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Topic: [CORAL MAYHEM] Miiverse Edition  (Read 1777 times)
In west Goomba Village born and raised
  • In west Goomba Village born and raised
Permalink  •  January 19, 2015, 05:40:57 PM
[CORAL MAYHEM] Miiverse Edition
« on: January 19, 2015, 05:40:57 PM »

(Hey guys! Krem bombarded us with a coral mayhem the other day on skype and it turned out pretty goddamn well if I say so myself! He threw together a edited edition for you folks to enjoy! Without further adieu MIIVERSE CORAL MAYHEM. 

PS I know at least one of the pictures already got deleted off the face of the internet during the day it took to edit but eh its all part of the magic  :toot:)

<Krem> Ok so I'm sure you're all wondering what we're doing here.
<Krem> As you may know I've been pretty absent from all the social networks for a while now, save for one that I've gotten into thanks to an indirect recommendation from friend Rick.
<Krem> Miiverse, which I have thoroughly investigated undercover in the guise of "mia kris", has been a lot of fun but I've also seen some strange sights on there.
<Krem> Sights which I have brought back to share with you all. Beware, it's....
<Krem> Coral Mayhem: Miiverse Edition
<Rick> Oh god
<Rick> its happening
<Static2007> Are you shitting me
<Rick> I've been coral'd

<Krem> OK I'll jump right into the links, we have a lot to cover here.
<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAACNUKE5vqO1WQ
Zak's Adventures in Miiverse - Adventure 1 - Sucked in!

<Rick> Zak's cool page

<Static2007> I don't think that kid derezzed properly.
<Static2007> 'Sooo... whoops!"
<Rick> He is interfaced!!
<Krem> He got "pixelized" ofcourse, which can be tough for a young kid to do reliably every time. Give him a few years

<Anti_Hero> How did he get colors?!
<Krem> Colors are from posting via Art Academy. Which will provide many a great poor-mans-deviantart post for us to enjoy
<Static2007> "Poor-man's-deviantart?" How can you get lower than a trash bin?

<Static2007> "Cling" isn't a sound effect.

<Anti_Hero> Zak looks an awful lot like brandon from home movies.

<Rick> it looks like he just smeared some purple jam on that one picture

<Krem> I like his initiative in establishing Miiverse as an actual place though. Some really great worldbuilding could have happened if the apocalypse hadn't come so quickly

<Anti_Hero> Zak gives himself a modest 10 messages to respond to, not knowing that the social media challenges of us will never achieve such a number.

<Anti_Hero> What word is being torn in half on Part 2
<Krem> I like to think the "whoops" implies that "this narrative was just too hard to keep going, sorry guys"
<Anti_Hero> he's like me and MSPAFA
<Anti_Hero> HP Lovecraft and SO WHOOPS
<Static2007> "I spent roughly 20 minutes on this and BOY AM I BUSHED!"
<Rick> he would have done more but then mom told him to go do his homework and dad sold his wiiu for pcp

<Static2007> I do hope Zak gets some speech coaching for that stutter.

<Krem> Well Zak I'm sure we'll all be waiting for a sequel with great anticipation. But let's move on

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHiP9CsnJg
"scary babies"

<Rick> AUGH
<Krem> I thought you guys thought babies were funny

<Static2007> "Oh my! Those are some scary babies!" That's a fucking understatement.

<Rick> man that time in partners in time was tough
<Rick> when baby wegee turned into a abomination and ate E Gadd
<Rick> man I almost had a heart boom

<Anti_Hero> don't worry, sir beta is here to put the babies to bed

<Static2007> Just use this to promote condom usage.

<Anti_Hero> good use of terrifying yellow in this masterpiece

<Krem> "70 comments" I feel kinda bad that we won't be able to match the level of discourse that has already been had over this... art

<Static2007> Why is the baby's mouth like a hippo's? Human jaws don't do this.

<Krem> I feel bad for that raton, clearly the only normal one here
<Krem> Though about to be devored by the baby which has it by the tail

<Static2007> Should I be calling social services or an exorcist?

<Rick> is the baby supposed to look like Ray Romano's dad from everybody loves raymond?
<Anti_Hero> scary baby? yes, but also very buff.
<Rick> strong baby
<Anti_Hero> strong eyebrows

<Static2007> I'm wondering if there's a deep meaning behind the artist's choice to portray this 90 degrees. Is it to go along with my head tilting in confusion

<Rick> wait I remember this... This was drawn into my wedding sign in book by anti
<Krem> Haha a perfect segue into our next piece
<Krem> For we have one by "Le Jesse" himself

"beautiful moon"

<Krem> Professionally drawn and a hilarious joke, it must be our man
<Anti_Hero> what the fuck

<Rick> man so thats what happened to the animators from fairly oddparents

<Static2007> Shouldn't the first panel be the last?
<Static2007> You botched this joke right from the beginning!
<Krem> <Static2007> It's a backwards thread, please don't ban
<Static2007> Oh my bad this is a masterpiece instead
<Rick> Im closing this comic down

<Anti_Hero> really good art in the comments too
<Anti_Hero> "nwdfdrtdedcdgjgnnhtjiuy escribo haci porque me encanta super smash bros for wii u" indeed, enruiqe, indeed.
<Rick> I agree with fallito
<Rick> Super smqrsh es 10 mejor


<Krem> "at least I still have my personality" ah yes, sonic's strongest selling point for years now.

<Static2007> I'm so upset with this whore presenting her ass to Sonic at that I'm going to buy all her amiibos in retaliation.

<Anti_Hero> looks like Luma got a black eye too.

<Rick> sonic ambles away from rosalina's expanding ass.   "did I do thaaaaat"  he is devoured by the butt
<Krem> haha rick good fanfic to "expand" on the story here
<Krem> Our next post is a bit more literary too

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAACaU2yVGAm-eg
Pool Party RP

<Krem> Or possibly "Pod Party RP", though context clues suggest otherwise
<Krem> That Wii U only has so many pixels to draw on!

<Anti_Hero> "I-I'm late!"
<Anti_Hero> says the floating anime eyeball

<Static2007> Isn't writing the text in the image cheating the "no text" rule?
<Rick> huff huff
<Static2007> God dammit kids follow the directions

<Rick> Its things like this that make me sad there are less trolls on miiverse
<Rick> where is the roger klottz to ruin this party
<Rick> he could shove what time is it dude into the pool

<Static2007> "Can I join" You really don't want to.

<Krem> Tyotic(mm): O.C in profile       this guy regulars these RPs I'm guessing, he's pretty much a step
away from putting his OC on his resume
<Krem> Tyotic made a really impressive start to this, having his OC go super sayain in his sleep

<Anti_Hero> this is so much more advanced than the #melee rps, i feel really ashamed.
<Krem> Well they've got a decade on us
<Krem> RPs have been developed into a fine science in that time
<Rick> *Snirj walks next to the pool and devours a small scary baby*
<Anti_Hero> why didn't we have a #melee pool, it's genius really.
<Krem> The POS Mansion had no less than 6 swimming pools
<Krem> though weldar typically occupied four of them simultaneously
<Rick> I died in a pool in one of those fics I think
<Static2007> I think everyone died
<Static2007> On the inside
<Rick> no no no it was a large pool with many segments shaped like a weedle

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHiLm7azVw
Mega Neil's OCs

<Krem> I chose this one without really reading much more than "Mega Neil"
<Krem> This week: Mega Neil vs. Hyper Josh

<Static2007> "Please don't comment on my shitty character!"

<Anti_Hero> he can control time he likes meatballs
<Rick> hey now this reminds me of melee fights
<Rick> remember that time krem dragged around a coffin with a bear in it to destroy filmore

<Anti_Hero> very fragile emotion
<Anti_Hero> happiness specifically
<Krem> haha yeah just the one
<Static2007> Don't touch it or it'll break

<Static2007> Are these fantasies like, alternate ideas for this character?

<Anti_Hero> generally a nice person unless he's mad, his name is dad, i mean don, definitely don
<Rick> don is new daddy
<Anti_Hero> some days he comes home drunk and yells at mom, p.s he's super fast!

<Static2007> "he fights for the good of the team whether its for good or for bad" Wait—
<Krem> Sometimes his parents, I mean his team, definitely team, are pretty bad but he has to go along with them.

<Krem> he has a black hoodie covering his face     it's really silly looking actually, he wrapped the whole thing around his face trying to be a ninja

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHiPCBcSQg

<Krem> This falls in the "I'm utterly baffled and I hope you guys can enlighten me" category
<Static2007> Okay so rainbow bro is dead?

<Rick> So thats what happened to Jhohan Vasquez

<Anti_Hero> my fan trolls are so much better than this
<Krem> The albino fantroll on the right is pretty inventive
<Anti_Hero> i wonder what the deep meaning taken from severeal cultures the name kristin has, hussie, you wildcard.
<Static2007> These aren't actually fantrolls are they? I honestly can't fucking tell.

<Rick> you know I love my shirt that has large enough font that a single word cant fit and needs to be cut in half
<Krem> This guy is rivalling hussie in the "shirts that can be sold to fans later" department
<Krem> "im wit  h STu  pid  ->" will buy a day-one purchase for me

<Static2007> So did the purple void kill the other person?
<Krem> Thats her blood static. Jeez you gotta make assumptions just because someone has a different blood color than you
<Krem> We spent like half of actual homestuck learning that lesson

<Static2007> What kind of name is Quite?
<Anti_Hero> Quite is Quote's sister from maple stroy
<Rick> what kind of name is static2007
<Static2007> A bad one
<Anti_Hero> we can all finally agree
<Anti_Hero> been holding that one in since 2004
<Static2007> You bastard

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAACXVHhh3LsguA
Jon Bon Jovi

<Krem> It's... it's jon bon jovi
<Anti_Hero> Jon Bon Jovii*

<Anti_Hero> good handwriting though.

<Static2007> Strong necks for strong men

<Krem> I'm gonna have to admit to not being as thorough as I ought to have been here, I only skimmed the ~115 comments~ this masterpiece got

<Anti_Hero> this is wax jon bon jovi during the heat wave on 19aught7

<Rick> Man my bird is in pain
<Rick> better draw a downs riddled bon jovi

<Anti_Hero> this is bon jovi after the freefalling stopped

<Krem> At least they nailed his sweet chicago bulls tat

<Static2007> They must've spent 80% of their time on the hair
<Static2007> and said "eh fuck the rest"
<Rick> looks like her art skill went down in a blaze of glory
<Anti_Hero> they must have draw this with their fingers after they lost the stylus

<Krem> I did notice that Truetracey's comments all end with a varying amount of xxxxxxxxxx
<Krem> We should try and crack the code on what each number of them means

<Static2007> This looks like a bad police line-up shot
<Rick> talent: wanted dead or alive

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHiQ-Ekj3g
scard of colors

<Krem> Pretty sure this was a scrapped Talking Heads album

<Static2007> Ah!
<Rick> Im scarred as well
<Static2007> I'm so glad they're getting over their phobias and working out their feelings via art
<Static2007> You go, little man
<Static2007> Mr. Loopduke

<Rick> shit I think this is a clipart for one of ms franklin's class projects

<Krem> The twist is that he's scared of yellow and green, thats why they weren't used
<Krem> The only colors he feels comfortable with are the ones on the good ol red white and blue
<Krem> *eagle cries*

<Anti_Hero> i have nothing to say about this great exploration of colors

<Static2007> The red represents the blood he cries upon viewing the world of color
<Static2007> No one understands his pain

<Rick> art is dead

<Krem> Alright so next up we're gonna visit a friend I introduced Rick to already
<Rick> Ah hell
<Krem> Miss Big-Titty Anime Hedgehogs herself

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAACXVHhhzFoNVg
Welcome to "Glory"

<Static2007> Oh fuck
<Anti_Hero> help
<Anti_Hero> someone help

<Static2007> Lady may I recommend a chiropractor for your back pain?

<Anti_Hero> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAACXVHhgz9PTjw
<Anti_Hero> i sense a theme
<Krem> Haha that is exactly the next one I was gonna link

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/Sanguina/posts
Let's just discuss this person's profile because there are too many big-titty anime hedgehogs to count

<Rick> At some point the young people in this world lost all track of reality and boob physics
<Static2007> This is not how gravity works

<Anti_Hero> the history is like a whole years worth of deviant art

<Rick> women are all interchangeable save for their face and hair
<Rick> true facts 2015

<Krem> I mean, let's be fair though, the "Hey! My eyes are on my face!" t-shirt indicates that this is actually a deep social commentary.
<Static2007> Just as much commentary as drawing big breasted hedgehogs exclusively

<Static2007> Oh my god it's barely the new year, yet SO MANY TITTIES
<Anti_Hero> 2015 big anime titteys

<Krem> oh one of them said "meow". maybe they're cats. I don't even

<Krem> Why do you ask static, want to see what kind of shoes they're wearing?
<Static2007> Yes
<Static2007> I'm upset that I can't see them

<Krem> Haha the text post a ways down. "my gamepad burn my eyes". now you know how everyone viewing your art feels

<Rick> this guy lives in a abandoned department store chatting up the mannequins and feasting on rats to survive. He heads to a corner of the building where he can pick up a unprotected wifi source from the local mcdonalds

<Static2007> Please tell your legal guardian about your problems so they can get you help

<Krem> What baffles me here is the numbers. Over 300 upvotes on some of these

<Rick> customer TITTY to the managers office GWARG

<Anti_Hero> is it really fair for static to criticize this woman after all the vampires she's drawn
<Static2007> Yeah but Anti, I draw their shoes
<Static2007> i'M A STEP UP
<Anti_Hero> you skimp on the totty tho, i noticed.
<Anti_Hero> the hot totty
<Static2007> I'm very sorry I'll try to improve my art more
<Krem> "don't skimp on the totty" -baftub billy
<Rick> sweet baps

<Static2007> Isn't it a shame the Miis can't replicate the giant tits?

<Krem> well lets move on from that shit garbage

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHiJDX_XBw
Mario Story

<Rick> man buddy is into this shit
<Anti_Hero> buddy is a superfan
<Anti_Hero> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/cubanbuddha/empathies  he has great taste

<Krem> I should draw a giant "What!" to respond to a lot of these too tbh

<Static2007> Uh, do the Mario brothers have a history of skin issues?
<Rick> sure they do becky
<Rick> they are italian
<Krem> that's what happens when you rub spaghetti all over your face nightly. an italian family tradition
<Static2007> Oh how tragic
<Static2007> Is this why she prefers Bowser? Clear complexion?

<Krem> I actually just noticed a girl did the drawing. Maybe this is a really tactful way of turning down a boy...?
<Rick> buddy is a 48 year old man trying to lure stephanie into his basement  dungeon

<Anti_Hero> radboy is doing the old reverse psychology

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHiOBYvHbg
Who is the real Toad?

<Anti_Hero> men have puzzled over this for 100 years

<Krem> Basically just trying to crowdsource the answer out of you guys, Mia needs those 30 yeahs.

<Static2007> I love arbitrary guessing games!
<Static2007> What fun!

<Anti_Hero> since the dawn of time philosophers and kings have wondered
<Anti_Hero> is toad even really real himself
<Static2007> Is there really a real Toad? What is reality?
<Anti_Hero> what is a toad
<Static2007> Fucking Anti
<Anti_Hero> haha
<Anti_Hero> toad himself doesn't even know

<Rick> I imagine this guy has glory tied to a chair with a gun to her head.  Answer wisely and you get dem titties

<Static2007> I think the true question here is, "Who gives a shit?"

<Anti_Hero> 'MAMA MIA I'M A SEEING DOUBLE" -mario's take

<Krem> "Who says the one on the right?" Umm. there were only two comments dude

<Rick> secret: they are both the same toad who split into a clone dbz style

<Static2007> Why can't they both be the real Toad? Why subject one against society standards of what real is?

<Anti_Hero> if toad married peach and took her name he'd be toad toadstool, fuck ed up in my good opinion

<Rick> more like which one is kinopio

<Krem> This is probably a daily question in mushroom kingdom, Toads are all over the place. thanks to the auto-toad-maker that peach imported

<Anti_Hero> if eating a cherry do this then imagine a grape =o=

<Static2007> So was the prize to make a guess?
<Static2007> I don't understand the prize system here
<Anti_Hero> 20 likes
<Krem> The prize was YOU give HIM 30 yeahs, if I'm parsing that misleading wording correctly
<Static2007> Right, so YOU can take a guess

<Rick> which is the real glory

<Anti_Hero> why doesn't static ever post on miiverse
<Rick> she is a scumbag
<Static2007> Why would I
<Static2007> I just saw this shit

<Krem> well we figured this one out I think. The real toad is inside all of us

<Anti_Hero> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAADRUqGWzsOr7w
check out this grade A kush weed

<Rick> get it out
<Krem> haha submitting your own terrible art huh
<Anti_Hero> yeap
<Rick> shamless advertising
<Rick> but still good art
<Anti_Hero> gotta get them likes boys
<Anti_Hero> miyamoto visits the top miiverse poster

<Rick> spoke spliegle

<Krem> too late, I reported this, no blazin-n-hazin allowed on miiverse.
<Rick> smoke splifgle
<Static2007> Smoking robots will corrupt our youth
<Rick> whatever happened to robot jones: weed

<Anti_Hero> an ime

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHiMd-FasQ
Need to be Kawaii

<Static2007> Nah I don't think it's kawaii enough yet
<Static2007> Need more hearts

<Anti_Hero> kill it

<Krem> It's a social pressure every young teen faces
<Krem> I remember waking up every day for school thinking "need to be kawaii"

<Rick> this post has no comments
<Rick> "perfect"
<Anti_Hero> nothing can contribute to this rick

<Static2007> What is even happening? Who's that in the middle?

<Anti_Hero> what is the lore on this, michael?
<Krem> SilverWolfx338 is a real... lone wolf, who acts cool and tough when out on the hunt. But when she needs to go back home her family strictly demands she be kawaii

<Rick> why are these anime squirrels on my screen

<Anti_Hero> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHiOxSc3pw  the extremely complex controls of smash

Richard Fitzworth*whips out his dismay and drunkenly waves it around*
<Static2007> That moment when you decided to post this on Miiverse
<Rick> that moment mom abandons you on the side of the highway
<Anti_Hero> then i will be truly free

<Rick> alpha and omega 5 Kawaii dogs big hunt
<Krem> available now at walmart and cabela's

<Krem> ok let's get back to directly nintendo-themed content

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAACNUKE5595qSQ
Tingle Tingle

<Rick> YIKES

<Krem> when they on the dance floor, they can only think of one thing

<Rick> This picture makes me pretty Kaloo Limp-ah

<Anti_Hero> how do i leave a skype chat

<Static2007> Wow that is some Rob Liefeld spine work right there.
<Krem> *pokes head around easel* arch your back a little more, tingle hun :)

<Rick> this just makes my dislike of majora's mask more intense

<Krem> He seems to have come down with acne nose just like poor Luigi though

<Static2007> His shins are so stubby. Are you okay Tingle?

<Anti_Hero> Paul
01/13/2015 4:24 PM

01/13/2015 4:27 PM
I'm just kidding, nice drawing though.
<Anti_Hero> come on paul
<Static2007> Commit, Paul
<Krem> "Let it burn~ you know you LOVE it!" yep it gets worse in the comments
<Static2007> No, I don't love it. Stop pushing your ideals of beauty onto me.

<Anti_Hero> imagine 12 yr old krem on miiverse
<Krem> I would have flown away in my dirigible at the first sight of this post

<Rick> This is ban worthy
<Anti_Hero> king of bans

<Rick> somewhere there is a single tingle shaped tear rolling down miyamoto's cheek
<Anti_Hero> he got the inspiration for tingle from a gay elf

<Static2007> Tingle should really just be put out of his misery

<Rick> imagine the moon shaped like this decending upon you after three days
<Krem> Haha just off-frame is sonic pointing a telescope at tingle's ass
<Krem> "Another full moon!"
<Static2007> "At least I still have my personality"
<Rick> which one is the real full moon

<Anti_Hero> isnt there a top down tingle shoot em up

<Krem> Alright sorry to say our next post takes us from "sex" to "violence"

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHiNrLv3vw
There can only be one

<Anti_Hero> first of all hulu plus is grabage
<Static2007> Yes that's the real issue here

<Anti_Hero> Kevin tells it like it... is...?

<Rick> man this is straight up copying rocko's modern life's wacky deli episode

<Static2007> Secondly why can there only be one? Why can't people be allowed to make poor life choices?

<Krem> "Tah Tis dad" yikes    kid I think you need to get out of the house now

<Rick> why are these potato heads fighting.
<Static2007> No no, don't you understand political comics? IT'S JUST A REPRESENTATION! LOOK AT THE LABELS!

<Krem> It's too bad Netflix waited until after he got megastabed to shout out his battlecry

<Rick> pizza hut is on the phone with the cps over these posts

<Static2007> I mean in the end, Hulu Plus is a murdering piece of shit attacking an innocent man
<Static2007> Who's the real monster here?

<Rick> it looks like these guys have gigantism
<Rick> but only in the head

<Krem> Anti I assume you're using the convenient share-to-twitter button on all of these

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYIHAAAEAAA5VHwZ91NmoQ
this tail is irresistible!

<Static2007> Umm
<Rick> hoo boy

<Krem> These wil be my smash mains when they get in next generation, mark my words

<Static2007> I'm having a hard time determining if Krystal is naked or not

<Anti_Hero> say what you will about the revolting content, this art is high class!

<Anti_Hero> krystals face is wonked out as shit

<Static2007> Tails, don't you have your own tails to grab onto?

<Anti_Hero> Johan accurately depicts tails harrasing the frog

<Rick> kao krozoah pala-MY TAIL

<Anti_Hero> Megan
12/24/2014 10:04 AM
Is this the new Deviant art?
<Anti_Hero> yes

<Static2007> Krystal should file for sexual harassment

<Rick> Tails is only a fox I refuse to believe that she wouldnt turn around and bite the fuck out of him

<Anti_Hero> star fox would just crash the ship because he has no thumbs

<Krem> "You people are seeing something that just isn't there" I wish I could see that this whole drawing wasn't there

<Rick> miles "hands" prower
<Anti_Hero> he does have 2 hands
<Rick> he spins them around and does jazz hands as he flies

<Static2007> "He's just brushing his face against her tail. Nothing wrong here." No, everything is wrong here.

<Krem> Maybe she's just wonked out about the nuclear wedgie he apparently gave her three seconds previously

<Static2007> Why is she pushed up against the wall for this?
<Anti_Hero> static is just naming all her porn tropes

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAAAtVHhhVnPm5Q
A Tom and jerry request

<Static2007> are you fucking kidding me

<Rick> still better art than most of their movies

<Anti_Hero> looks like jerry is having a nice dream :-)

<Static2007> Scott doesn't like it. I hate to break it to you.
<Krem> Nope he turns up in the comments
<Static2007> Scott you have no fucking taste

<Rick> Jerry "two dicks" prower

<Anti_Hero> she has really nice friends, they even like the picture of tom looking at jerry's sleep erection

<Static2007> Tom's head is just so... round. It's bothering me
<Krem> Toms ears are freakin me out. One is a regular triangle while the other is..... uhhhh??
<Krem> Still not as freaky as the ears in eyeshield i guess
<Rick> art max!

<Rick> tom is fighting the urge to swallow something.

<Krem> I like the modesty the artist displayed by making her signature an only barely discernable shade of blue. Classy

<Krem> OK moving on
<Krem> I coulda picked about a billion FNAF-themed posts since that's how many there are on MIiverse
<Krem> but I am grateful that all of us have avoided that black hole of youth culture
<Krem> so just one
<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHh_fwC41g
Mickey's best friend

<Anti_Hero> i have no idea what that is

<Static2007> Why is FNAF so popular anyways?
<Static2007> It's a series of jump scares
<Krem> Exactly
<Rick> screaming babies
<Rick> on youtube
<Krem> It's great content for screaming swedish manchildren to react to
<Rick> bork bork blaugfhg

<Static2007> It's a game with scary animatronics trying to kill you
<Krem> And, um the characters are really... unique? Or so I assume since so many people have recreated them in Mii form
<Krem> For use in Tomodachi ughhgh

<Anti_Hero> "ever thought about adding a mouse to your business?" no, never

<Rick> yeah IDK this game is weird and mickey needs to eat some ice cream
<Static2007> Don't take ice cream from a stranger
<Krem> well since we all passed the test on not even knowing what to make of this, lets move on

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHh08ArFVw
Eliza meets the Demon Lord - Version 2

<Static2007> You didn't fix enough stuff.

<Rick> when does he do his special and rip her apart

<Anti_Hero> i need an adult

<Static2007> Let me guess, he's a nice guy but when he gets angry he gets violent but really that's his bad side taking over, right?
<Rick> why does that tree have a portal in it
<Static2007> Why are there trees in the sky?
<Krem> I imagine Link will be poking his head through the treehole any moment, SO JEALOUS that Eliza got a date with HIS husbando.

<Rick> He has Vaan abs

<Anti_Hero> what was version 1 like?
<Anti_Hero> wow she has a lot of gharhim fanart
<Krem> "I'm Eliza, just a hardcore GhiraLink, GhiraZant, and GHIRAHIM fangirl <3!" yeah her profile about sums it up
<Krem> Though the real "hardcore GhiraLink" stuff is probably kept off miiverse for obvious reasons
<Rick> hahaha what is with people and their shipping stuff

<Static2007> Wait this is an actual character?
<Krem> Yes becky he's the new protagonist of the zelda games
<Rick> doesnt link stab the shit out of him with a sword and not his pants sword

<Anti_Hero> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHhyDOuD2w  here is version 1
<Krem> He's smiling a little wider now too.
<Krem> I think he's starting to warm up to this date!
<Krem> You go girl :)
<Rick> he is about to open his mouth, unhinge his jaw and swallow her whole
<Krem> warning: contains vore

<Anti_Hero> art is mysterious
<Anti_Hero> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAADRUqGj15RLsQ  badass post btw

<Krem> Alright we're going into a series of themed content
<Rick> good god how much did you stockpile
<Krem> Did you guys know that one of the most popular OC themes on miiverse is... Koopa Kids OCs?
<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHh0de1RFg
Bath Time

<Krem> Bath Time
<Krem> c'mon let's hear your thoughts

<Anti_Hero> i'm a koopa kid oc
<Static2007> Why do people love the Koopa Kids so much?
<Krem> because they're just fun loving kids who do what they want, like me? idk

<Anti_Hero> there is an intense OC RP going on here
<Krem> Haha the blank reaction to Steven coming out is pretty priceless
<Anti_Hero> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/replies/AYQHAAABAAAEVHhg6HeZWA  devotion to the craft

<Rick> reptiles dont have boobs and certainly not on their fucking turtle shells
<Static2007> Well
<Static2007> actually
<Anti_Hero> are you a reptile tit expert?
<Anti_Hero> doing research for the next comic?
<Static2007> I think Deviantart knows best
<Rick> *fucking flips a table at reptile boobs*
<Static2007> Duh Rick they need those titties to feed their mammal babies!
<Krem> Tequila Anime and the Sexy Salamancas, a reptile erofic by KR56
<Anti_Hero> i knew that sex dungeon you call #ricks_house was up to no good
<Rick> Hey now it was all kangaroos in there

<Krem> But that's not all there's more from this charming couple

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAACNUKE3mWz3Eg

<Static2007> This needs to stop.

<Krem> IDK if her mouth went fully vertical or if it's a really streaky nosebleed
<Rick> someone is taking the train to boner town
<Anti_Hero> lizards cant get boners -kr56
<Rick> lizards get the best boners

<Anti_Hero> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHhlyqCu8A  when are we gonna talk about this
<Krem> "what. no" my comment stands

<Krem> That entire thought bubble that gets censored out literally fails to answer the question "what were they thinking"

<Static2007> Oh shit someone works for the Illuminati in the comments
<Krem> I think it was a mass exodus once people realized how fucking disgusting this was getting

<Rick> *puts on dana carvey's turtle outfit from master of disguise*
<Static2007> Turtle turtle...
<Anti_Hero> is my boner too turtely for the turtle club?
<Rick> hahaha that would have made that movie all the better
<Static2007> That would've made for a somehow more uncomfortable hour and a half

<Krem> Let's see some more great koopa kid OCs

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHhnStPL9A
Happy Birthday Nasu

<Anti_Hero> the kawaii became lizards

<Rick> who spends that much time drawing that!
<Rick> GET A JOB
<Krem> His job on that day was congratulating Nasu on his birthday, silly Rick!
<Krem> They needed the celebration to take their minds off the black eyes they both got from Le Jessy apparently

<Static2007> These colors are burning my eyes

<Anti_Hero> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHh_ChIehg  ok but
<Static2007> The clown face is sick of this shit
<Rick> ok that is a great post
<Rick> andrew is a god dont you diss him
<Krem> I'm amazed nobody RP'd Sonic rushin in to steal that dog
<Anti_Hero> it's gotr no chili
<Static2007> Yeah it needs chili
<Krem> Somebody's gonna have chili in a minute! ~mickey cantor
<Rick> Man I need to make a mickey cantor mii involving all poop references

<Krem> Anyway let's get back to Tawaii, they have the best koopa kid drawings for real.

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAACNUKE318XjuQ

<Static2007> You spent far too much time on this terrible idea
<Rick> this is by far the biggest waste of time. This is why we need to bring back prison camps
<Rick> put all these 14 year old girls in a camp and just toss raw meat in there every few days

<Krem> I think Human Koopa Kids could be a great next move for Nintendo
<Krem> let them get back into the live-action movie scene
<Static2007> why
<Rick> they should all be played by the guy who played luigi in the movie
<Krem> 7 Adorable kids live in the sewers under brooklyn, Mario (played by Marky Mark) has to help em out
<Krem> it'll be especially great if they're all as uh, punk, fabulous as this one
<Static2007> Oh wasn't this a movie already? What was it? Garbage Pail Kids?

<Krem> Aight well here's the best one this artist has to offer

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAACNUKEx-meGfA
Genderbent Ludwig

<Krem> Ah how competence with a pen can be wasted

<Anti_Hero> finally all my dreams are nightmares
<Static2007> I never wanted this

<Krem> oh it's not even the same artist w/e. all this koopa kid oc bullshit blends together

<Anti_Hero> how do you think the moderators of art academy sleep at night
<Static2007> With reoccurring night terrors?
<Krem> remember the part in clockwork orange where they strapped the guy in and forced his eyelids open in the theater
<Krem> I imagine the moderation positions have a similar workstation

<Rick> Im sorry I just got back from throwing up all my organs
<Krem> haha ok we'll move on
<Anti_Hero> when is krem gonna post mario farting on peach

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHh7aBSSzg

<Krem> This is pretty much Glory but not, sorry if we're retreading old ground
<Static2007> "My eyes are up here!!"

<Rick> becky irl
<Anti_Hero> becky
<Anti_Hero> irl
<Static2007> Dear God I hope I'm not THAT hideous, Rick

<Krem> This kid uhh... gets away with a lot
<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHh2ABkwzg
<Krem> Instant 475 upvotes.
<Krem> Just think if Miiverse was monetized

<Anti_Hero> tits man liked this awesome post: https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHiRdI1quQ
<Rick> mann thats fucking great
<Rick> wheres the Rolf one
<Krem> At least that character wasn't unreasonably "expanded upon" too
<Anti_Hero> rolf draws the titty art

<Krem> Alright best one from our popular pal Jonathan
<Krem> Tune in for this one Becky
<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAAYUKlo0okHoQ
Human Miltank

<Anti_Hero> what happened to her legs

<Static2007> God fucking dammit
<Krem> Not anymore I imagine
<Krem> Every time you use it you'll have to imagine sending this charming, innocent lass into the arena

<Static2007> So wait, utters on shirt, AND boobs?
<Krem> IDK if the ones on the shirt would work the same, to be fair

<Anti_Hero> Miltank, the ta-ta pokemon
<Static2007> People routinely link me to this Miltank shit I am just dead inside now

<Krem> I like the detail of the tail coming out from under the dress
<Krem> even though this is supposed to be fully human
<Krem> like she just taped it right on her ass

<Anti_Hero> ok quinlan give us your worst
<Rick> yeah lets do this

<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAADMUKmJHf0r8w
Rate me 1-10

<Krem> we're almost done no worries. Just gotta take up this kid's request to rate him

<Static2007> 0

<Anti_Hero> "Mearf"

<Rick> Hey does anyone remember unbroken torment
<Static2007> Do I have to?
<Rick> I wonder if he is on miiverse and if we can somehow troll him

<Anti_Hero> this got more likes than i have ever gotten
<Static2007> Isn't that just the shittiest, Anti?
<Krem> Well you've never drawn yourself as a cute doggie have you
<Anti_Hero> no....
<Krem> That's an honest question btw
<Rick> anti: we are cursed to never have any popularity because talent isnt as important as luck and trends
<Anti_Hero> haha
<Rick> also we are losers
<Static2007> Fuck
<Rick> we are 3 at most out of 10

<Krem> OK here's the penultimate submission, a lighthearted classic that rick gave a completely unironic thumbs up to earlier
<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHiIUSw9EA
smoakin doge

<Rick> Oh man!
<Rick> Smoke dawg
<Rick> yeah he rules
<Anti_Hero> nice
<Anti_Hero> Spike Beagle

<Static2007> Dude, the filter goes IN YOUR MOUTH

<Static2007> Those are some strange shoulder pads!
<Rick> I'd hang out with the dog whose head and neck resemble a tank in left 4 dead
<Krem> I think that's supposed to be his arms by his head
<Krem> "the muscles on his arm's larger on his Right Arm. While, the left arm doesn't. It's completely unbalanced!"
<Krem> he is smoking AND showing off how ripped he is. a real mans dog, um, or whatever
<Rick> he must be in a sweet wifebeater and jeans
<Rick> this dog is saving a building full of business dogs from terrorist dogs

<Anti_Hero> Foxyzac
01/10/2015 11:26 PM
your character is g@y?
<Anti_Hero> why do you want to know Foxyzac?
<Static2007> Is "gay" censored on Miiverse?
<Anti_Hero> probably
<Krem> Everything is censored on Miiverse   except terrible drawings ofcourse
<Rick> you cant set up a talent filter krem
<Static2007> If we could, Deviantart would crumble

<Krem> Alright, as you asked for, I'm gonna give you my worst Gilmo
<Krem> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAACXVHhhd3Q3WA
Mama Mia

<Static2007> Mario waxes himself?

<Krem> 399 yeahs. 124 comments. Thanks for enjoying Miiverse folks

<Anti_Hero> barfing
<Rick> I can hear becky coughing up something in the other room
<Static2007> That's my last shred of love and compassion for this world

<Anti_Hero> come get some cake mario

<Rick> that goomba drawing with the thousand yard stare sums up my feelings well

<Anti_Hero> https://miiverse.nintendo.net/replies/AYIHAAAEAADaVHhmXXy2Bg
<Krem> That "Nice! Good" has a "he loved big brother" vibe to it

<Static2007> Why does Mario have weird little Mewtwo fingers

<Rick> Imagine the jiggling every time he jumps

<Krem> Ok let's try to guess which genderbent koopa kid mario stole those undies from
<Anti_Hero> Jambo Koopa
<Krem> Funky Koopa (Funky Kong did fusion dance with a koopaling)

<Rick> I could see happening upon this at a con
<Static2007> I could too

<Krem> idk what the mario 3d world style cat paw over the letter I is about. maybe this was a scrapped outfit from that game
<Rick> man new mario kart dlc am I right?
<Anti_Hero> yep
<Rick> this thing on a bike
<Rick> doing spins
<Krem> yep. spreadin legs during jump
<Krem> ugh
<Rick> showing dat ass to the screen with mid air stunts
<Static2007> Slow mo after the race is done
<Krem> can't decide whether to use this or big booty tingle dlc
<Rick> the color of the bikini slowly growing more unsettling yellow as the race goes on

<Rick> we should move on with some final thoughts yes?
<Krem> Yep that's all the posts I compiled
<Krem> What are your final thoughts on all this
<Static2007> More reason to not post on Miiverse
<Anti_Hero> i love social media
<Static2007> I never knew Koopa Kids were so popular and I still don't understand
<Rick> final thoughts: so this is what its like to be on the receiving end of a coral.  It leaves a bitter taste
<Rick> never trusting krem when he asks me if I have plans on any certain day
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Oh dear.

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The Best

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