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Prologue 1 - The Wanderers (Post 1 of 3)

Some say that the first step is the hardest one. I get the feeling that's going to turn out to be a big, fat lie. Let's see how our feet are holding up a few hundred steps later!

By the way, I'm going to only be screenshotting the top screen unless noted otherwise. Nothing interesting really ever happens on the bottom screen in this game.

Well, so far thirteen 20XXs have passed and the events of this game haven't happened yet. That could change, though! We're not safe yet!

Shadows also lurk behind trees when you point a flashlight at them. SPOOOOOOOKY

Fantastic as in fantasy, not fantastic as in gold star. I don't think I'll be giving many gold stars to this game! In fact, I even left sheets of gold star stickers off my last shopping list.

Yep, that's why I don't carry a flashlight into the woods.

Until someone leaks information on them... :link:

The who what?

I also put black tape over the pyramid eye thingy on the back of all my dollar bills so they can't spy on me.

This. This right here. This is what caused Project X Zone to happen. Thanks a lot, asshole Portalstone thief.

And, effectively, to bring this game to an end. We'd all do well to root for these people.

10000x10000px trollface.jpg

It'll be long, alright.


I'm going to toy around with a way to get headshots to make dialogue more readable before doing the next stuff. That'll be up sometime tomorrow.

got pumped  :playitloud:

Prologue 1 - The Wanderers (Post 2 of 3)

Picture Lakitu with a camera flying around with the accompanying whooshing sounds.

Last is just the... second to last loser. I think that's how it works?

And hello to Project X Zone for an equally little while.

Fashionably late. And my, what fashion these two have!

Ugh! You are so late! You have to be the laziest private tutor in the world! I've already given up on you actually teaching me anything useful. But the least you could do at a time like this is help me out a little, Kogoro!
Hey, m'lady, don't get so worked up. It'll make your skin break out again. I just had a bit of an issue I needed to clear up at the office.

"Someone at the office was doing a lotto pool and I just had to contribute! You know the jackpot is over $500 million now?"

I'll keep on the lookout during this imagefest for faces that would make good emoticons to fill out that second row (and because it's forever since I added a new emoticon). There may be a :mii: in the future for this one. :boat:

But... but...

--- Quote --- I've already given up on you actually teaching me anything useful.
--- End quote ---

This particular issue, though... I think I know what it is about.
What issue? What are you... You mean the stone that was taken from my mansion?

The portalstone? You know, the rock that makes cake and space jokes?

"I am nameless mook. I take care of the place while the master is away."

Ahhh! What're these monsters?!
Looks like our culprits haven't given up robbing you blind just yet.

They left with the portalstone, and they came back for your beanie baby collection.

Ugh! We gotta catch 'em and find out where they took the stone! Kogoro! Let's get 'em!
As you wish, m'lady. I think now's the time to show off some of my Tenzai Ninjutsu.
Hee hee! ♪ Let's see if it's anything worthy of my praise for a change.
Hopefully, a little roughing up is all this is going to take. But somehow I get the feeling this is just the beginning of things.

If only you knew, Kogoro. If only you knew.


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