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Ported from the old forum via script. Let the legend continue!


All our best friends are here!

Hey, remember that one picture with Ditto in it?

Not gonna bother going back and getting the animation but the Ditto transforms into the Game Freak logo and then the words pop up.


A field


Didn't catch this either but a shadow rushes by and Wooper (!!!!!!!!!!!) and Pichu (not !) pop up and wonder what the hey that was all about!

UWGTBSL... and that's assuming I didn't miss one because they were going so fast. Not that there's a vowel you could insert that'd make it a real word.

WHO'S THAT POKEMON? Spoiler: it's Suicune

Suicune leaps into the air and is met by its mortal enemy: the letter F.

"Not in the mood, F. Kindly F off."

Spoiler for Hidden: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Alright, slightly different group here...


Looks like garble to me. But what if you rearrange the letters?


That's right. Staring down none other than the Web Thugs. This is the story of Suicune's struggle to overcome online bullying. I hope everything goes well for our hero!

CRYSTAL... wait, I know what that spells!

Welcome, everyone, to the latest collabfest... :pokemon: Crystal Version! We're gonna have ourselves a good time in the coming weeks/months, so everyone buckle your seatbelts! Yeehaw!


Don't have many... OPTIONs here! But we can at least set some options first...

Fast text for sure. Also, does anyone use this frame type? Anyone at all?

Maybe someone else will change the frame type later. It won't be me though. Also, changing the sound to stereo for the best the Game Boy has to offer.

I've never played Crystal version before. Just Gold and Silver. So I've never seen the girl character for this generation in action. Plus, picking the girl is the cool thing to do, right? Right?

I'm sorry.

This is the part where I set the in-game clock. It's always accurate because none of the players involved in this are in different timezones. Oh wait.


Oak gives his spiel. It hasn't really changed.

They did pick a better pokemon to show off in this segment though! :wooper:

Every day.

SO HERE IS THE PART YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR, RIGHT? Man, wouldn't it be lame if I picked a default name for this?

memes ftw :weedle:

I could have. Maybe I should have.

We could make this a story about a real POSer...

...or a real poser...

...or we could even reference a pokemon nuzlocke comic our own SABERinBLUE is making!

We could go cross-community...

...or dip into the Starfox quote reservoir. But in the end, there's one true choice to make.

We're going to be meeting a lot of people, so let's name ourselves after the master of introducing herself.

This stupid crap still happens.

Here we are, in our very own bedroom! Time to check things out.

Nobody ever writes... :cry:

Might as well put the bed away since we won't be using it.

Here's eight scrubs we can look forward to putting on ice.

My favorite one is "Draw Every Pokemon".


There is nothing interesting on the radio.

Professor Elm is looking for me! Grr... I bet this is about the toilet paper I threw on his house last night, isn't it?

POKeGEAR... because everything is named after pokemon.

If only I had started this two days sooner. If only...

No, but it probably will be before we're done playing this game! :tehe:

Someone is visiting? I don't even know who this person is. Mom, quit letting strangers into the house! It scares me...

You can probably your mom joke this if you try hard enough.

Oh man, I remember Cinnabar Island from the old games! I wonder how that place is doing?

Anyway, time to stop exploring our pad and head outside.

After all the hard work Daisy went through receiving her bed, you just up and put it away?  :cry:


Wait, there aren't just 151? Holy shit.

It was like a bomb went off in my head at this revelation. :pow:

This Elm fellow must be a real genius! I can't wait to meet him.

Oh heeeey your pokegear is impressive did your MOM get it for youSHUT UP YOU CONDESCENDING CUNT.

Wow... look at all the gadgets and doodads...

Your stupid face, stupid.

Well now. Fine, be that way, prick.

Time to go in the lab and see what he's looking at.

Hey Elm, that's a handsome set of pokeballs you have on that table over there.

What's in it for me? I don't have time to study pokemon every day like you professor types do.

Oh, just copy from Wikipedia. That'll do it.

Curious things. Like Mewthree... does it really exist? Or what do pokemon have against short grass? Or who is that red-haired fellow masturbating outside the window over there?

Dog you KNOW I'm all about those free mons.

"Whoa, a Nigerian prince wants to enlarge my penis and all I have to do is give him my bank account information!"

:link: What advice do you have for me today, Navi? You're just in time... I've been having trouble opening the door to my house.

"Dude fucking loves POKeMON like you wouldn't believe."

Oh, it's real this time? So it's not some gargbage about Bat Boy again?

Anyway tl;dr he tells us to go visit Mr. Pokemon for him and to take one of these three with me.

Three compelling choices. Which do I take? You'll have to wait and see!


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