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Topic: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King  (Read 40662 times)
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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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Pepe attempts to alleviate Tanya's abject misery. "Tanya's a good friend, and I trust her with my life. She's brought me and the rest of the caravan back from the brink of death more times than I can count." Pepe's visage darkens as he turns to Pepito. "And that's why, if whatever you're holding can make her produce that kind of reaction, I'm inclined to take her seriously. I think you and I are gonna have a chat once we circle the wagons."

Intimidate: d20+2+2 = 16

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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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"Treasure? Do you happen to know what kind of treasure they have there?" Ruth does her best to not drool at the idea of free cash in a cleared-out dungeon. The two brothers have proven cowardly in the past. Could be easy enough to scare them off and take it in the name of Crandel Caravan.

1d20+3(CHA) = 18
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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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Pepito stuffs the pouch of herb back into his pocket. "Okay man, jeez, you don't gotta take this so serious... I-I was just playin' around, you know... bro... man." He seems to shrink slightly as he says all this, eyes nervously darting back and forth between Pepe and Tanya. Tequila puts her hands on her hips and, with a significant frown on her face, tells him, "You just be quiet now, Pepito. Oh, but I thought this trip was gonna be fun. Listen boys, I'm gonna catch up with Tanya here, ok? Now Tanya sweetie..." Tequila turns to her cousin and asks a few significantly milder questions about the day-to-day of Tanya's life, which the cleric answers readily enough, seeming to calm her down. As the King's Road winds into the Brightmoon Forest, the two cousins finally relax into chatting comfortably. In the few instances where Tequila briefly speaks of her own life, she mentions having been in very distant places, many of which you've never heard of. Meanwhile, Pepito just quietly sulks in the corner.

Before much longer, the White River comes into view, foam swirling on its banks in the wake of the steady current. The twins enthusiastically agree with and make notes about Phaedra's suggestions for their Goblin lair. They inform Ruth that they're not sure what sort of riches they'll find there, but they're going to sniff out any treasure with their "dorf buried-treasure-sniffing noses".
Up in the first cart, tensions seem to ease somewhat between Rasputin and the cloaked guest Alice. "I appreciate your advice about the eastern mountains, and I'll certainly keep it in mind. For now, though, it's necessary that I travel through Harken." While she's saying this, Rasputin makes a few cursory glances into the trees immediately north of the road, but notices little besides birds and the occasional squirrel. "I'm glad you're being cautious," says Alice, "But I don't think you mentioned any experience with deep forests in your list of accomplishments. I'll keep my eyes open, too... if it makes you feel better."

Soon, a path appears branching off to the left of the King's Road, and Jeb steers the caravan on to it. This is, as mentioned, your usual stopping point on the Fallcrest-Harken journey. The wagons proceed on a winding track into the trees for a couple hundred feet, at which point a clearing opens up.
It's a circular area, about a hundred feet across. There's a large firepit that was dug out long before even your first visit to this spot, and has served you well in the past. To one side of the clearing is a stream that runs south out of some deeper place in the forest, and connects to the White River. The water in this stream is clear and fresh, perfect for filling one's canteen.
The wagons are circled around the perimeter of the clearing. Some of you begin collecting firewood, not as concerned about the quantity or quality of it as other campers might be, since starting and maintaining a fire is essentially trivial with a skilled wizard on hand. Others begin unpacking bedrolls, or the food that'll be prepared once the fire's going.
While rooting around for firewood, Phaedra spots footprints leading from some nearby bushes. She identifies them as being made by ogres, and alters the rest of the group. When the others come to check it out, Phaedra has to be informed that the tracks were actually made by rabbits. "Your, um, sense of scale for other living creatures is always going to be a bit off, isn't it..." says Tanya.
By the time the sun sinks under the treeline, a campfire is crackling away, and a number of meats and vegetables (kept in an icebox on the front wagon) are set to roasting. All of your group and most of the guests gather around the campfire, conversing easily. The only exceptions are Pepito, who sits near Tequila but remains more or less silent, apparently still shaken up from the harsh talking-to he received from Tanya and Pepe earlier. Alice chooses to sit on a flattish rock several feet back from the fire. She doesn't share from the hot food being prepared, but rather just chews on some sort of biscuit she produced from her cloak. Regardless of this, Tequila and the Dorfs are in high enough spirits, encouraging an exchange of stories to while away the remaining bit of time before everyone gets to sleep.
Tequila tells a very dramatic, action-packed tale of an adventure she had on a southern continent, which ultimately culminated in her meeting Pepito. Despite that fact, the story makes the half-orc even more uncomfortable than he already is, since the events leading up to their meeting involved Tequila having varied encounters with at least three other men - the nature of those encounters being heavily obscured at Tanya's insistence. The Dorfs tell of their exploration of an underground complex called "The Fountain of Hell-mans", which sounds remarkably similar to your own adventure in the Well of Demons, though they insist that it definitely is not the same place.

*[did we ever even figure out who cooks in this group?? I can tell you it ain't tanya, she's bad at cooking]
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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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"Well, I got a story to tell," says Jeb, "and it's about this here forest." Tequila, being largely unfamiliar with this region, shows interest. Alice glances toward Jeb, but says nothing. "Yep, I been drivin' carts around the Nentir Vale for quite a time now, so I've picked up a local legend or two. This one has to do with where the forest got its name, 'Brightmoon'. Folk 'round Harken say that those who enter this forest during a full moon return with some mighty fantastical stories," Jeb raises his bushy eyebrows, his tone showing that he's enjoying putting in some dramatic flair, "if they return at all." Those of you who look up to the night sky can see that, sure enough, there's a full moon coming in and out of view behind the slowly drifting clouds.
(Knowledge check: 1d20+6+3 = 19) "Hehe, yes, I've heard such stories before. Some very fantastic tales, indeed. One traveler who got lost in these woods swore that he'd seen a tree that was hundreds of feet tall. That's absurd, of course, obviously we'd be able to see something like that from the road." Jeb smiles warmly. "Well, you might have a point... but just 'cause you don't see something like you think you should don't mean it ain't out there. Them other tales they tell were even more interesting - you hear the one about the yella-colored swamp?" "I- think there was a geography text that postulated a swamp deep in this forest, but nothing about it being yellow", says Tanya with a slight giggle. Jeb continues, "That's what they say, though! Some merchant a few years back told that story, and apparently had something to show for it. Son of a gun got stinkin' rich selling a whole packful of Queselium." Most of you haven't heard of this "Queselium", and Jeb knows it. "It's miiiighty rare stuff. Never actually seen any myself- heck, don't even rightly know what it is. All I've heard is it's supposed to be some kinda delicacy in high-class cuisine. Point is, someone arranged an entire airship journey from Skalgard to trade with the sun-of-a-gun who pulled a bunch of it out of this here forest." "Oooh," says Tequila, "That's an exciting journey, getting from Skalgard to here. Why don't you go looking for some, if you think it would be so good for trading?" Jeb shakes his head. "Nawww, I been mighty tempted, but I reckon it's too risky even for us. Last couple fellers who got that same idea never did come back outta the woods, and they was well-seasoned travelers too. We'll stick to collecting generous fares for the journey past the forest, for now."

Jeb starts to laugh, but stops short when there's a rustling noise from some nearby bushes. "Wh-what's that?" says Tanya. Alice quickly steps to her feet.
With no other preamble, a man emerges from behind the cover of some shrubbery (which your group had checked about forty minutes ago, but not since then). He is dressed in leather clothing, plus a chainmail vest over his shirt. He also wears a slightly incongruous plate helmet, shaped with a peculiarly oversized protrusion over the nose and mouth. He also carries a shortsword in his right hand, pointing it in the direction of your group. "This is a holdup!" he shouts, almost as soon as you can see him. He's immediately followed by four other men, all dressed in identical armor - with the exception that the two who emerge last from the bushes carry crossbows rather than swords. "Hand over all your valuables, or we'll slaughter the lot of you and then take your money!"
Jeb looks startled for a moment, but then just smiles. "Five common bandits just strollin' out of the bushes? You boys must not'a ever heard of the Crandel Caravan! You know what to do, fellers!"

Indeed you do - roll for initiative!
(An encounter map will be provided next post.)
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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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Ruth whips out her wand, already on-hand from keeping the fire going.

1d20+2(DEX) = 21
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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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 (Init 1d20+2 = 5 whoops)

Rasputin just finally got comfy in his position near the carts so he is as slow as ever to his feet. After he stretches lazily he picks up his sword and shield from the cart and starts for the loudmouth in front.  "This is your one warning. Give US your stuff and then get lost or I'll make a neckless out of your eyes and teeth" (intimidate cha 1d20+4 = 23)
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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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Pepe hops up and mentally switches gears from campfire storytime to bloodthirsty murder-fugue. It doesn't take long.

Init: d20+2+4 = 12

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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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Phaedra pops up from the orge bush she had been checking for queselium a few yards away from the bandits, "YOU DARE ROB THE CRANDEL MURDER CARAVAN? YOU HAD BETTER APPEASE ME WITH FINE GOODS BEFORE I STRIP YOUR FLESH FROM YOUR BONES!"

intimidate: cha: 1d20 + 6 = 25
init check: 1d20 + 2 = 17
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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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(Click for high-res)
[The bandits are labeled A through E for ease of reference. A, B, and C are wielding swords, while D and E wield crossbows.]

The bandits hesitate slightly when Rasputin and Phaedra threaten them. "We're- ah- we're here to take your stuff and that's what we're gonna do!" They don't stop advancing, but they do take a -2 to initiative.

(Initiative: 1d20+1 = 18) "Oh dear, do we really have to-" "Ooooh Tanya, your group's gonna protect us~? Tequila wants to see what kind of powers you've learned! Go get 'em!" "Um, I'm usually not first to-" *Tequila shoves Tanya in the direction of the bandits*

The first to actually act, though, is Alice. She swiftly reaches to her back and produces a short bow and bundle of arrows - very cleverly concealed to have gone unnoticed under her cloak. Despite being at a significant distance, she fires an arrow without hesitation. It weaves past Tanya, Ruth, and Rasputin, sinking into the shoulder of Bandit A, who takes 8 points of damage. "These bandits picked a bad time to startle me..."

Positioning: Everyone is Close to the bandits, except Alice, who is Close to the party but Far Away from the bandits.

It is now Ruth's turn.
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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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Not one to stand up front, Ruth scoots herself away from the intruders. She positions herself near the closest wagon before she snaps her wand to attention. With a flick of the wrist, she casts Color Spray at her enemies.

Her spells hits 1d4 = 4 of the group, blasting all but lucky little C man. Not only does she blast most of the crowd, but her spell

1d20+9 = 28 MD
1d20+9 = 14 MD
1d20+9 = 20 MD
1d20+9 = 21 MD

slices through their psyche and they experience all the colors of the rainbows in their face. The equality movement is too much for their tiny brains, causing 2d8+2 = 9 psychic damage.
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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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Ruth has moved next to the nearest cart. Jeb does the same. "I'll be in my advisory position as usual, fellers!"

Bandits A, B, D, and E all take 9 psychic damage from Ruth's attack.

Tanya grasps the holy symbol hanging at her neck. "If we have to use force, I'll offer this support as usual..." (Attack - Astral Seal: 1d20+8 = 25 vs. PD). The outline of the Astral Seal materializes around Bandit A.

Alice   Ruth   Tanya   >Phaedra<   Pepe   Rasputin
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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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Phaedra whips her drumsticks through the air and conjures up a frantic beat that fills her companions with the courage of heroes. The driving rhythm gives them all an edge in combat against the bandits who all have two left feet and have painful memories of always being ignored at school dances.
(Song of Heroes: Nearby allies gain +1 to attack rolls)

In time with the beat, Phaedra unleashes a deafening roar in Bandit D's direction (Battle Chant).
Attack: 1d20+6 vs MD = 18 for 1d6+5 = 8 thunder damage.
The ferocity of the shout fills Pepe with energy, and makes him feel like he could sprint a mile without rest. (Move as a free action).
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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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Pepe acts fast to keep up the offensive. He reaches into his cloak and pulls out the latest trinket he bought from the shady-ass exotic goods shop that sells him his shurikens! He throws it to the ground and...  (Shadow Walk: d20+4 = 8 vs MD, Target: enemy with highest MD) ...the smoke ball smolders on the ground. "...Probably should have field-tested these things."

Only slightly discouraged, Pepe scurries over to scoundrel with the Astral Seal hovering over his head and swings for his kidneys ( d20+6 = 23 vs AC;  2d8+4+1d7 = 14 damage).

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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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Pepe's attack staggers the bandit. He's bleeding profusely from his two deep wounds. "Aw heck," says Bandit B, "these guys are really tough!" One of the crossbow bandits behind him says, "Shut yer snout, we got a job to do here!"
The two crossbow bandits raise their weapons and fire.
Bandit D shoots at Pepe. His arrow hits, and does 5 points of damage.
Bandit E shoots at Phaedra, but his shot misses.

Tequila Anime watches the opening of this battle with a smile on her face and a glimmer in her eyes. "Come on Pepito! Put those big muscles of yours to work, honey~!" Pepito shuffles uneasily where he stands. "Uh, uh, I forgot my axe at home...!" "Ugh," says Tequila, "Well I'm not missing out on the fun! Lemme finish that guy for you, my little L'Orange!" Tequila suddenly dashes straight for Bandit A. As she's running, she raises a fist, which bursts into flame. There's then a bright crackle of electricity around the fire, which then turns blue and begins radiating what look like small snowflakes just as she reaches the bandit. She drives the fist into his gut, which causes his chainmail to frost over and shatter. He crumples to the ground in a heap. "Yay, Tequila did it~" She high-fives Pepe, her hand feeling extremely cold.

The two remaining sword bandits do a double-take. The crossbow bandit who barked an order earlier says, "Ha, one of their magic-types rushes in! Now's our chance to really distract 'em, boys!" Bandits B and C each grab one of Tequila's arms! She looks back and forth between them, expressionless for a moment. She then shouts, "OH NO! They've GOT ME!" The bandits then use their movement to begin dragging Tequila back towards the woods from whence they came. She slides along in their grasp. "Heeellllllp~~~"

Alice   Ruth   Tanya   Phaedra   Pepe   Bow Bandits   Sword Bandits   >Rasputin<
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Re: The Crandel Caravan in: Rage of the Rat King
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"Oh for the love of-" Rasputin takes a swipe at the bandit as Anime is dragged past (skilled intercept 1d20 = 5) but the swing is ducked under by the bastard in question.

"You arent going anywhere pal!" (melee basic 1d20+5 = 10)  Rasputin glances to the side just as he swings distracted by Phaedra's new battle song as the blow sails over the sword guy's head  "I told you to leave the sheep back in town!"
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