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Topic: dbo#m  (Read 24561 times)
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Re: dbo#m
« Reply #30 on: February 06, 2016, 01:59:47 PM »

Not #melee but idgaf

(16:06:57) (KennyMan666) Hi Saber
(16:20:29) (SABERinBLUE) Hi
(16:20:33) (SABERinBLUE) I know, I know
(16:20:47) (SABERinBLUE) I can't even see you say hi without feeling guilty anymore
(16:21:11) (KennyMan666) I probably shouldn't find that hilarious but I totally do

Mine and Saber's is a healthy relationship.

Quote from: SABERinBLUE
I'm straight, and I don't like insinuations that I'm not straight. It's easy to say "not that there's anything wrong with that", but for me, I'm straight, so there is something wrong with me being gay, that being that I'm not gay. I'm proud of being straight and the idea of being gay goes against my biological wiring.
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Re: dbo#m
« Reply #31 on: February 10, 2016, 05:50:34 PM »

#melee last night

<Rick> hey fellas
<yoshi348> hi doctor rick
<Rick> I might need a hand with some ideas for the mario worlds.  I got some solid ideas I feel but still theres one or two generic ones mixed in
<Rick> I got obv stuff like ice world and Big Enemies land
<Rick> but I'd like to have a interesting thing for everyone
<Rick> if you got any suggestions Im down
<Soaprman> Ground land
<yoshi348> "hard block land"
<yoshi348> "arrow sign land"
<scrowfunk> space world. macro world. spooky land
<scrowfunk> mario world
<Rick> I have a spooky land
<yoshi348> his land is the spookiest
<Rick> man space themed would rule but sadly no way its happening in the maker
<yoshi348> pikachu land
<yoshi348> smartass answer land
<scrowfunk> pixel art land
<Soaprman> Scream sound effect land
<yoshi348> sharp pointy things land
<yoshi348> land where you put the fireworks sound effect on mario which means nearly every time you jump a firework comes out
<scrowfunk> Fast Land (conveyor belts + every level starts at 99 so the music is fast)
<yoshi348> no land (there is no land) (there's just a void with airships)
<Rick> http://coolsandfools.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Funny-smart-ass-test-answers-1.jpg

<yoshi348> water world starring kevin costner
<Rick> man autoscroll world
<Rick> giving that to krem
<yoshi348> puzzle land
<scrowfunk> oh you stole my level idea
<scrowfunk> hell world
<Soaprman> Trapped in a room with a single kazoo plant land
<yoshi348> was that typo on purpose
<yoshi348> door land
<Soaprman> Autocorrect lol
<Rick> soap: I already have pipes and kaizos world from mario 3 planend
<Rick> planned*
<scrowfunk> music land (only music blocks)
<Rick> hell no
<Rick> thats bad
<yoshi348> gunty industry land
<scrowfunk> industy
<yoshi348> (i've found a level that's more earsplitting than gunty industy if you can believe it)
<Soaprman> 4 stacks of 20 koopers land
<yoshi348> dance party land
<yoshi348> BIG AMERICAN PARTY land
<yoshi348> pos land
<yoshi348> pen island
<Rick> http://www.charlesapple.com/uploads/2012/07/120723WorkStairwellSuggestionBox-400x366.jpg

<yoshi348> cloud land
<Soaprman> rick prob thinking sorry I asked right about now land
<scrowfunk> backwards land - each level starts with the end part and then u work backwards from there
<yoshi348> spring land
<scrowfunk> frontwards land - the levels from backwards land; with a twist
<Rick> jesus this chat is never livelier than when a bunch of comedy masterminds crawl out from under the couch Joe's apartment style
<yoshi348> boo buddies land
<yoshi348> boo buddies in ? blocks lands
<yoshi348> boo buddies in clown cars land (you can do this) (don't ever do this)
<yoshi348> shell kicking land
<scrowfunk> inanimate objects riding clown cards land
<Rick> Im giving you that element
<yoshi348> i remember a level where you ended up in a room with just like 90 clown cars with yoshi eggs in them
<Soaprman> Words spelled with coins land
<yoshi348> jungle land?
<yoshi348> pyramid land
<yoshi348> post apocolyptic wasteland
<yoshi348> gradius land (all fire clown car)
<yoshi348> gradient land
<yoshi348> super mario land land
<yoshi348> remix world?
<Soaprman> 99.9999999999% IMPOSSIBLE land
<yoshi348> *imposible
<yoshi348> always spelled that way
<yoshi348> ALWAYS
<scrowfunk> lol
<scrowfunk> 100 Marios Expert Land
<yoshi348> rick's dad land
<yoshi348> 4 door choice land
<Soaprman> Gettin some trim land
<scrowfunk> lkasjd;lfkj;l
<scrowfunk> 💯 👌 😂 💩 Land
<yoshi348> okay you know what
<yoshi348> i thought of an idea that i'm too nice to do but i kind of want to see it happen
<yoshi348> have a level where you go in the subarea, and then after a little bit you come to the four doors
<yoshi348> the four doors actually all lead to an identical area you go back through and go back up the entrance pipe to win
<yoshi348> but they're tagged to different door positions so it looks like you're just swapping between two doors in place
<yoshi348> my troll level ideas are CLEVER, thank you very much
<yoshi348> invisible fuck you block land
<yoshi348> cape feather land
<yoshi348> land that's like 7-X in original mario, where there's a ton of bullet bills and other military hardware type enemies
<Soaprman> Fart land
<yoshi348> i like how i've given maybe a couple of legitimate suggestions in this pile of garbage and they will NEVER be read
<yoshi348> i stand by my decisions
<yoshi348> cookie clicker land
<yoshi348> freemium land
<Soaprman> Rick prob just left and asked becky
<yoshi348> borpo land
<Malik> floaty feather land
<Malik> pokefloats land
<Malik> 1 tile maze land


yoshi348 - Yesterday at 10:18 PM
oh god soap's bonus goal

Rick - Yesterday at 10:21 PM
I used your troll responses for his world
you bad men
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Re: dbo#m
« Reply #32 on: February 11, 2016, 02:01:23 PM »

I can't believe i skipped all that  :(9):

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