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Welcome to the Star Wars dimension!

Such a nice day for a walk  :pacman2:


Birds singing  :spot:

What's over here?


KEEP OUT? Ok kids everyone into the pool!

What's that behind the tree?  :itisamystery:

:mysterysolved: also inb4 #hentai

Well there's some refreshing Poland Spring water right there!

 :wow: Really? Looks fine to me!

Fuck you! You're not my mom!


Pish posh he's fine!

Purple Tentacle: It makes me feel GREAT! Smarter more aggressive!

Because tentacles aren't aggressive enough today.  :fukken:

Like you could throw up?

Oh take a tentacle shit?

You said that already!

He told you it was bad for you!

That expression says it all. Meanwhile Green Tentacle is like "Yeah no big deal!"

 :fucken scared as shit cos he just saw a huge-ass bug:

Like you could turn to jelly?

Purple Tentacle: Like I could..

We get it you feel like you could what?

Oh! Grow little nubs?



:fucken scared as shit cos he just saw a huge-ass bug:

Scrow Funk:

--- Quote from: Gamma_Metroid on August 19, 2012, 05:19:20 PM ---:fucken scared as shit cos he just saw a huge-ass bug:

--- End quote ---


Pizza delivery for I.C. Wiener!

Laverne: Just what I need for Dissection Class tomorrow!

Dissecting live hamsters? Oh I like where this game is going!  :eyebrows: know, like we could bite its head off or whatever.

Omnomnomnom hamster taste like chicken! Also #Ozzy

Uhh they're not even touching it, it's been standing out there all this time in the cold.

Yep they're best buds because the rest of his friends died in an explosion twenty years ago.

Bernard: and it looks like he brought a note!

Gee how did you ever figure that out Einstien.

Now his only friends are hamsters and tentacles. Gee and I thought I was bad when I was in High School.

...And Dr. Fred is going to kill them both!

Oh Shit it's getting real son.

Just when he had gotten himself out they pulled him back in.


Time for the title credits while they drive there! 

Welcome to Day of the Tentacle: Maniac Mansion 2!!!!

And they got there safe and...well they got there.

Ok everyone drop your pants! We're going commando!

Bernard: Hoagie you take care of upstairs reconnaissance. I'll maintain Command H.Q. here in the lobby.

Basically you guys do the grunt work, while he just sits there!

The tentacles! Duh!

Give her a break she's probably high right now.

Laverne: I've got an anatomy final tomorrow.
Hoagie: And I've got a show to set up for tonight. If I'm late I don't get to test the drums.

Saving the world comes before your petty lives!

Bernard: He's got the tentacles tied up in his secret lab....

Because that's where all mad scientists keep their tentacles!


A mystery we'll solve next time!

Also intro's done yay!


So here we are in a strange mansion/hotel armed with a book. Let's rock this thing.

Let's look at this here text book.


Bernard: Hard-working, moronic drone needed to assist genius with experiments. High school diploma not required.

Sounds legit to me.

Best part of adventure games. Stealing everything! Hey what's that outside?

Oh shit better go stop that guy!

I dunno, someone breaking into my car would come before saving the world for me.

What's this flier here?

Oh might as well take this too!

Aww it's not a pharana plant. Lame

Oh look someone left some money on the floor!

What a pussy. Can't even lift some gum off the floor!

Oh right, my bad.

Let's see what's behind door number 2!

Just some dumb office.

No that's George Washington retard.

Yeah powdered wigs are so 1776

Get it because George Lucas?

Someone just left this laying here convienently.


Nice phone. Let's call the president on this.

But what about the cops. That guy's still trying to steal your car!

Might as well snoop around some more.

Oh this fixes boo-boos? So I can use this to erase the tentacles right?

Oh neat someone left money in this phone!

In three more years, Marty McFly will invent skateboards. True story.

Gonna just mosey on...oh wait yeah fatty's up there.

Oh nice clock.

Oh hohoho :itisamystery:

Let's open er up and see what makes her tick. Get it! Ha ha ha.

He found it! Good jorb!


Fuck this game it's way too easy!

Hoping on in watch your head!


Stay tuned for more adventures next time on Tentacle Ball Z

Note: I don't know if I'm going to do every thing I.E. Look at everything, push everything etc. I might just do the main story bits and leave the fun stuff for you all to discover if you decide to play the game. I'll do the funniest stuff though.


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