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Topic: Project X Zone  (Read 51830 times)
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Re: Project X Zone
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Some gameplay précisions.

Hitting a falling enemy Just before he touch the ground gives you criticals hits. It works with supers. Hit a lot of crits and you can stun enemies.

All your base are belong to us !
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Re: Project X Zone
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If I ever find myself needing to put effort into winning in this game, I'll remember that. :dk:

Prologue 5 goes up either tonight or tomorrow, depending on how cooperative my internet connection is.
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Re: Project X Zone
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Prologue 5 - Dead Re-Rising (Post 1 of ?)

Today's story begins with Rikiya Busujima from the hit game "Zombie Revenge" talking with some Chinese girl from some game I don't remember.

It's Wiki time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UDS

Alright, none of those make sense. According to the in-game Crosspedia, it's a top-secret plan to use the undead for military purposes.

Well, U.D.S. would up getting stopped just before it went into full service. Unfortunately, some of its, uh, "products" got leaked out to the black market.

In other words, zombies.

That's why you're here, isn't it? Because you're trying to catch them?

You betcha! Gotta complete that pokédex Crosspedia for Professor Oak the viewers at home!

Your name's Chun-Li, right? Agent for Interpol?
...It is.
I was expecting you, but I wasn't expecting the San Francisco PD.

I don't see any police departments around here, mister!

This dude appears on the scene.

Just try not to cause any damage until I'm done here, okay, Mr. Dynamite?
Aw, can't you drop that already? My name's Bruno Delinger, you know.

The "my name's Bruno Delinger" sentence is a little awkward. Like, when someone calls you some name, you don't respond by telling them both your first and last name! Oh well, anything to keep the viewers at home informed!

The cop who's caused $14 billion in damage, eh? You're bad luck, I'd say.
Hey, look, as long as we don't run into any trouble, everything's fine, okay?!

I'm a little curious about the backstory there, actually. Must be something from the game he's from (which is called "Dynamite Cop", by the way).

They decide to give the ship a look-around.

And look who they've run into!

"I'm gonna punch that doofy hat right off her head."

Huh. Some sorta monster? That's kinda outside my area of expertise.

What is this guy's area of expertise anyway?

I know that's what I'd turn myself into if I had senjutsu abilities, too.

True, but you still aren't a human being any longer, exactly. But if a Dark Hunter like you is aboard, Hsien-Ko, then that must mean...

The politically correct term is "Dark Stalker", actually...


So some freaks from that U.D.S. thing or whatever were smuggled on here?
No, not that. Something from the Makai world, maybe? I don't know yet.
Makai?! W-What do you...
Guys, we better drop the topic for now. Something's wrong with this boat. You feel it?
Mm? Not really. It is kind of quiet, though.
Yeah, you're right! Like, right now, I think we're the only ones on this ship.


The cameraman who was with me just disappeared! I was looking for him, but...
Cameraman? We better start searching this ship.

Time to give the ship a second full inspection!
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Re: Project X Zone
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Prologue 5 - Dead Re-Rising (Post 2 of ?)

The gang meets up on top of the... uh... *scrolls up* aha! *scrolls back down* Bermuda! I guess it's an appropriate name considering all the people went missing...

What's going on here? There's nobody else on the ship at all.

Yep, that's what I heard a few lines of dialogue ago too.

I've heard stories about something like this. Eerie ghost ships, and the like.
Whoa, whoa. I can take on terrorist cells, but this is outta my field of expertise.

Alright, so are terrorist cells his area of expertise? It doesn't seem to be monsters or ghosts.


Ah, it all makes sense now. The moon's gravity pulled the water up really high and then let the water go and it wait no this doesn't make any sense.

The moon. It's full. It's out tonight. It's already snatched up Hsien-Ko's photographer and you're next!

Ah, it's that green-haired girl people were talking about in the previous chapter!

And with that, it's time to answer the question on everybody's mind. Let's get some comparison shots.

I think I'm going to have to give the edge to Kaguya on this one. Congratulations, Kaguya!

Morrigan! Morrigan Aensland! This evil force we felt was you!
How nice to see you again, Chun-Li. You too, Hsien-Ko.
Whenever you show up, nothing good ever comes out of it.

Speak for yourself. Morrigan makes everything better!

I think they were in the same graduating class or something.

More or less. Though we live on different worlds. Something very curious is about to happen in this world. I'm just here to watch it.

Oh, you're here to watch Project X Zone happen? You could have just tuned in to this thread from the comfort of your own home...



It sure is Darkstalkers in here!

This speaks for itself.

Something just happened, and something else is already about to happen! This prologue's on course to win the Happening Star!

You won't be disappointed, mysterious voice. This story's going to be plenty big.

It hasn't even been 30 seconds since Lord Raptor teleported in.

I know you. Frank West, right? You covered Williamette, yeah?
And if it ain't Mr. Dynamite himself. Good to meet you, Bruno. Not to mention Chun-Li, the famed ICPO agent! I had a feeling there was a scoop waiting for me on this ship.

Just a scoop? No way, man. Hold your ice cream cone out and this chapter'll load you right up.

Chun-Li's been pretty good at repeating things other people say lately.

The "incident" was the legalization of recreational marijuana. :smoakin:

That Darn Journalist

Hey, you're good against zombies, right, Frank? Go get these guys!
Eesh, more zombies? Between them and Hsien-Ko, I just can't lose 'em.

boy u just talk shit about my gurl????

Let's get this show started! Straight to hell, starting with you!
Think I'l pass, thanks. Something tells me I'm not gonna like this damn show.

Project X Zone is my favoritest show in the whole wide world.


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Re: Project X Zone
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Prologue 5 - Dead Re-Rising (Post 3 of ?)

Hooray for gameplay!

Let's see what this giant S thing is.

This actually looks pretty handy.

You said it!

This attack is pretty good. I used it three times and did more than enough damage to win the fight.

Here's their move selection in case you're curious.

Yeah, that was some impressive standing on the sideline you did there, Mr. Dynamite.

More happenings!

Just more bullshit.

They didn't actually teleport in. They just walked in from behind the wall. I guess those two full ship inspections they did earlier weren't so full!

my b

Too late now! You're in the Zone!

Not quite, Chris. Looks like there's nothing but monsters up here, too. It's just a ghost ship.
You said it. Look at that zombie freak jumping around over there.

boy u just talk shit about my gurl????

We're not all zombies here, guys! There are humans here, too! Plus, me, I guess.

☐ Human
☐ Zombie
☑ Other Chinese Vampire Jiang Shi                     

Who are you people? I'm guessing you aren't just innocent bystanders.
And where are we, anyway? The last I knew, we were aboard a sinking ship.

Well now you're aboard a non-sinking ship. At least I think it's not sinking.

Sounds like you got caught up in a "rift".


You're aboard the Bermuda cruise ship. It was occupied by terrorists not long ago.

And then it was vacated by terrorists.

Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, right? I covered you guys before.
Frank...West? The journalist from the Williamette incident?
Chris, and Jill. You're both in the B.S.A.A., right? Old veterans, too.
The B.S.A.A.? The group established after Umbrella went under?

Alright, these people are throwing way too many references around. I wish you could consult the Crosspedia during conversations to see what these things are because they ARE actually all listed in there.

If any of you have played Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the system it had would be perfect here.

What a mouthful!

Basically, an anti-bioterror unit. You guys work for the United Nations now, if I recall.
Well done. That outfit of yours. You're Chun-Li from the ICPO, right? Let's get down to business. What's going on?

Well, you see, the-

-oh come on!

This is another walk-on. No teleportation here!

Imagine if the back cover of this game's box said "SOMETHING'S HAPPENING IN JAPAN AGAIN!".

It's too bad it doesn't sound like the Doomguy laugh, because that's what I hear in my head when I read the text.

Yet another B.O.W.?! Who are you?!

bow wow im a dog

That guy's taking these monsters on with his bare hands?!

Eww, gross!

Wait a second. Have we met before?
Hmm. Ah, yes, I see some familiar faces here. I am Mishima, Heihachi Mishima! These weaklings could never slow me down!
Heihachi Mishima?! That can't be!

I kind of recall this guy being a hoot in NxC. And also looking a little older.

Look at that black hair of yours! The real one would rip you apart if he knew!
Ah, but that could never happen, for I am the only Heihachi Mishima there is! What more evidence do you need than my word?

That's not gonna fly in a court of law, dude.

You've got multiple intelligence agencies on your tail, you know. I didn't get any intel about you changing your appearance.

Should have posted one of your guys by the wig store.

This is thanks to a new, experimental drug I'm using! Ha ha ha hah!

Must have been one of those hair regrowth things they advertise on the radio.

Mmm, how young, and how strong you've become, too. Hee hee hee...
Some kind of metabolism-boosting drug, maybe? With the right viral technology, I guess it's feasible enough.
That, or maybe it's a parasite. But anyway, what should we do with him?

Hey, guys. Guys. Nobody cares! And that's not just because there's nobody on the ship.

Ah, my old ICPO friend. Morrigan from the Makai realm, too, I see. I'd gladly take you all on at once, but for now, how about we work together here?
We can get the full story from you later. Let's take care of these monsters first.

And let's not get that full story later. We'll be fine without it.

All right! Let's get busy!


(The Interior Ministry, the ICPO, the B.S.A.A., and the Makai realm... A few others, too, I see. Heh heh! This couldn't have worked out better.)

Yes, the ICPO and B.S.A.A. are stylized differently in the text. I don't know why they did that.

And here we are.

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Re: Project X Zone
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Prologue 5 - Dead Re-Rising (Post 4 of 4)

Yep, more zombies coming out of the water. The fun never ends.

Yeah, you can summon them from water or teleport them from nowhere!

What's this? A mechanic that might actually make the game go faster?

Yep, I'm preparing to fight three dudes at once.

Interestingly, the HP shown is only for one enemy. I wonder why it doesn't combine their totals.

Thanks, Second Amendment!

dey gone

The zombies are called Ebitan, Ooze, and Zombie (blue).

Whoa, that sounds like a pretty powerful item!


Why would anybody want to resist you, Morrigan?

It's like a shoryuken but you're punching them with spikes.

That's what I tell myself whenever I'm thinking about not finishing these posts.

Busujima Flappy Bird

Busujima-style... Moonwalk!

21 HP :thumbsdown:


"Attacks. You're weak to attacks."

fuck you


She doesn't yell "spinning bird kick". What the hell kind of fanservice game is this?

Misfortune = more characters and dialogue

It's called "Uppercut & Assault Rifle" but Chris spends some time shooting before running up and doing the uppercut.

it's waluigi heihachi time

Well, he didn't split any demon tiles, but he sure split a... *scrolls up* aha! *scrolls back down* Ebitan just now!

There's gotta be some fanart out there that shows just how much her sleeves can hold.

Sorry to hear that! I hope they feel better soon.

A few battles later, I pop some souls to build my XP. Gonna finish this fucker off.

Here's their special.

The end is a long way away. A long, long way away.

Um, yes he has. It was just a couple chapters ago. Why don't you read my thread, Lord Raptor?

Does anybody care?

So this kind of ties the last few chapters together, I guess.

Everyone reconvenes at the big plot device.

And we don't want to hear it.

I think everything's a pleasure cruise to this guy...

I don't know what she's talking about, so I guess maybe there's some funny thing he has a habit of saying at the end of each Looney Tunes episode or something.

Hold it! I'm feeling some kind of strange power.
A strange power? What's that supposed to mean?
She's right. This fountain. It's faint, but I feel an evil aura!

Um, dude, that's just Morrigan.

Morrigan! Morrigan Aensland! This evil force we felt was you!

Do these people have no memory? Or maybe they're trying to forget.

They say that water can serve as connector portals to other places.

See also: Project X Zone Prologues 1 and 2

So you think the ship's crew all got spirited away to some crazy other world?

Well, the full moon caused the tide to rise and the water swallowed up the crew and transported them to another world because water does that! See, I knew what I was saying earlier would make sense!

If so, does that mean we're next?
Ugh, don't even say it, Chris! That's too real of a threat to even--


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Re: Project X Zone
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what a way to end Namco X Capcom Prologue Chapter 5: HD Remake!
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Re: Project X Zone
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You learn more moves as the game goes on and as you gain lvls, everyone end the game with 5 combos, 1 super and 1 Multi-Attack.
Using every different normal combos you have grant you an additionnal attack. ( If you have 3 combos, you can hit 4 times. )

Only by combining your attacks with suppots you can go upwards 100% XP ( Which is to launch super moves and block attacks ).
Not EXP, which actually makes you gain levels and shit. A good combinations of supports and gears can turn characters into real game breakers.

May I also add that the translation is on par with the NxC one ( I really wonder if they took the fan team that did NxC. )
And I mean it sucks so bad it's good.

The game does gets more difficult as the story continues, espcially with bosses hitting half your life bar in one hit.
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Re: Project X Zone
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I figured out the extra attack thing... I was actually planning on mentioning it in Chapter 1. :P

Yeah, so far it's looking like it's going to be NxC but without all the spelling and formatting errors from the fan translation. The spirit is still intact!

If I were just playing on my own without posting it online, I'd want the game to get harder. As things are now, though, I prefer the easy difficulty, as it makes it less likely I'll have to replay a chapter later on when they get stupid long. I'll definitely be doing what SK did and going into less detail as the game goes on and the chapters get longer. Right now they're about 15 minutes, which isn't so bad, but I hear they get up to an hour or something by the end.

If the game actually becomes hard, I am entirely willing to resort to cheats (via Action Replay Powersaves) to get through.
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Re: Project X Zone
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Intermission - The Between-Chapter Menu

Chapter 1 will be going up later today, but in the meantime, I figured this is a good place to talk about the between-chapter menu that I have access to from this point forward.

Both screens on all of these because I'm lazy! :fuckyou:

This is the main menu. It lets you pick other submenus and see your units standing in nice little rows and lines.

(As of this writing, I've actually played through chapter 6, which is why there are characters on here we haven't met yet. Stay tuned... you'll meet them all soon enough!)

"Unit Settings" just lets you pair solo units with pair units. There are no other "settings" here that I know of!

Each solo unit has several passive and activatable abilities, so I guess there's a bit of thought you can put into the choice if you really want to. Though the most important thing might be to pick a character whose moves work well with your pair's moves for juggling fun.

Equipment is kind of low-key in this game. Not quite "afterthought" low-key, but it's certainly not something that stands out.

These are the stats. I haven't bothered looking into what all of these mean, but it probably doesn't matter a whole lot.

You can save your game here! This is the most important feature, as it keeps you from having to play the entire game in one sitting if you want to reach the end.

Save slot 2 is best save slot, as in every game.


No idea what the ????? settings are (there's another one below the one in the screenshot). Guess that's for later!

The game has a pretty fleshed-out tutorial area where you can look up pretty much anything you need to know about playing the game.

There is also the "Crosspedia", which I've mentioned a few times already. It's the place to go to learn about all the wacky characters, places, and things that make up the wonderful world of Project X Zone!

Jedah's description here makes his old line from prologue 3 make a bit more sense, I guess?


Wait, no, it doesn't. Shit.

The background of the fabled Tenzai Ninjutsu, which I know you've all been wondering about.

And last but not least, the training menu. You can set up some stuff and jump into a quick battle against an invincible training dummy. It's good for practicing your juggling!

Well, practically invincible, anyway. The HP the enemy has scales up as your level increases. I'm not sure what the formula is.

It's also nice as a general-purpose special attack viewer. If you have a favorite boob jiggle, you can use the training feature to watch it over and over again!

Anyway, that's all there is to say about the menu, I guess. Next up is Chapter 1, where the Real Game begins. :(9):
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Re: Project X Zone
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The ????? Option is the Sound Test And the next one is the ability to override the battle music with the one you want.
Only available after you finish the game once.
After the game is clear you have New Game+ :

You retain every gear ( Equipment, Potions and shit. ) Some very late piece of gear have some broken shit, +40 EPX gain, 1/2 Counter Requirements, Defense Against any type of State Alteration ( Poison etc ... )
Hard Mode is available too in New Game+, Enemies have more HP, hits harder and give less EXP, but they have Higher level too. You get better Gear in Hard Mode
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All your base are belong to us !
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Re: Project X Zone
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Chapter 1 - Welcome to the Koryuji House (Post 1 of ?)

Here we are. The first "real" chapter in Project X Zone.

From here, the chapters are going to start getting longer (though this first one is pretty short). And longer. And longer. I hear the late-game chapters are fuckoff huge and take over an hour to complete. Obviously, I'm going to have to start cutting corners somewhere. That corner-cutting will probably come from the battle scenes, mostly, as those aren't going to get any more interesting over time. Once you've seen all the special attack animations and everything, I'll only bring up battle stuff if it's particulary noteworthy (and maybe have the occasional "draculas catsel"-type screenshot). I do hope to keep as much dialogue in as I can bear to, though, as it's the funniest part of the game and will likely deliver for much longer.

If the game ever gets to the point where I'm utterly tired of playing it, I'll stop playing it. So there isn't exactly a 100% chance I'll be seeing this game through to the end! But as long as it stays entertaining, or has the potential to make entertaining posts, I'll keep at it.

That said, let's Go 2 It.

Time to check on our old pals Kogoro and Mii. Remember them? I guess all five of the prologue chapters happened concurrently, so no time has passed in the game world since we last saw them. Can't say the same for time passed in the real world, though!

Well, I sure haven't found anything.
Of course you haven't. I've already cased the place when the stone was first stolen.

Alight, so maybe a little time passed. Either that or he was casing the place while fighting the battles back in prologue 1.

Finding your Lost Remote Control with the Power of Ninjutsu™

If the Tenzai Detective Agency can't find anything, it just doesn't exist! Well, except when it does exist.

Finally admit it, huh? So, what? You turn up anything this time around?

He just said he found nothing... weren't you listening?

Well, hmmm...

Kogoro, having failed to find anything, looks inward and tries to find himself.

Well, maybe that's because Mii keeps fish in it...

Ohhh, that kind of fishy! Yeah, fountains in this game kind of have a track record of doing shit like this.

Y'know, m'lady jokes have grown a ton in popularity online since I posted prologue 1. And Kogoro says it a lot. So I'm not going to point them out unless they really seem like something a fedora-wearing, dorito-eating, faith-smashing cyber-warrior would say.

Ah, just who I wanted to see.

Whoa! Someone's popped out of the fountain!
Who're you?
So the story's true. Water really can serve as a portal between worlds.

Who'da thunk it?

Where are we?

Chun-Li throws a question into a black hole, never hearing from it again.

I think this is what it's referring to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Honest_Woodman

Either that, or he's talking about keeping his wood honest around all these babes.

Yep, it's his wood.

Morrigan don't give a FUCK 'bout yo fountain.

A succubus?! One of those monsters that prey on innocent men in their sleep?!
You look like a wet dream demon, to me.
That's right.

(By the way, I don't think I've done it yet, and SK may have done it some, but non-bolded text is me putting words in characters' mouths instead of actual dialogue from the game. Just so you know. Back to adventure!)

And what about you? Another demon of some sort?
Human. I'm Chun-Li, agent for Interpol. Would you mind telling me where I am?

We know she asked that already, but maybe everyone was too busy with Morrigan to notice. Time to try again!

A seductress and a police detective? Your fountain's got interesting taste, Mii.
We better get to the bottom of this, quick.
Hello? Can somebody please tell me where I am?

The scene fades out and back in, so I guess everyone got caught up.

And Chun-Li finally found out where she is.

I'm even more surprised! A succubus and a cop? What kind of combo is that, huh?
You don't seem terribly surprised about what I am.

Sometimes the characters in this game are surprised, and sometimes they just go on like everything around them is normal.

Well, things how they are these days, demons and ghouls aren't that rare.
I mean, I tripped on like three of them just getting out of bed this morning!
My ancestors used to be demon hunters themselves, in fact. And with a sexy lady demon like you, I'd welcome that with open arms.
Hee hee hee. The honor's all mine.

Morrigan got that compliment she's been fishing for.

I know! The nerve of this guy, right?

So, Japan, huh? I think I'll need to call upon a specialist for help here.
A specialist?
Ah, I know who you mean...

Why, the Tenzai Detective Agency, of course!

Some dudes appear.

Looks like we're not the only guests.
Ugh, I hate this! I'm not running a theme park here, you know!

Imagine what a great theme park you could open if you had a water fountain that spawned Interpol agents and succubi.

The stone that was taken before the story even began.

The culprit always returns to the scene of the crime. Bit quick, though, huh? Well, whatever. You guys mind helping me capture these suspects?
I'll even make you honorary members of the Tenzai Detective Agency! Come on, what do you say?
That's my job, Detective. I'll be happy to bring them into custody for you!

Oh, Morrigan...
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Re: Project X Zone
« Reply #57 on: September 04, 2014, 03:19:10 PM »

Chapter 1 - Welcome to the Koryuji House (Post 2 of 2)

I believe that's the fastest time to title card we'll ever get.

Yep, got it.

The only enemies on the field are a pair of Oros Primus dudes.

Gonna investigate the shit out of this guy!

Pictured: Investigation


I'm not actually sure whether Morrigan is talking to the dead enemy or to Chun-Li here.

Tutors are for tutin'.

After that fight, in True NXC, PXZ, and Probably the Other Games Too Fashion, more enemies show up.

It's some... whatever this dude is. He's brought some dialogue with him!

I thought our work was already done here.
Who is it this time? Nobody friendly, by the looks of it.
You'd better scram before I do to you what I did to those Jehovah's Witnesses who came by earlier!
My scouts hadn't come back yet. I came to see why. And now I know. I got something I'm lookin' for here. You mind stayin' out of my way?
Excuse me, but this is my house! Who are you, anyway?
If it's that rock thing you're looking for, someone already took it. Sorry, pal.
Oh, so you're involved in this, huh? Eins Belanos is the name. Just call me Eins. If you're involved here, I'll definitely want a word or two with you.
I'm up for anything you got, trust me on that!
Well, so be it. Better brace ourselves.

Same shit, different... um, part of the chapter.

Morrigan's always gotta get a "hee hee" in there somewhere.

Aw, c'mon, shouldn't you be shakin' in your boots? You think I'm that wimpy? You're gonna mess up my confidence, y'know!

Why do you think you got assigned to chapter 1, you knucklehead?

I deal with guys tougher than you in the ICPO pretty much every day.
Yeah? Zat so? Well, whatever. Guess I'll have to prove to you all what I got!

Anyway, we gotta beat this guy, a couple more Oros Primus, and a trio of Kamaitachi (Blue). Except for Eins, they all die in one round.

I still don't know.

Even in playing Project X Zone.

I didn't actually notice this until I started compiling screenshots, but apparently you can get extra items out of enemies mid-battle. I think it happens when you get criticals or something? I'll keep an eye out.

After four thousand years, the Chinese have finally developed their ultimate weapon: the Spinning Bird Kick.

Bosses won't ever stop having tons of HP.

At least it's not meat spin!

And here's a video of it.

After a turn of messing with the best, he proceeds to die like the rest.

Great. Now I've got even more stuff I'm gonna have to report. What a pain in the butt. See ya!

He says this stuff and then he disappears.

Hey! Hey, wait a second!

Weren't you just yelling at him about being at your house?

We didn't even have any time to interrogate him.
No doubt about it, he's the main culprit here.
He's the main culprit here or my name isn't Kogoro Tenzai of the Tenzai Detective Agency!

A pretty powerful one, too. He might have a major organization backing him up.

Puhlease, that bitch wasn't shit.

I've always wanted to try a... whatever he was!

I don't think we're dealing with just any old rabble of monsters here.
Well, they weren't from the Makai, either. Not the demon realm.
We definitely need to investigate this further. Those monsters he brought with him... I know I've seen them before.

According to Crosspedia, Kamaitachi (Blue) is from NXC, so yeah, that statement checks out.

So, where should we go first for this?

Into the fountain, obviously!

Or Roppongi. Yeah, we can go to Roppongi.

I wonder what kind of detective gear we'll see...

You'll get attacked anywhere you go in this game.

This is the last time that the entire current party will all be on the same screenshot in a dialogue scene. Savor it, because from now on, conversations are going to get more people and make less sense with each passing chapter.

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Re: Project X Zone
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I love that there's two entire tutorial entries for "people have quotes before they get into battle".


Quote from: Lolicon Jon
i got anime of all tastes and sizes
come down to jon's anime emporium where we can satisfy your anime needs
1000 episode shounens, WE GOT IT
men(or little boys) kissing and loving each other, WE GOT IT
Nosebleeds from seeing the tiniest bit of skin of a woman, WE GOT IT
so come on down to jon's anime emporium down on the highway
like right on the highway
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Re: Project X Zone
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After this is over, we need a collection of every line of dialogue where Morrigan says the word 'interesting', because holy shit.
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