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Topic: [Imagefest] The Laptop  (Read 4784 times)
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[Imagefest] The Laptop
« on: September 13, 2014, 12:12:51 PM »

You may remember a few months ago I made a thread asking about what new computer I should get, since the one I had been using is now over ten years old. Well, just the other day, the new laptop arrived, so I thought it would be fitting to document it with a good old imagefest packagefest laptopfest.

the package

ah yes, my favorite chinese street name, "first avenue"

the implement

just in case you were wondering, it's 14,703 cubic centimeters. I guess this is useful information for UPS trucks?

it's not easy being green :kermit.gif:

hey, this isn't a laptop!

of course, the old false bottom ruse

in the top part of the box was just this manual and some cords. I still haven't read it :link:

man, I need to buy a crate key for this?? the microtransactions these days are just out of control

"batteries not included"

just kidding! also note that this battery is only for children over the age of 57

ghost laptop :o

the big reveale

pale blue dot

fun fact: I actually never figured out how these worked until I got this. I always thought you were supposed to just lightly touch it and I wondered how anyone was supposed to use it when it went that slowly.

anyway, let's see if the battery came with any charge

that's a good sign!

jeez, when did windows become an rpg with character customization?

at this point I noticed that there is no light that comes on when caps lock is activated! it'll get you if you aren't paying attention!

which one of these was used as the actual name of the computer?? guess correctly and you could win FREE IPAD*

uhh... well, if you insist...

don't forget it, ya dummy

and we've finally made it past the tutorial level of this game!

and of course the first thing to be done after connecting to the internet

wow look at all the new posts since I've been computerless!

next time on POS, post your favorite internet meme in this thread for me to use as my desktop!
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Re: [Imagefest] The Laptop
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2014, 07:56:00 PM »

Congrats on the new laptop. Is it touchscreen? Why'd you go Thinkpad? Did you ever consider overpaying for a Macbook!?
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Re: [Imagefest] The Laptop
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2014, 10:24:38 PM »

It is not a touchscreen. My hands are always down at the keyboard or mouse anyway, so why bother reaching up there and getting the screen dirty at the same time? I got a Thinkpad because the people in the somethingawful thread scrow linked spoke pretty highly of it, and some of my other friends agreed that they were nice laptops. This is an L-series, which is a little bit cheaper than the T-series that they recommended, but from what I read it can do pretty much the same thing, but it doesn't have the steel frame that the more expensive lines have. I never really considered a Mac... I've never owned one, but from what I've heard and read they're very nice computers, and are nearly virus free. But I'm not a big fan of how protective they are of their hardware, and I'm not about to pay that much for something I have no experience with at all.
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