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Tournament of the Picks 35 [Signup Thread]

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Welcome to the 35th edition of Tournament of the Picks! I figured that since I was only just hours relieved from forgetting to update something, it was the perfect time to host the BRAND NEW TOTP.

We're going with two songs this time. I'm not a huge fan of "THEMED" TOTP, so this will be yet another unthemed pile of picks. Let's get to signing up, ya'll!

1. Spat
2. Soap
3. Jack
4. SV
5. SK
6. KennyMan666
7. GammaMetroid
8. Lolicon Jon

I'm game  :yeah!:

hell yes motherfucker :foe:
I'm in

EDIT: wtf is this emote I just used?

formido oppugnatura exsequens :foe:

(It's fanart of the FOEs as they appeared in the DS EO games. An image search is pretty informative: )

I will pick my picks tomorrow.


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