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Tournament of the Picks 35 [Gameplay Review Thread]

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Alright, I'm trying to do something new with the format this time.

Download the picks here.

Vote for Round 1 here.

If you want to post comments, etc on songs, you can do so in this thread! However, only votes that are made in the form will be counted!

inb4  :urmrgay:

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Through some confusing fuckups on my part, the song known as "One More Time" is actually named "Den Vilda". I switched artist and song titles. Whoops. It'll be fixed in the final spreadsheet.

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Turns out the Californication file is fucked, for a variety of reasons. It only plays the first 50 seconds.

Here's a proper version.

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Lolicon Jon:
Round 1:
Match 1: Californication
Match 2: Reese's Circulation
Match 3: Kodachrome
Match 4: Click to load
Match 5: Catgroove
Match 6: Turtle Dance 2
Match 7: Den Vilda
Match 8: Sagan

Round 1 results are here!

Round 2 is here!

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