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REVIVAL OF #MELEE ( for the invite code...... find :angelica: in another post of mine in this thread )

(Works in browser, on desktop, or on mobile. Download clients here: Discord)

Spoiler for old post: I've been wondering if maybe we should switch from Skype to something less dumb. These days there's a thing called Discord that basically does all the same stuff but isn't as dumb. Also it supports animated gifs.

It works in a browser too if you roll that way, and you don't need an account (though you should probably make one).

Here's the invite for our own Discord:

This isn't an official switch yet. But let's see whether people like Discord or Skype better.

 :yeah!: Discord has turned out ten times better than I thought it would

Agreed. I think it helped I already didn't like skype all that much. I'm still working on copy/pasting quotes from chat in Discord, though.

Scrow Funk:
Besides not being able to to quote it's way way way better than Skype.


Are there any of you who don't prefer Discord over Skype?

I'll keep the Skype chat open since I still use Skype anyway but at this point I feel like the pros outweigh the cons as far as switching our chat goes.

I think Kenny's the only active chatter who hasn't given it a try yet.

 :angelica: psst psst hey friend give these alphanumerics a try HpddCKA


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