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Topic: Great molecules  (Read 1439 times)
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Great molecules
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This is a thread for the discussion of great molecules you've come across.

Cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II) is a configuration of H_6Cl_2N_2Pt, a platinum complex, that is used as a chemotherapy drug. After entering the cell, one of the two chlorine atoms is displaced by a water molecule which is itself then displaced and creates an opportunic moment where the intermediary compound is able to bind to a DNA base  (preferentially guanine).

When the second chlorine atom is displaced, binding to a second DNA base, the helix has become interconnected (termed a DNA adduct), becomes unable to replicate, and results in the cell at large being unable to replicate via mitosis and eventually undergoing programmed cell death (apoptosis) without replacement. Cumulatively, the affected site is unable to generationally propagate and dies off.

(The clinical use of the molecule, like with all cytotoxic compounds, is that the rapid reproduction of cancer cells versus most other cells in the body biases them towards total destruction while systems comprising cells that differentiate more slowly are less impacted and can recover after remission of the cancer and cessation of the cytotoxic agent.)

This is a pretty great molecule. Share your favorite molecules in this thread!
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Re: Great molecules
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C4H20, the Weed Molecule

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