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Title: December 24th: 'twas the night before Christmas
Post by: KennyMan666 on December 24, 2012, 12:26:34 PM
Even though today is the big day here in Sweden, it's been pretty mellowed out... presents aren't happening in my family until tomorrow because of reasons.

Speaking of presents, a thing we do here in Sweden is write rhymes on our presents. I'm not sure how much of a thing that is in other places.

Usually, I'm the one in the family with a knack for this whole rhyming business.

So here's some rhymes. Some rhymes for imaginary presents I'm giving to you people. Mostly. Imaginary, that is. Mostly imaginary.

Guess what they are.

For Soap
Casting the spells is a task for a guy
with power so great and a spark
With the best that all your money can buy
your bite will be worse than your bark
When card after card from your foe disappears
you can just laugh as if you're mad
You'll make him feel blue and embody his fears
while you walk away feeling rad

For SK
When finding yourself knee-deep in the dead
you want to make sure you can fight
With the right tool for the job up ahead
you can express all of your might
It's said that two are better than one
and there's a chance it's correct
And so, just make sure that the battle is won
and that all their shit does get wrecked

For Saber
Although it does seem that you've dropped off the 'net
I still have a gift just for you
But I have to admit it's not ready just yet
It's sitting at home, even so
Assembling the last of the pieces I shall
and sending it is on the line
Some trinkets for you and the point of it all:
It didn't take five years this time!

For Yoshi
Pikachu pika pikachu pi
Pika pi-ka pikachu
Pikachu pika, kachu chu pi
Pikachu pika, kachu
Chu chu chu pika, pika pika
Pika, chu, pikachu
Pikachu pi pi, chu pika ka
Kachu pikachu kachu

For Kejardon
There once was a planet way out there in space
where pirates and hunters did roam
It's been the arena for many a race
and once, it was somebody's home
But now there's not much of it that's still intact
the cause of it might have been this:
A superhot wave, as a matter of fact
just make sure that your shot don't miss

This'll do for now. Time for Christmas dinner with family now. But I might do more imaginary Christmas shopping later!