennyMan666) I should have an e-mail confirmation of the transaction
(19:12:15) (Jackinev) Well, in the meantime, I had enough time to get all my forms to level 5
(19:12:27) (Jackinev) And I can now play Titan Paradox cup
(19:12:52) (Jackinev) >suggested level: 80
(19:13:04) (Jackinev) >on critical mode
(19:13:13) (Jackinev) >I'm level 56
(19:13:19) (Jimcloud) Welp
(19:13:21) (Jackinev) Yeah this is gonna be good
(19:13:51) (Jackinev) Crap
(19:14:15) (Jackinev) Titan cup is the one with the points system health thingy
(19:14:20) (Jackinev) And I HATE it
(19:14:29) (Jackinev) This is gonna be real good
(19:14:35) (Jimcloud) Note to self: be very careful about reading words out of the corner of your eye
(19:14:40) (Jimcloud) or else you might find a Polaris system
(19:14:48) (KennyMan666) Here is a transaction for $22 USD to saberinblue@gmail.com with the subject HEY SABER and the message YOU'RE A FAG
(19:14:51) (KennyMan666) So I assume it's this
(19:14:57) (Jackinev) XD
(19:15:04) (KennyMan666) And this transaction happened in 2008
(19:15:10) (Jackinev) O.o
(19:15:23) (Jackinev) Four years for a freaking box
(19:15:26) (KennyMan666) Remember, I first MET Saber in 2004
(19:15:33) (KennyMan666) Well, internet met
(19:16:05) (KennyMan666) And with my package reaching Saber
(19:16:18) (KennyMan666) This closes up something that was seven years in the making
(19:16:40) (Jackinev) That's the internet man
(19:16:41) (KennyMan666) That's more than half the time I have been friends with Saber
(19:17:10) (Jackinev) Well, I'm gonna try not to die horribly in the first round
(19:17:46) (KennyMan666) Man
(19:17:56) (KennyMan666) The very first time I sent Saber money for something was in 2006
(19:18:47) (KennyMan666) That was part of getting Saber money for a new mouse so he could resume drawing his fully MS Paint comics
(19:18:55) (KennyMan666) A bunch of us from a forum pitched in for that
(19:19:18) (KennyMan666) And just so you don't think that Saber was ever anything but a disappointment, I think we got one more comic out of that
(19:20:01) (KennyMan666) And looking at old Saber e-mails oh my god
(19:20:09) (KennyMan666) "Welcome to Paragon Sigma Forum Forums"
(19:20:18) (Jimcloud) ._.
(19:20:25) (SABERinBLUE) Kenny you sent me a jack chick tract what the fuck
(19:20:29) (KennyMan666) I can't even remember that he had a forum for that once upon a time
(19:20:35) (Jimcloud) what
(19:20:38) (KennyMan666) lol
(19:20:55) (SABERinBLUE) Okay I'm just gonna throw the pictures in here
(19:21:07) (KennyMan666) This one comic shop over here that has since closed up had a bunch of Chick tracts they sold for 3 SEK once upon a time
(19:21:07) (SABERinBLUE) I'll do a real packagefest on pos later
(19:21:38) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/ApdemiAF/IMG_3317.JPG
(19:22:06) (KennyMan666) I noted in the member list today that you never even registered on the new forums
(19:22:24) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/1crbd5CV/IMG_3318.JPG
(19:22:50) (Jimcloud) "Kontant"
(19:23:16) (Jackinev) Well.
(19:23:34) (Jackinev) I'm getting two shotted.
(19:23:38) (Jackinev) In the first round
(19:23:41) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/vjCYCd7B/IMG_3321.JPG
(19:23:48) (Jackinev) Maybe I should grind a little bit :P
(19:23:57) (Jackinev) Aaaand pictures!
(19:23:59) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/p09TpRh5/IMG_3322.JPG
(19:24:26) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/pj8kaq8r/IMG_3323.JPG
(19:24:44) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/aYMX8wio/IMG_3324.JPG
(19:24:55) (Jimcloud) What
(19:24:56) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/HtwlYOil/IMG_3325.JPG
(19:25:14) (SABERinBLUE) Oh the amount of THINGS in here is quite staggering
(19:25:39) (KennyMan666) The Wii condom and the thing inside it are the two things that I after had sent the package was like "Wait why the fuck did I put those there"
(19:25:46) (Jackinev) Those are the most random things I've ever seen
(19:26:14) (KennyMan666) And I had managed to forget I put the wet wipe in there
(19:26:14) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/4lxyblP3/IMG_3326.JPG
(19:26:20) (Jackinev) "Wii condom" :P
(19:26:29) (SABERinBLUE) Not pictured: the way the holo effect makes your mind explode
(19:26:33) (Jackinev) Wow
(19:26:37) (KennyMan666) Well Wiimote condom
(19:26:46) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/Mg6RWURn/IMG_3327.JPG
(19:26:47) (KennyMan666) I've been calling those things "Wiimote condoms" since like day one
(19:26:51) (Jackinev) Total NBA 1996
(19:27:06) (KennyMan666) I had originally just put the holo-picture in the box and then decided "lol let's send the entire thing"
(19:27:29) (Jackinev) Yay Donald!
(19:27:35) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/0Q6oKvyK/IMG_3328.JPG
(19:27:42) (KennyMan666) Fun fact: I included that one because I had somehow managed to buy it twice
(19:27:47) (Jimcloud) IKEA NO
(19:27:58) (Jackinev) Hahahah
(19:28:00) (SABERinBLUE) Oh god kenny I just actually opened the astro boy thing and what the FUUUUUUUUCK
(19:28:07) (KennyMan666) Yyyyeah
(19:28:12) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/eEmr8D1V/IMG_3329.JPG
(19:28:12) (Jimcloud) Um
(19:28:17) (KennyMan666) That's how Astro Boy got refueled in the original manga.
(19:28:18) (Jackinev) Well, now you know how to build a Klippan
(19:28:40) (Jackinev) Err... guitar ninja?
(19:28:45) (KennyMan666) I actually sent you that one because I bought two of those unopened and they turned out to be the same one
(19:28:52) (KennyMan666) Jackinev: Explanations later
(19:29:02) (Jackinev) Oh ok :P
(19:29:24) (Jackinev) And what's the Astro Boy thing?
(19:29:30) (KennyMan666) It's a figurine
(19:29:31) (KennyMan666) Hold on
(19:29:36) (ShinyDustox) ugh
(19:29:40) (ShinyDustox) Seymour
(19:29:50) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/lI36htMy/1443202159.JPG
(19:30:01) (Jimcloud) His Creepiness himself
(19:30:04) (Jackinev) OH GOD
(19:30:10) (Jimcloud) WHAT THE HELL KENNY
(19:30:12) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/fyA0TbXX/IMG_3330.JPG
(19:30:20) (Jackinev) MY EYES
(19:30:22) (KennyMan666) http://plaza.harmonix.ne.jp/~kotani/atom/hipenargy.jpeg
(19:30:22) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/OVZmkjmc/IMG_3331.JPG
(19:30:30) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/S0vJKLeD/IMG_3332.JPG
(19:30:47) (KennyMan666) (the mouse doesn't actually work)
(19:30:48) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/i9JgXfmW/IMG_3333.JPG
(19:31:01) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/y0JfvwLZ/IMG_3334.JPG
(19:31:09) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/drKxW9R0/IMG_3335.JPG
(19:31:14) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/6zOlHpiq/IMG_3336.JPG
(19:31:20) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/UWNcBd9y/IMG_3337.JPG
(19:31:23) (Jackinev) Well, Tutti Frutti look good
(19:31:26) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/bX9A8bbu/IMG_3338.JPG
(19:31:43) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/AjS4k2Zr/IMG_3339.JPG
(19:31:43) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/igmCRuBY/IMG_3340.JPG
(19:31:43) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/JGHf9bsi/IMG_3341.JPG
(19:31:48) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/YRDAVJ0s/IMG_3342.JPG
(19:31:53) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/mez8izOV/IMG_3343.JPG
(19:32:01) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/awMqYhPe/IMG_3344.JPG
(19:32:05) (SABERinBLUE) https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/YdqiKjW1/IMG_3345.JPG
(19:32:08) (SABERinBLUE) And that's it
(19:32:10) (SABERinBLUE) My god
(19:32:23) (Jimcloud) WHHHAT THE HELL
(19:32:24) (Jackinev) AAAAH PICTURED OVERLOAD
(19:32:48) (KennyMan666) I do note
(19:32:52) (KennyMan666) From your pictures
(19:33:00) (KennyMan666) That there is...
(19:33:02) (Jackinev) Well, you've got a My Little Pony game now
(19:33:05) (KennyMan666) Yeah, there it was.
(19:33:08) (Jackinev) Totally worth it
(19:33:13) (Jackinev) ?
(19:33:15) (KennyMan666) That's not actually a game,
(19:33:25) (KennyMan666) It's a disc with the episode Lesson Zero
(19:33:37) (Jackinev) Good enough
(19:33:53) (Jackinev) And what's up with the Magic deck?
(19:34:14) (SABERinBLUE) OH MY GOD
(19:34:18) (Jackinev) (Yu-gi-oh best card game ever)
(19:34:50) (SABERinBLUE) it's equal parts magic cards in various languages, mlp tcg cards, pokemon cards, cards for shit I've never heard of, and all of Kenny's old student IDS
(19:35:06) (Jackinev) XD
(19:35:29) (Jackinev) IS THERE A CHARIZARD?
(19:36:20) (KennyMan666) Yeah that's not even nearly all my old student IDs but
(19:36:26) (KennyMan666) And one of those is actually a gym card
(19:36:26) (SABERinBLUE) There is a zapdos a mewtwo and a Swedish roggenrola
(19:36:33) (KennyMan666) It's German actually
(19:36:50)      —› join: (Solarisiceburn) (KiwiIRC@Rizon-CE421583.range86-191.btcentralplus.com)
(19:38:03) (SABERinBLUE) What even is this thing in the wii condom
(19:38:17) (KennyMan666) NES 52-pin connector
(19:38:29) (KennyMan666) (broken)
(19:38:37) (SABERinBLUE) What the thing that cartridges go into?
(19:38:38) (KennyMan666) I've replaced the one in my NES like twice
(19:38:39) (KennyMan666) Yeah
(19:38:41) (Jackinev) Err... cool?
(19:38:51) (KennyMan666) I honestly don't know why I included that.
(19:39:34) (SABERinBLUE) Later I'll assemble a group picture of this monstrosity
(19:42:17) (SABERinBLUE) Will any of this candy kill me
(19:42:42) (Jackinev) Probs
(19:42:57) (Jackinev) Tutti Frutti has an italian name though, so go for it
(19:43:40) (Jackinev) ;)
(19:44:30) (SABERinBLUE) Oh god what the fuck is this tyrksh peber
(19:46:07) (SABERinBLUE) It tastes like The sin of mankind <-- in the original log Saber had put a bunch of umlauts and shit on "The sin of mankind" but it was just gibberish in the text file
(19:47:21)      —› join: (DaKinkles) (uid109608@Rizon-913E1E0B.highgate.irccloud.com) <-- For those not in the know, this is Saber's wife
(19:47:33) (DaKinkles) WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT SHIT
(19:47:48) (SABERinBLUE) Kenny you have poisoned us
(19:48:07) (Jackinev) Hahaha
(19:48:19) (DaKinkles) it's like, "hey guys, you know what would taste great together? Pepto bismol and litterbox!"
(19:48:25) (Jackinev) Told ya Tutti Frutti was better
(19:48:33) (DaKinkles) "O ja ja let's package it!"
(19:48:51) (SABERinBLUE) This tutti frutti is choice though
(19:51:32) (SABERinBLUE) It's like
(19:51:57) (SABERinBLUE) They all taste like fruit but also bubble gum
(19:54:19) (Jackinev) Not bad
(19:54:57)      —› quit: (Beedrill) (~Beedrill@E0F50F9C.824C3C9F.BB762E0E.IP) (Remote host closed the connection)
(19:55:01)      —› quit: (Pillowcase) (~Pillocase@E0F50F9C.824C3C9F.BB762E0E.IP)
(20:33:34) (KennyMan666) Well that was enjoyable to witness
(20:33:51) (KennyMan666) Viol is like my favourite candy ever btw
(20:34:27) (Jackinev) Never heard of it
(20:34:57) (KennyMan666) Yeah I'm assuming it's not A Thing in many other places
(20:35:48) (KennyMan666) But yeah it's viola flavoured candy
(20:36:30) (KennyMan666) Also that was the kind of reaction I was hoping for with the Turiksh Pepper
(20:36:32) (KennyMan666) Turkish
(20:37:51) (KennyMan666) I laughed very much
(20:38:47) (Jackinev) Well, time to cook dinner?
(20:38:52) (Jackinev) What do we have today?
(20:38:56) (Jackinev) Frozen pizza?
(20:39:14) (KennyMan666) The raw flesh of a bear that you killed with your bare hands
(20:39:18) (Jackinev) Perfect!
(20:39:18) (KennyMan666) Or vice versa
(20:39:29) (Jackinev) Probably vice versa
(20:41:01) (KennyMan666) Saber also didn't show that the box I used for all this crap was originally a box for a smoothie blender
(20:41:21) (SABERinBLUE) Oh I did mean to show that
(20:41:24) (Jackinev) XD
(20:43:37) (KennyMan666) So the Sanji keychain I actually bought from Play-Asia specifically to send to you. Well, rather, when I buy things on Play-Asia I usually pick up some little figurine or such as well so when I bought something at some point, whatever it was, I also found that while browsing for stuff
(20:44:30) (ShinyDustox) jimcloud i hate this fucking blitzball game!
(20:44:39) (Jimcloud) Ahahaha
(20:44:49) (Jimcloud) You got Tidus the Jecht shot, right?
(20:44:53) (ShinyDustox) YES
(20:44:59) (ShinyDustox) but urgh
(20:45:03) (ShinyDustox) RNG gods are fucking with me
(20:45:09) (Jimcloud) Basically, get a goal or two, then keep the ball forever after that
(20:45:16) (Jimcloud) Wakka's shot is pretty good too IIRC
(20:45:26) (ShinyDustox) uhurhjsklfjklsjdlf
(20:54:53) (Jimcloud) ShinyDustox: Put it this way, at least you don't have to face the frigging Psyches
(20:55:55) (Jimcloud) (I mean you do, but. Not like that.)
(21:18:00) (Jimcloud) "From its base on the floor of the Pacific Ocean to its summit, Mauna Loa is over 9 kilometers (6 miles) high, exceeding the elevation of Mount Everest." No one is impressed, Mauna Loa, no matter how often you say that.
(21:19:21)      —› join: (BlackDragoon) (KiwiIRC@BAD0088B.752D64E0.ABA55BEE.IP)
(21:19:58)      —› quit: (BlackDragoon) (KiwiIRC@BAD0088B.752D64E0.ABA55BEE.IP)
(21:21:01) (ShinyDustox) jimcloud i had 2 overtimes before i lost
(21:22:51)      —› quit: (DaKinkles) (uid109608@Rizon-913E1E0B.highgate.irccloud.com) (*.net *.split)
(21:22:51)      —› quit: (SABERinBLUE) (uid105526@Rizon-525CA8E9.highgate.irccloud.com) (*.net *.split)
(21:22:51)      —› quit: (Jimcloud) (~kvirc@Rizon-53E36AE8.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) (*.net *.split)
(21:23:09) (KennyMan666) Oh dear
(21:23:25) (KennyMan666) Saber, Kink and Jim stuck together on one side of a netsplit
(21:23:30) (ShinyDustox) darn
(21:23:50) (KennyMan666) Which, incidentally, is the plot of my latest Saber fanfic
(21:24:19) (ShinyDustox) sounds like something can happen
(21:24:21) (ShinyDustox) wink
(21:24:37) (KennyMan666) <SABERinBLUE> I still think girls are hot but I think guys are hot in a different and deeper way
(21:24:52) (ShinyDustox) you have all those at the ready, don't you?
(21:24:55) (ShinyDustox) XD
(21:24:59)      —› join: (DaKinkles) (uid109608@Rizon-913E1E0B.highgate.irccloud.com)
(21:24:59)      —› join: (SABERinBLUE) (uid105526@Rizon-525CA8E9.highgate.irccloud.com)
(21:24:59)      —› join: (Jimcloud) (~kvirc@Rizon-53E36AE8.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net)
(21:25:39) (KennyMan666) Oh yes
(21:25:42) (ShinyDustox) oh there you three are
(21:25:42) (ShinyDustox) how was the netsplit?
(21:25:42)      —› quit: (GoGoGogoat) (KiwiIRC@AF53558B.9910D190.E7CA9139.IP) (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
(21:25:53) (Jimcloud) Hooray
(21:26:02) (Jimcloud) The netsplit was. A thing.
(21:26:06) (ShinyDustox) also jim guess what
(21:26:09) (ShinyDustox) i lasted 2 overtimes
(21:26:12) (ShinyDustox) and fucking lost
(21:26:15) (Jimcloud) ._.;
(21:26:17) (KennyMan666) Can't have been easy being stuck with only Saber and Kink
(21:26:26) (KennyMan666) Can I call her Kink for short
(21:26:37) (KennyMan666) It seems somehow fitting
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