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OOne day, the kid icarus boye was walking on the angel word. tHen out of nowhere the eyeball monster came outta nowhere and was all like "raawr, im going to kill youuu !" The kid icarus kid was like " noo, im going to hit you with my arrow And you are going die !" The kid icarus kid starteded to shot his arrow at the monster dead in the eyeball. The monster was dodging all of the shots & then hee shoot laser beem at him. Then Kid the kid icarus kid shoot his arrow once more and then it defected the other monster beam shot. thE KID Icarus kid started to pull out ice cream to heal himself. thE KId icarus ruunning to MONSTER ! then he kik the monster and it took 999% damage and die. The monster was all like "NOOO!". Kid icarus started cheering and danced the crip dance. He screaamed "HIYAYAYAAA I WON !" Then kid icarus waas walking again to the icey creamey stare and boughted some ice cream. then he licked and licked and licked and licked and licked and licked and licked and licked and licked until there was no more. then latey palentuena came out of nowhere and was like "pit stop doeing whayt uou are doing,  there is a monster attacking the smash ballez. the kid icarus sprinteed to the monster and started flying with its chiedckin wings and hitted the monster and gotted the smash ball. he haded the powere and used it. then angels came outtof nowheree and atack the monster. and then he went to sonic world and said "hi" to the super sonic. then he left and went back to angel world.  FINNESH !~

total body workout:
now this. this resemblance is just uncanny. who was grandmasterwolf? did i have a doppeldanger runnin around out there during my leave of absence?


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