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The world could use more shitty, useless threads, so I'm here to provide you with meaningless content!

POS love imagefests, but video games have been done before. POS loves packagefests, but I can't get you all to send me stuff regularly without it losing meaning and becoming uninteresting. I want this to be renewable and create a somewhat continuous flow of content.

Mini imagefests of all the stuff I order online. Yes, it's that mundane. ENJOY!  :weedle:

Expect the first one...soon.

Thursday...I got A PACKAGE!

My front porch is beautiful, is it not? WTF I really need to clean up those Christmas light clips.

I had to go down the driveway to get the mail and I'm not carrying that shit around. My driveway is hella steep.

I left it on my printer for a day and a half. I had srs adult business to attend to, so this got put on the back burner.


Yep, that digital multimeter I ordered over the weekend. Good job me for ordering something on the Saturday before Labor Day.

Free of its box, I discovered just how sharp those leads are.

As any responsible person would do, I read the user guide before operating my equipment. Found a silly tyop.

It measures the Ohms just fine! FYI, that's a 330 ohm resistor; close enough.

Gotta measure them volts, too! That horrible green flash is an LED on my thermostat project. That English book is my monitor stand.

I'm not expecting much from this little DMM. It was only $8 on Amazon and I mainly got it to read voltages in my circuits to determine if certain pins are functioning properly.

 :yeah!: cant wait for the next PACKAGE

I know y'all love PACKAGEs, and I should have 2 more on Monday. :0


Amazon Prime ftw


--- Quote from: Rick on September 12, 2015, 06:58:45 PM --- :yeah!: cant wait for the next PACKAGE

--- End quote ---

This is actually a great thread idea! :yeah!:


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