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hey guys, now that a load of people came back from the grave after the previous round had already started, im curious if we can get everyone involved again and get a good ol' 16 man tournament of the picks. im not going to ask you to send in your songs right away (but feel free if you want to because wynaut) but first i'd like to know who is all in

so, post now!?!?!?

nvm im just taking submissions

1) SK
2) Spat
3) Soap
4) SV
5) Gamma_Metroid
6) Scrow Funk
7) KennyMan
8) Lolicon Jon
9) Melvana
10) Yoshi
11) Nimrod
12) Draino

in :playitloud:

Scrow Funk:
I'm gonna do it!!!! Here I go!!!


yeah man


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