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total body workout:
SMASH BROTHERS has just set a new world record. It accepted the challenge to excel in the video game arts, and thats exactly what it did. Smash brothers is now the best game ever for friends to play online, according to a released report by tje world street journal.

total body workout:
 :dk: Dontey kong, one of the many characters you find in smash character.  :(9): Cirno, another returning smash favorite

 :fucken scared as shit cos he just saw a huge-ass bug: Diddye King, a returning veteron from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, returns to the battle. And he's not coming alone! All your favorites, of which everyone, is here!

The number of possible fights is astronomical. If you stacked every fight, you would reach past the moon! :wow:

This is a solid contender for the game of the year, says chief Came of the Year decider Jeff Keley. "We're thinking about voting for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, for game of the year."

Gamers can sleep well and game hard. Knowing that smash is here.


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