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Spoiler for Pepe Mario & The Thousand Year Door:
Pepe breathes a sigh of relief at seeing his awful bluff work on the poor creature. "Alright, fine, bring him his medicine. But no funny business." Pepe rests his hand on his dagger, still on his belt.

Spoiler for Pepe's Quest 64:
Pepe loses his cool at his awful state of affairs and hollers at the beast. "Dammit get back here you overgrown lizard! Gimme the box you stole from that creepy elf idiot right now, or you'll regret it!" Pepe scans the room for leverage and notices the cauldron. "I'll... I'll make one hell of a mess out of your pots and pans! I mean it!" (Intimidate:  d20+4 = 23 )

Spoiler for Sly Pepe and the Thievious Salamancus:
Pepe whips out his trusty lock-picking set and gets to work. (Thievery: d20+6 = 7 uh oh) Pepe makes a mental note to start buying thief supplies from either a less shady merchant or a significantly more shady one.

Barkley 2: BBall TactixXx

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Spoiler for Metal Gear Pepe: Tactical Espepenoge Action:
Pepe sneaks over to the closest chest (Stealth: d20+6 = 26) and cracks it open to look for the Box.

This is far and away the least dumb thing to grace this thread but I'm putting it here anyway.

Bravely Default/Linked Horizon Live Concert

Spoiler for For Pepe's Eye's Only:
Pepe takes the bone he picked up and flings it towards the eastern wall, hoping to distract the mysterious Salamanca. (d20+6 = 14)

Spoiler for Crandelvania 2: Pepe's Quest:
Are either of the two chests small enough to be the box the guy was talking about? Also: WHAT is a salamanca (Knowledge (Salamancas) d20+1 = 3).... is a question that will continue to haunt Pepe for the remainder of his days.

Kid goes crazy after winning an Xbox One at Comic-Con

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Spoiler for Crandel Caravan 2: Pepe's Kong Quest:
Pepe briefly considers what kind of creature might have left an egg like that (Knowledge (Eggs): d20+1 = 4 ) before losing interest and wondering why he would have even cared to begin with. Getting back to the task at hand, Pepe quietly shuffles over to the left edge of the wall and peeks around the corner (Sneakin': d20+6 = 17), picking up a bone along the way.

Adolf Hitler My heart will go on Banned in 200 countries

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Spoiler for peep:
"Well, gee, since you asked so nicely." Pepe spits out his reply, gnashing his teeth. " "But I won't be retrieving much of anything like this," he adds, motioning to his arms.

"Tricky? No no no, you've got me all wrong. I've got nothing up my sleeve." Pepe raises his dagger hand and feigns flicking it behind him into the woods while slyly tucking it into his sleeve. [Sleight of hand:  d20+2+4 = 26]

He allows the elves to close in without putting up a fight.

"Alright. You got us." Pepe puts his free hand up and extends the other towards one of the bowmen, holding his dagger by the blade. "Just take it easy, we don't want any trouble." [Bluff: d20+2+2+2 = 16]

[Ready action: Grab - Trigger: enemy enters melee range]

I know we don't have much of an aesthetic going but maybe out-and-out grotesque banners shouldn't be something to aim for. Just my 2c.

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