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what is the berst final fantasy?

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FFVI is the best. Topic done. Lock and archive.


--- Quote from: Namine on July 29, 2012, 12:36:01 PM ---FFVI is the best. Topic done. Lock and archive.

--- End quote ---

Final Fantasies better than VI: IV, IX.

I have to disagree while IV and IX are quite good, they don't really compare to the epicness of the story of VI. I can see where people have issues with VI, especially with the later half and the abundance of playable characters. However I can't help but look at the game and see some of the most moving scenes in FF to me (the Opera Scene especially).

Don't get me wrong not hating on IV or IX at all, they're also quite excellent games in the series and deserve praise. I actually loved IX with a passion personally. IV the only down side to that one is that they made too many remakes recently (DS then shortly after they had a PSP remake) and I'm a little burned out on it, but I don't really mind IV. It was a good game in the series.

IX is the best. Sorry guys. It just is.


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