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Yo Check This Out / Re: Draw Every Pokémon: Black/White
« on: August 27, 2017, 11:02:38 PM »

The Posting Range / Re: TTRPGs [Time To Really Play [some] Games]
« on: June 12, 2016, 11:13:55 AM »
I'm free every weekend and also weekdays after 3 CST.

The Posting Range / Re: TTRPGs [Time To Really Play [some] Games]
« on: June 07, 2016, 07:50:33 PM »
I like Exalted or Strike, honestly. I like the idea of space pirates, but yeah, I'd rather not have to study an intensive system.

Ruth prepares a Ghost Sound directed towards the end of the swamp that doesn't interfere with their rescue attempt. It's the sound of a Queselium tuber going, "BOY HOWDY, SURE DO ENJOY THIS HERE SWAMP FOR THIS HERE TUBING!" at the volume of a normal shouting voice.

"Stage tricks don't create magical portals—okay, here. How about I use a ghost sound to distract the monster so we can proceed to find our walking paycheck?"

"Well, fuck me sideways."

What the hell is that thing...? 1d20+7(INT) = 15

Ruth takes a careful look at the swamp and mushrooms. These look familiar, don't they?

1d20+7 = 27

Ruth reluctantly takes point, given she's with Jeb and Tanya rather than the usual meaty meatheads. She follows the direction of where the noise came from. Not sure what caused the screaming in the first place, she doesn't charge ahead full-speed. Instead, she goes at a reasonable pace, but keeps a wary eye out for possible territorial animals in the area 1d20+4(WIS) = 13.

Ruth aims for the clear-shot target of Mr. D, tapping her wand until a speckle of frost grows over the tip. She uses Ray of Frost against him, 1d20+9 = 13. If the blue bolt makes contact, it'll freeze the poor bastard and supply 3d6+2 = 15 cold damage.

Not one to stand up front, Ruth scoots herself away from the intruders. She positions herself near the closest wagon before she snaps her wand to attention. With a flick of the wrist, she casts Color Spray at her enemies.

Her spells hits 1d4 = 4 of the group, blasting all but lucky little C man. Not only does she blast most of the crowd, but her spell

1d20+9 = 28 MD
1d20+9 = 14 MD
1d20+9 = 20 MD
1d20+9 = 21 MD

slices through their psyche and they experience all the colors of the rainbows in their face. The equality movement is too much for their tiny brains, causing 2d8+2 = 9 psychic damage.

Ruth whips out her wand, already on-hand from keeping the fire going.

1d20+2(DEX) = 21

"Treasure? Do you happen to know what kind of treasure they have there?" Ruth does her best to not drool at the idea of free cash in a cleared-out dungeon. The two brothers have proven cowardly in the past. Could be easy enough to scare them off and take it in the name of Crandel Caravan.

1d20+3(CHA) = 18

"So," Ruth leans closer to the twins, eyes wary. "If you don't mind me asking, why are a couple of dwarves interested in the southeast? Visiting family?" She examines their beards as close as they let them, determined to find the true identity of these obvious posers.

1d20+3(CHA)+3(False Identity) = 16


"WHO'S THAT? IS SHE MUGGING US?" Ruth pulls out her wand, her ears still ringing.

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