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Title: Project X Zone
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Prologue 1 - The Wanderers (http://thedailypos.org/friends/index.php/topic,260.msg3972.html#msg3972)
Prologue 2 - Where the Strong Survive (http://thedailypos.org/friends/index.php/topic,260.msg3995.html#msg3995)
Prologue 3 - The Swords That Smite Evil (http://thedailypos.org/friends/index.php/topic,260.msg4844.html#msg4844)
Prologue 4 - The Man the Devils Fear (http://thedailypos.org/friends/index.php/topic,260.msg4908.html#msg4908)
Prologue 5 - Dead Re-Rising (http://thedailypos.org/friends/index.php/topic,260.msg4920.html#msg4920)
Intermission - The Between-Chapter Menu (http://thedailypos.org/friends/index.php/topic,260.msg4944.html#msg4944)
Chapter 1 - Welcome to the Koryuji House (http://thedailypos.org/friends/index.php/topic,260.msg4946.html#msg4946)
Chapter 2 - The Fighting Vipers (http://thedailypos.org/friends/index.php/topic,260.msg4985.html#msg4985)
Chapter 3 - The Further Misadventures of Tron Bonne (http://thedailypos.org/friends/index.php/topic,260.msg5299.html#msg5299)
Chatper 4 - Arisu in Wonderland (http://thedailypos.org/friends/index.php/topic,260.msg5505.html#msg5505)
Chapter 5 - The God Eaters (http://thedailypos.org/friends/index.php/topic,260.msg5622.html#msg5622)

In case you really hate yourself: Namco X Capcom (http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/getfest.php?fest=111871&part=111596) by SK
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Prologue 1 - The Wanderers (Post 1 of 3)


Some say that the first step is the hardest one. I get the feeling that's going to turn out to be a big, fat lie. Let's see how our feet are holding up a few hundred steps later!

By the way, I'm going to only be screenshotting the top screen unless noted otherwise. Nothing interesting really ever happens on the bottom screen in this game.


Well, so far thirteen 20XXs have passed and the events of this game haven't happened yet. That could change, though! We're not safe yet!


Shadows also lurk behind trees when you point a flashlight at them. SPOOOOOOOKY


Fantastic as in fantasy, not fantastic as in gold star. I don't think I'll be giving many gold stars to this game! In fact, I even left sheets of gold star stickers off my last shopping list.


Yep, that's why I don't carry a flashlight into the woods.


Until someone leaks information on them... :link:


The who what?


I also put black tape over the pyramid eye thingy on the back of all my dollar bills so they can't spy on me.


This. This right here. This is what caused Project X Zone to happen. Thanks a lot, asshole Portalstone thief.


And, effectively, to bring this game to an end. We'd all do well to root for these people.


10000x10000px trollface.jpg


It'll be long, alright.


I'm going to toy around with a way to get headshots to make dialogue more readable before doing the next stuff. That'll be up sometime tomorrow.
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got pumped  :playitloud:
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Prologue 1 - The Wanderers (Post 2 of 3)


Picture Lakitu with a camera flying around with the accompanying whooshing sounds.


Last is just the... second to last loser. I think that's how it works?


And hello to Project X Zone for an equally little while.


Fashionably late. And my, what fashion these two have!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Ugh! You are so late! You have to be the laziest private tutor in the world! I've already given up on you actually teaching me anything useful. But the least you could do at a time like this is help me out a little, Kogoro!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Hey, m'lady, don't get so worked up. It'll make your skin break out again. I just had a bit of an issue I needed to clear up at the office.

"Someone at the office was doing a lotto pool and I just had to contribute! You know the jackpot is over $500 million now?"


I'll keep on the lookout during this imagefest for faces that would make good emoticons to fill out that second row (and because it's forever since I added a new emoticon). There may be a :mii: in the future for this one. :boat:


But... but...

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) I've already given up on you actually teaching me anything useful.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) This particular issue, though... I think I know what it is about.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) What issue? What are you... You mean the stone that was taken from my mansion?

The portalstone? You know, the rock that makes cake and space jokes?


"I am nameless mook. I take care of the place while the master is away."

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Ahhh! What're these monsters?!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Looks like our culprits haven't given up robbing you blind just yet.

They left with the portalstone, and they came back for your beanie baby collection.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Ugh! We gotta catch 'em and find out where they took the stone! Kogoro! Let's get 'em!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) As you wish, m'lady. I think now's the time to show off some of my Tenzai Ninjutsu.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Hee hee! ♪ Let's see if it's anything worthy of my praise for a change.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Hopefully, a little roughing up is all this is going to take. But somehow I get the feeling this is just the beginning of things.

If only you knew, Kogoro. If only you knew.
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now cosplaying Mii for halloween 2013

no one will get what i mean when i say i am cosplaying mii, though
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Prologue 1 - The Wanderers (Post 3 of 3)


Just like in NxC, the title card tends to come after a rather hefty bit of dialogue.


Here are your typical SRPG win conditions.


Here are a bunch of words about how to play this game! :(9):


Mii apparently understands how this game works. Here are some rules of PxZ/NxC for the uninitiated:

1. Something will happen.
2. It will probably not make sense.
3. It will probably not matter in the big picture.
4. More characters will appear.
5. More characters will appear.
6. Rinse and repeat for approximately 100 hours.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) I wonder about the wisdom of giving guns to high school girls, though.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Well, everyone in the Koryuji clan has them. We're a family of fighting monks!

Monks with guns.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Besides, what kind of detective carries a sword around like that?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) A smart one, that's who. It's just the thing for dealing with evil thugs.

Imagine how the Ace Attorney games would be if Detective Gumshoe had a sword.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Plus, my sword skill qualifies me to teach you martial arts, no?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Yeah, but I wish we'd move on to ninjutsu sometime.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) You're still only in high school, m'lady. A few more years, then we'll talk.

Until you're responsible enough to use ninjutsu, you'll have to settle for guns.


None of that "Tenzai Ninjutsu" nonsense, please!


It's like, "yo baby, look at my Tenzai Ninjutsu." You know what they say to me? They fuckin' laugh.


The ladies can't handle his Tenzai Ninjutsu.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Anyway, let's see some of your martial arts. You're a natural, aren't you, m'lady?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Of course! ♪ I hate composition class, but I'm killer at fighting!

Write the story to this game, and turn that in to composition class! Instant A+++++, I guarantee it.


Yes, XP is Cross Points. I guess it's like this game's MP. Experience Points is EXP.


It's time to play the game! Yes! Yes! Yes!


The game lets you rotate the camera but you can only go so far with it. Not sure yet how useful it'll prove to be. In other SRPGs I often made use of the vertical tilt to see the terrain better but I don't remember if I can do that in this game (and forgot to try). Oh well!


Hey look, an enemy in range! This sucker's about to get Tenzaied.


Thought the dialogue was confined to the wide world outside battle? Big mistake!


Here's the battle screen before stuff happens.


Here's the battle screen while stuff happens.

... Alright, you deserve a bit more explanation than that.


Up until the title card, the bottom screen showed only this.


Then once the battle started, this showed up. It's just a turn order and stat display.


Here are both battle screens together.

The top screen shows the enemy's HP, your XP, some D-pad symbols, and an ATTACK meter. The D-pad symbols are just a move list, with the greyed-out ones being moves you have used during this battle. The ATTACK meter shows the number of attacks your units can perform during this battle. In this pic, I've used one of my three allotted attacks. Once you use them all, the battle ends.

The bottom screen is a move list. The top ones (with the A button) are standard moves and the bottom one (with the Y button) is a special move. The yellow "S" icon by a move means it influcts the Stun status condition. I think you get more moves as you level up? But anyway, . The special move uses 100% XP. I don't use it in this chapter but you'll definitely see it later!


The end-of-battle results screen shows end-of-battle results. The CRITICAL count is the number of CRITICAL attacks you get in battle, which are attacks landed immediately before an enemy hits the ground. CROSS attacks aren't available yet at this point in the game. The battle system has a big emphasis on juggling, so keeping the enemy off the ground is the bestest pro strat. Getting CROSS and CRITICAL moves in gives you XP bonuses.

Got all that? If not, don't worry. Mashing buttons seems to be more than good enough!


You are only allowed 99 turns of PxZ fun per stage.


Unlike in NxC, where enemy attacks were fights just like your own, here it just bonks you on the head and a number pops out. If you choose counter, you get a battle afterward but your number of attacks is lowered by 2. Defend lowers damage, and full defend lowers damage dramatically. Both defend types prevent status effects. The alternative is to do nothing and save your XP.


After all the enemies act, the game says TURN END and then it's your turn again.


If it worked on cheerleaders, it'll work on you too, punk!


Nice jump there, Kogoro?


Basically their attacks are all Mii shooting stuff while Kogoro jumps around and shows off his Tenzai Ninjutsu.


I don't get this attack name. I really, really don't. Maybe there's a purple pot in there somewhere but with so much shit on the screen it's hard to tell.


<Mario Party Announcer> GOT ITEM!

This game gives you a shitton of items, by the way. Eventually you're like damn, where did all these come from?


No, but you're fighting for the amusement of all the viewers at home. :knuckles:




Here's a move where Mii kicks people instead of shooting them.


Here's a... what. What am I even looking at?


Kogoro notices he's on the wrong side of that high kick.


I'm sure these weren't even meant to be viewed as stills but damn. Kogoro's been hittin' up the Subway lately.


That means it can't be beaten and also that you can't beat it.


And that's a follow-up to a comment about Tenzai Ninjutsu's beatability deficiency.


Friendly fire is, fortunately, turned off in this game.


The amount of EXP needed to level increases with each level, rather than always requiring 100 and decreasing your earnings as you level like in many other SRPGs.


That's over with! Time to go hang out by the green glowly column thing by the fountain.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) I think that's all of them. Why did they bother coming back?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) They already have the stone. There's nothing left for them to take.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) They have to be here for a reason. We better take a look around.

> Project X Zone
> for a reason

muttley laugh.avi

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Oooh, trying to play the master detective again, aren't you?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) That's because I AM a detective, m'lady.

He has the detective uniform and everything.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Hmm... it wasn't the Portalstone they were after...

Maybe because they already have it?


That's a good question. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=pmMispgpUs0#t=26)

But the answer... will have to wait. See you next chapter!

Or will someone else see you next chapter?
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Post by: Tenda on October 09, 2013, 01:30:57 PM
Great stuff, Soap!

And I feel bad for Mii, legit. Her bra straps just like ... mysteriously snap or regenerate or slip or tighten between frames. She's basically wearing a chaos bra, and that's gotta be tough to walk out your front door with.
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She's only in high school.

Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Soaprman on October 09, 2013, 02:18:35 PM
Tenda: It actually kind of looks like they were trying to make the strap's position match her facial expression. I bet there's some serious science behind it, whatever it is! There might be some wardrobe malfunction fanart of her out there... if I find any, I'll post it.

Kenny: Yeah, judging by what Kogoro says here she's like 15-16 or something but IMO she looks a good 10 years older than that. Or maybe she is that old and she failed a bunch. :link:
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Post by: SK on October 09, 2013, 04:00:45 PM
well they had xiaomu who was a 300-something-year-old midget so i guess they did this to offset that!
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Post by: Yoshi348 on October 10, 2013, 11:36:59 PM
Thoughts so far:

1) I'm sad this bitch is replacing Henry as your avatar. Henry fit you so damn well lol.

2) Who the FUCK thought that getting that "cross" thing in there was worth having both an "XP" and and "EXP"? Actually, who though naming a main character "Mii" on a Nintendo platform was a good idea?

3) Is moving with with the circle pad instead of the d-pad really fucking annoying like I think it would be? I know I never touched the circle in Fire Emblem even after switching to "digital" but than again this game is isometric style camera.

4) So not only do we have thousands of HP already on the first map, but the enemies' max HP is 3357. We needed four significant digits for this shit, apparently. Man the number inflation is going to be really stupid isn't it?

5) "You are only allowed 99 turns of PxZ fun per stage." fucking lol

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Post by: Soaprman on October 11, 2013, 12:27:43 AM
1) Yeah, I'm actually kind of feeling the same way. I most definitely wasn't planning on keeping this for the duration of the playthrough!

2) Stay tuned for the intermission where I make a mii of Mii and play Mario Kart or something with her.

3) It's not that bad, actually. It's more comfortable than the circle pad is in Fire Emblem, as it's used for character movement rather than cursor movement. There's a "free cursor mode" that can be used to select other units to check their stats or whatever, but I find it a bit more comfortable to cycle through them with L and R.

4) Be sure to take a glance at the boss's HP in prologue 2! But yeah, one of the great things with Fire Emblem that you lose with numbers like this is the ability to mental math every possible battle interaction. Here, it's more guesstimation. Like, alright, this dude has about 3500 HP and this unit does about 2200 damage a turn. The only consistency at all really comes from the damage averaging out due to the huge number of hits that occur in a battle. I'll let you guys know when (if?) I feel like I'm actually using strategy to play this game!

5) Luckily, the dialogue comes on top of that at no additional charge.
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Prologue 2 - Where The Strong Survive (Post 1 of 3)

im back, and much like an Angry Internet Reviewer i am doing something that i said i never wanted to do and blaming the gods for punishing me by forcing me to comment on images, oh the horror


Wowie, fancy panning effects! You sure have come a long way, monolith-something-another guys!


We join this Cliche Anime Conflict, already in progress

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaoyu.png) No, it's not! Besides, there's something wrong with you, isn't there?!
Uhm, EXCUSE me, "Project Cross Zone", but Jin already settled his issues with the devil gene in the previous canon of Namco X Capcom! Geeeez!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jin.png) I came here to find out what's happening to me. It has to be here somewhere.
"My library book about coping with becoming satan, that is!"


Hey, isn't this place a little familiar looking...?


They shoulda called this game, Namco X Capcom: HD Remake!


Oh, wait, there were different kind of demons here last time. Nevermind, moving on!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaoyu.png[img] [b]Ahh! W-What's that?! Who're those weird guys?![/b]
[img]http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jin.png[img] [b]I knew it! Devils, straight from hell![/b]
As opposed to the ones from Jersey?

[img]http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jin.png[img] [b]Ngh! Grrrrrh...[/b]
[img]http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaoyu.png[img] [b]Jin? What's wrong?! Do you know these monsters or something?[/b]
[img]http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jin.png[img] [b]My, my "genes"... They're reacting to them!  And I know who they're after. They want me![/b]
Well, they have to wait in line behind the fangirls, I'm afraid!


*cjflo pop noise*


AAHH! Why is the hentai version of Twelve here!?


The Silver Streaker


Hello, I Am A Protagonist Too!


How much do you want to bet this game would feel just about the same if you replaced the sprites for these two with Chun-Li and Ryu? Because I imagine this dialogue is going to give them just about the same personality.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) Are you guys all right?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaoyu.png) Are you... Pai? The action movie star?
Oooh, wait a minute, this lady is Apparently A Movie Star, instead of being Apparently A Detective! Phew, you sure do know how to shake things up!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaoyu.png) Oh, we must be on a film set! I should've guessed, what with those devil guys and that silver robot.
Here Comes The Wacky Misunderstandings


To all the viewers at home, keep a mental count of how many women in this game have a random 'turn your ass toward the camera' pose! There will be a prize given to whoever has the correct answer at the end of this 'fest.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) I don't know about those monsters, but that silver robot is Dural. We're pursuing her. Me and my bodyguard, that is.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) I don't remember anything about beingg your bodyguard, Pai.
Wah Wah Waaah, The Game

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) Name's Akira Yuki. I'm a martial artist. Who are you?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaoyu.png) Oh! I'm Ling Xiaoyu! This is Jin Kazama. He's--
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jin.png) Forget about me. You two get Xiaoyu out of here. Now! The devils are after... me!
Oh that crazy Jin, always thinking devils are out to kill him!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) ... Jin Kazama? Wasn't that the name of the new head of the Mishima Zaibatsu group?
No, it was the name of that Holy Shit Who Cares group.


TL;DR Version: we gotta party now
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Prologue 2 - Where The Strong Survive (Post 2 of 3)


PxZ decides to 'mix it up', as it were, with a little bit of objective gameplay! My guess? Probably won't mean much in the long run!


And I assume we added this mechanic because the game's actual difficulty level has risen to compenstate?! Right?! Right!




theres more talking, why


it always comes down to this


Y'know, I watched Soap play all of this, but I still don't really grasp this mechanic. Apparently, instead of the whole Team Super Attack thing from NxC, you now can just massively increase your damage by having two units next to each other, allowing up to all 4 characters to attack at once. There doesn't seem to be any limitations on this, so, horray, more ways to cheese enemies!




combat in this game is like a michael bay movie, its loud, obnoxious, goes on for far too long, and none of it really matters. And then you get to see the same shit for two fifty more sequels.


Only took, like, 4 tekken games to figure that out!


I sincerely appreciate that, thanks to a combination of the artist's constant use of 'flattering' female poses, and the awkward placement of the word bubbles, Juri spends the entirity of this game literally talking out of her ass.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) Huh? Who're you?!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/juri.png) Shut up, you spiky-haired freak! My business is with this silver thing here.
Hi, I'm Juri Han and I will be your villain for this evening!


I'd say this lady is v. Dural

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jin.png) She's after her, too? And that outfit... A practitioner of Tawkwondo?
...yes, obviously.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/juri.png) It doesn't matter who I am, I'm just gonna take this thing and--
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) You're Juri Han, right? Agent for S.I.N.?
Wait, no, Pai, shut up, I wanna know what the poorly dressed lady is going to do with that naked lady!!


She looks pretty bored, honestly.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jin.png) S.I.N.? That new military outfit has been making a name for itself.
Yeah, a BAD name!

Because they're all evil!

And because their name is also very, very stupid.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) Military, huh? And now they're pursuing Dural... makes sense.


Juri has a lot of 'movement' in her dialogue portraits, it's kinda silly when you think about her spinning in circles while talking to people!


I'd like to hand you guys a friendly reminder that we have had exactly one turn so far in this chapter thus far.


Juri, just stand still.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) That's Ken Masters, top street fighters in the US.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) Yeah. And that's Ryu, the wandering warrior. I was hoping I'd meet him someday.
Golly, what a great day to be alive in the world of fighting animes!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaoyu.png) Jin, who're these guys?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jin.png) People who get involved in things far too easily. Kind of like me.
"I really wish I would stop signing up for this shit.."

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/juri.png) Quit yer yappin' already!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/juri.png) I thought capturing Dural would be a pushover. Now it's gettin' interesting!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/ken.png) Dural? Not the Judgment 6 one?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/ryu.png) You know something about this, Ken?


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/ken.png) Yeah. We're involved in some pretty deep stuff here, man. ...I think I've seen those devils somewhere before, too.


"It's all I really know how to do."


At this point, I think the audience realizes they aren't "strong" enough to finish this game. Or maybe that's just me!
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Post by: SK on October 11, 2013, 09:16:18 AM
Prologue 2 - Where The Strong Survive (Post 3 of 3)


"hey ryu hey hey ryu hey ryu hey"






So, like, on to turn 2.


and naked babyhead robot lady is apparently a threat so we gotta kill her




I have to admit, removing the enemy attack animations and replacing them with simple "HERE, HAVE YOUR DAMAGE" numbers was one of the bigger improvements made here.


doesn't really change the fact that we're dealing with some lengthy, repetitive fight sequences as a result of barely any strategic effort! And, you might think, well of course, it's still basically the tutorial stages! And to that I ask, you've never ever heard of namco x capcom before, have you?


and then i looked at her health bar and sighed


...i dont even need to say anything.




No, maybe you shouldn't!


That'll be sort of hard now that he's apparently been transformed into a treasure chest!


This seriously goes on for, like, 6 more of these same combat sequences against Dural.


And then they just fucking leave, like they were going to do anyway, and we learned nothing from beating the shit out of them.


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/ryu.png) Well, that's that. Now, can you tell us what's going on?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jin.png) It's too long. I'll let her tell you.
"I'm the quiet, brooding protagonist, I can't talk for any extended periods of time."

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaoyu.png) Well, let me start with what happened when Jin and I got here...
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/ken.png) Heh heh! Sounds like you guys are used to working with each other, huh?
Y...yeah. Great observation there.


Welp, bye!


No. Welcome to Project X Zone. Enjoy your stay.
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Tenda on October 11, 2013, 09:29:01 AM
i'm so amazed that they couldn't pay some guy off the street like $10 to write better dialogue
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Namine on October 11, 2013, 11:44:15 AM
1) Where'd you get that pic in your avatar Soap? If so are there any for the Tales of, .hack characters and Jill Valentine?

2) That dialogue is so shitty. I would've gladly wrote for them for a lot less than they probably paid that guy.

3) It actually looks like they just ripped the Japanese script and just took the literal meaning of everything and just cleaned up the grammar. So sad, yet it's still a better story than Namco x Capcom!
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Soaprman on October 11, 2013, 12:32:57 PM
SK: Eggcellent work. Welcome back... to the zone.

Namine: I cropped it from a pic from here: http://www.creativeuncut.com/art_project-x-zone_a.html
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Yoshi348 on October 11, 2013, 09:34:01 PM
Not that I think I'm missing a whole lot, but the "how to support" has two of the same image instead of, I assume, the second block of text for that.
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Soaprman on August 03, 2014, 01:20:53 PM
Prologue 3 - The Swords That Smite Evil (Post 1 of ?)


This episode of Project X Zone takes place inside Dexter's Laboratory.


Some wild west-lookin' fellow comes strollin in.


Dimensional transport device? Looks like a door to me.


Don't worry, the fan artists have you covered. http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts?tags=nanbu_kaguya


You sure it isn't just a doorknob or something?


If by "another world" you mean the living room, yes.


Kind of like the kitchen when you're sitting on the couch.


I don't know if I pointed it out earlier, but they like to name drop the games these characters are from in the dialogue here and there. It pretty much always seems as forced as this line right here.


Oh, Kaguya, you don't even know. You have no idea what you're in for.


But she uses a sword...


u can start with ma dick, ho!


It pans over to these portals.


Enemies teleport in... kind of slowly. 11 seconds elapsed between the previous screenshot and this one.


You can break some stuff on the field, which is kind of cool.


don't tell my heart, my achy BREAKⓎ heart


You can get items out of things. Also, you might notice the rocks are gone. I went and broke them before coming back to break this barrel. I don't know why I did that...


Now that we've busted shit up, it's time to bust shit up!


Yeah! You tell 'em!


Here's a neutral shot so you can look at the weapons. Kaguya's rockin' a pretty mean-ass sword. Haken's rockin' a gun that's nowhere near as mean-ass as Kaguya's sword.


No idea where her sword went, but all the flying whirly bladey things came from it.


Here's some more attacking. Just shooting and slashing and jumping around... no dancing or things flying around. I think I'll stick with the attack from the first gif.


I guess you could say your tits are huge ♪


Anyway, after that and another battle, the third transporter turns on!
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Post by: Soaprman on August 03, 2014, 01:54:38 PM
Prologue 3 - The Swords That Smite Evil (Post 2 of ?)


Either that, or something's being sent from this side!


It's just some dude. Also, is this inside a ship? This isn't like those door jokes where I still kind of knew what they were talking about. It's not obvious that they're in a ship at all. Oh well, I doubt that's the most nonsensical thing in this game!


Wow, what a rude some dude this some dude is. First you enter our ship without even using the door, and then you ask our names?


Gotta get the first impressions right.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kaguya.png) Would you mind if I asked yours?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/haken.png) Ah, there's my Princess. Ever the paragon of politeness, huh? I'm Haken Browning. Guess I oughta welcome you to the Endless Frontier.

Endless... except there's a wall over there. And over there. And there are walls over here too. Look, bud, it's just a name!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/sanger.png) (Nanbu and Browning? Is this some sort of coincedence? And this is the Endless Frontier, he spoke of...)
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/sanger.png) ...
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/sanger.png) I am Sänger. Sänger Zonvolt.


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/sanger.png) I am a crew member on the battleship Kurogane. I pilot the Dygenguard.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kaguya.png) Dygenguard? Boy, that sounds pretty powerful.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/haken.png) Okay, Mr. Samurai. How 'bout we hear a little more about your story?

Sounds like we're gonna need some more dialogue to get this sorted out. Yep.


Sure isn't! Remember Namco X Capcom?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/sanger.png) Hmm, I see.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/haken.png) It sounds like this "New AD" world of yours is pretty close to ours. So what do you think, mister? You're free to go back if you want. The coordinates for your New AD world ought to still be in the transporter.

Unless Kaguya accidentally pressed some buttons and broke it while she was cleaning.


As nice as tea with Kaguya sounds, I definitely agree that taking a transporter out of Project X Zone is the more attractive option here.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/haken.png) Sure thing, Mr. No-Fun. "Easy come, easy go," that's our motto here. I'll just get this dimensional transporter fired up, and...


...and pan over to this entirely different set of transporters.


Someone's coming in! Who could it be?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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Post by: Soaprman on August 03, 2014, 02:36:38 PM
Prologue 3 - The Swords That Smite Evil (Post 3 of ?)




*Q-Bee noises*





(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/sanger.png) No friends of mine. In fact, they look downright hostile.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/haken.png) I'll take care of this. You stay back.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/sanger.png) I prefer to clean up my own mess, thank you.

Sänger's momma taught him right.


That's the shittiest mop I've ever seen. How are you going to clean anything with that?



(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/sanger.png) Mmm? Certainly, but our enemies are right in front of us, Kaguya.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kaguya.png) Don't worry. This won't take long.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kaguya.png) O spirit of the sword, show thy presence for the sake of your Master.

[:eyebrows: INTENSIFIES]


A penis joke.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/haken.png) What'd you do to that thing, Princess Magic?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kaguya.png) I feel this sword has been well taken care of. It is infused with the spirit of its wielder. All I did was release that energy.

Yep, a penis joke. Nothing else to say here.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/sanger.png) Hmm!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/haken.png) "Hmm"? You get what she's on about, boss? Cause let me tell you, I sure don't. Can you even use this thing?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/sanger.png) Absolutely. I am one with this sword. I wield it with my very soul!

I bet he wields it with his hands.


So he's just now giving his sword a name? Alright.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kaguya.png) It suits you well, I think.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/haken.png) Well, great, Mr. Mystical. Glad to see you like it. Now how about we get started with... huh?


The two Q-Bees have just been sitting there this entire time.


jedhd o_o

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jedah.png) Hmm... and what world might this be, if I may ask?

Just wait for the next name drop.


m'lady *tips le fedora*

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kaguya.png) I-I don't know whether to feel pleased or insulted.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/haken.png) That's one rude gentleman. Wonder what's up with him.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/sanger.png) I feel he is... something unhuman. Haken! Kaguya! Do not let your guards down. He is dangerous.

He's a dark......................... stalker!




I'm not seeing how this statement and the last one are supposed to be the same.


I hear ya.


Motherfucker just got TOLD.


Yeah! Go good guys!

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Post by: Soaprman on August 03, 2014, 03:26:11 PM
Prologue 3 - The Swords That Smite Evil (Post 4 of 4)


Finally, we reach the title card.


This is about the best attitude one can have given the crazy shit that's going to happen in this game.


Victory: Make the other guy die
Defeat: Die


As far as I know, there's no downside to doing this so you should pretty much always do it if you have the option.


"That was easy"


Q-Bees are pretty fast. They get two turns before I even get one.


It doesn't explain past this, but I think this lets you get more XP (not to be confused with EXP) during a battle.


Don't nobody wanna fuck with Q-Bee.


As you can see, Sänger can be called at any time by pressing L.


By the way, I didn't show it earlier, but here's the bottom screen so you can see what options I have right now.

The "D" status effect on Sänger's move is "Down", which I think just prevents the unit from doing counter-attacks.


Just a nice clean shot of Q-Bee being hit. Look at that face.


And here's what happens when I summon Sänger.


It's not a very decisive blow if it leaves the enemy alive with 252 HP...


The counter-attack that I do after it takes its turn sure is decisive, though.


Man, whatever, dude.


fuck u


How fast are they in relation to regular clouds?


But it's called the Type-X Colossal Blade. You just named it that.

Say, is that pronounced with a letter X or with a "cross"?

And here's Haken and Kaguya's special attack. As flashy as it is, it didn't quite finish Jedah off.


Well, if we couldn't kill him on our turn, we'll kill him on his turn!


This took about two seconds.


Wasn't he in the last game?


You tell him!




"Once you and I are one"? This guy is WEIRD.


Oh no!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/haken.png) Oh, great. That devil guy's pretty much wrecked the thing.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/sanger.png) Haken, do you mean...
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/haken.png) You guessed it. Looks like we put too much stress on the transporter.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/sanger.png) Ngh. So I can't return to my own world now?

Once you're in the Zone, you're in for good.


She doesn't look like a scientist to me...


And they had tea and lived happily ever after... until the next time they show up. I don't know when that'll be!

Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Yoshi348 on August 03, 2014, 03:42:49 PM

And here's Haken and Kaguya's special attack. As flashy as it is, it didn't quite finish Jedah off.

But... but... it CUT HIM IN HALF!

Actually, maybe Jedah could survive that, I don't know. But nearly anyone else...
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: SK on August 04, 2014, 01:53:15 AM
Just a nice clean shot of Q-Bee being hit. Look at that face.


Wasn't he in the last game?

actually, no! his only other appearance was in CROSS EDGE, a game i need to get a hold of so i can see if it is actually any better than nxc ((probably not))
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Soaprman on August 04, 2014, 07:16:44 PM
But... but... it CUT HIM IN HALF!

Actually, maybe Jedah could survive that, I don't know. But nearly anyone else...

You're gonna have to cut Jedah in halfer than that if you wanna take him down!

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Post by: Soaprman on August 04, 2014, 07:18:33 PM
Just a nice clean shot of Q-Bee being hit. Look at that face.


zip zop zoobity bop

Wasn't he in the last game?

actually, no! his only other appearance was in CROSS EDGE, a game i need to get a hold of so i can see if it is actually any better than nxc ((probably not))

Man, for some reason I remember him being in NxC. Glad to hear he was allowed to sit that one out!
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Yoshi348 on August 04, 2014, 08:19:50 PM
You just kind of assume that everyone was in one of the 80% of the chapters that didn't advance the plot one bit that you've blocked out by now.
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: KennyMan666 on August 09, 2014, 05:53:45 AM
So are they just going to introduce characters with bigger tits each chapter or
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Soaprman on August 12, 2014, 06:42:00 PM
^ I wish, but unfortunately, no. I think Kaguya's got every other character beat. Except maybe Morrigan (who appears soon)?
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Yoshi348 on August 12, 2014, 07:29:28 PM
What does it say when the only other character with (possibly) bigger tits than you is a sex demon?
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: SK on August 12, 2014, 08:08:10 PM
uhm excuse me but
Also, contrary to popular belief, [Felicia] also has the largest breasts and hips of any Darkstalkers girl.
i dunno why this was edited out of that wiki page, its incredibly important information that everyone needs to know
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Soaprman on August 12, 2014, 09:30:14 PM
I don't think Felicia is in this game. Big mistake, Namco Bandai Namco Capcom Sega.
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Post by: Yagami1211 on August 18, 2014, 12:19:51 PM
I've been checking this thread for a long time now ( And read the entire old Namco x Capcom one. ) I've been waiting for this.

Project X Zone is actually the 4th game of the Namco X Capcom canon.

This goes like this :

1 ) Namco X Capcom PS2 ( With Reiji and Xiaomu. )

2 ) Super Robot Wars OG Saga : Endless Frontier - Nintendo DS with english localisation ( With Haken and Kaguya as main characters, they meet both Reiji and Xiaomu in this game. )

3 ) Super Robot Wars OG Saga : Mugen No Frontier Exceed - Nintendo DS Japanese only ( Still with Haken, Reiji, Kaguya and Xiaomu. )
4 ) Project X Zone.

My point is, Haken already live 2 crazy adventures a la Namco X Capcom and is quite used to it.

Sänger Zonvolt is actually a very famous character in the Super Robot Wars universe ( and by the fans too, piloting huge mecha with BFS all around. )
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Soaprman on August 19, 2014, 07:29:30 PM
Crazy. I guess I'll have to give the first of those DS games a try sometime.

As for Project X Zone, the next update is in SK's hands. No idea when he plans on posting. I plan on writing the posts for prologue 5 and chapter 1 this weekend though so I can post them after SK posts his (and then it'll be his turn again with chapter 2).
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Post by: SK on August 20, 2014, 06:02:05 PM
Prologue 4 - The Man the Devils Fear (Post 1 of 3)

alright im back

how do i do this again


no thats not it


golly look who it is! our ol' friend valkyrie! she was in NxC!


and his name is dante. he's in Everything Else.

he is currently being an idiot.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/valkyrie.png) No, I'm here because I wanted to hire you. You are Dante, yes? You run the Devil May Cry agency?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) Well, lady, I try my best to give priority to jobs from hotties like you.

pxz prologue chapter 4 is just roaring to an amazing start

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) But if it's the pure, chaste Valkyrie herself, that's another story. Any work you'd give me has gotta be bad news.
"Anything I accept from you would probably be full of plot-induced nightmares and bad translations!"

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/valkyrie.png) You know who I am?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) Well, yeah. Down in the demon world, you've pretty much been blacklisted.
"And I would know ALL about THAT!"


that winged helmet just gets dante all hot and bothered


"oh hey, yo, 'sup, vampire lord over here, how's it goin?"

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) I thought you usually had that pudgy green guy with you, lady.
"Yeah, well, even by Namco X Capcom standards, his storyline was a bit stupid, so we cut him."


You! You!?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) First a warrior from heaven, and now a vampire of the night, huh. You guys going to a fancy ball or something? Shame I wasn't invited.
yeah its called the ending from im not going to reference nxc anymore in this post ok, ok

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/demitri.png) So, are you the one they call Dante? The legendary son of Sparda?
"Heard you were in Marvel vs Capcom 3. Shame I wasn't invited."

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/demitri.png) And you... Valkyrie, the holy fighter. Why are you here?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/valkyrie.png) Surely you must know what is happening in the demon world right now. That, and how the fallout is threatening to extend into the human world.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/demitri.png) I do. But that still doesn't explain what you are doing here.
Y'know let's be honest, I'm much more willing to understand why a holy warrior would hire a demon hunter as opposed to a demon appearing in a demon hunter's office.


"y'know jus' some lady, ah'dunno 'er or anythin'."

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/valkyrie.png) What about you, Demitri? Why did you come here?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/demitri.png) I know little of the human world. I came to hire a guide.
It's telling how Demitri's story revolves around him dethroning the king of demons and reigning supreme over the demon world, but everything he does is just sort of massively incompetent.


morrigan does a surprising amount of talking considering all the cock she gobbles

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/valkyrie.png) An astonishing coincidence!
You could subtitle any game in this series with "An Astonishing Coincidence!" really.


whoa, holy shit guys! its morrigan!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) I'm glad to see you guys get along, but try not to ignore your host, all right?
"This party's getting... stupid..."

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) What do you people want from me, anyway?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/valkyrie.png) I want you to come with me to a certain place.
we have to go Do The Thing.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/valkyrie.png) Someplace that I think you would be interested in as well, Demitri.
I suppose anything is more interesting than his usual "sitting around and not ruling the world" schedule.


Someone at Namco figured out that Darkstalkers actually has a villain character, oh shit!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) (Head of the Dohma family? This is starting to get serious!)
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) Okay, so where do you want me to go?


im... sure this means something to someone...


whoa would you look at that there's some stuff


we are greeted by a pair of floating masks guarding a couple of treasure chests. this must have been the horrors valkyrie spoke of!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) So, here we are. The pyramid built by the evil Zouna ages ago. We're pretty deep inside by this point, aren't we? I don't like it much.
well either they truly just teleported right here or dante just isnt paying much attention

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/demitri.png) Indeed. The forces I feel disturb me. And what about this magic circle, Valkyrie?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/valkyrie.png) It appears to be safe for now, but it is extremely unstable nonetheless.
Because when I think 'safe'...

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/valkyrie.png) This chamber used to be connected to another world. Even today, monsters still appear from this room now and again.
willie did you forget to turn off the interdimensional portal again!?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) What about those treasure chests?
wait, you're telling me you would immediately indentify that as a 'treasure chest' if you really ran into one? what if its just someone's luggage, dude

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/valkyrie.png) They somehow found their way here as well, just like these creatures.
"They're just... there, okay!?"

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) So they're free for the taking, right? That oughta cover my fees nicely.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/demitri.png) Hah. Shameless. So much for the son of the Legendary Dark Knight, eh?
haha batman joke Demitri's just upset that he doesn't have some scrawny peasant sacrifices to deliver the treasure to him.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) Hey, a good rep's nice and all, but I need money if I wanna stay alive. Gotta be able to afford some pizza for dinner, y'know. Besides, I kinda got a lady in my life I owe a bunch of cash to.
You can learn all about it in my DEVIL MAY CRY© series.




"valkyrie can eat a dick, tho"


You have a very loose understanding of the word "open"


and other information you would intuitively know by having this thing called "a brain"
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: SK on August 20, 2014, 07:01:48 PM
Prologue 4 - The Man the Devils Fear (Post 2 of 3)


yo what the fuck we got gameplay here




dante getin mad, wreckn shit


from what i can ascertain from these images, people are Moving


i seriously cannot believe the animations got 10 times more extravagant but the actual gameplay seems to have more or less gotten even more dull


v-... valkyrie, he said... he said its over, valkyrie! you can stop now!


you arent fit to rule Jack and Shit




the... fuck is that thing?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/demitri.png) You wield a different power from ours. Are you a demon?
"are you perhaps from one of those sega franchises?"

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/demitri.png) I want to know who you are before I am comfortable welcoming you.
But... that's not how manners work, Demitri...


The Tasteful Ass Shots are still strong in this series, it seems.


seriously you have a butterfly wing and like a magical cloak and like what the fuck are you

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/riemsianne.png) You may call me Riemsianne La Vaes.
alright. i wont, but alright.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) Well, hey, devil queen. Those other guys your henchmen?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/riemsianne.png) Other guys? Why did these strangers come here with me?
well you're all sorts of help


yeah, yknow, THAT tower


this is the part where i just kinda sigh and realize i have to actually learn more lore about games i dont even know or care about

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/toma.png) Hey, uh, Cyrille? I'm glad we tracked her down in time...but where are we?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/cyrille.png) Forget about that, Toma. You know what we have to do here before anything else.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/toma.png) Yeah, yeah. Man, I hate when you're so bossy like that. It makes me wanna--
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/cyrille.png) I can hear you, Toma!

and we have a pair of real winners over here, too


If you haven't figured it out yet, she's the villain.

and she has no pants

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/riemsianne.png) And you, Toma and Cyrille. Soon, both of your precious Holy Swords will be mine!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/toma.png) I'm never giving you the Shining Force!

Yeah, th- ...oh, wait, the fuck, Shining Force!?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/riemsianne.png) I said, they will be mine! Hee hee! Then I'll rule this world's demons, too.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/demitri.png) What business do you have, butting in here with that ridiculous nonsense!?

You said the 'D' word, now you got his attention again!


hey its arthur

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/valkyrie.png) You are Arthur, yes? The Knight of Silver?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/arthur.png) Indeed. It has been quite a while, Valkyrie. Imagine meeting you here of all places! Color me very surprised! And I remember some of you others, too. This warping of dimensions is so tiring.

You recognize someone else besides Demitri? Does that mean we can consider MvC canon to this universe!? Time to update the tvtropes page!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) Arthur? Ah, yes. From that land of ghosts and goblins.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) Well, wonderful! How nice to have one of the original Devil Hunters with us.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/arthur.png) Oh? A fellow knight? Your power seems familiar to me. ...Hmm?

Wait... then what was he-...ergh, forget it.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/arthur.png) Sparda? No. Wait... you must be!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) Pretty sharp, I see. Yep, I'm his son, Dante.

You could say his... name is... Dante...


The Writer Of This Game


Perfectly Normal


fuck all context forever!!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/riemsianne.png) Pathetic, Toma! Why would you ever rely on these complete strangers?
"The best plan is to make enemies with everyone"


Coming In Part 4-3: We might actually engage in a second battle within this chapter! Maybe! Stay tuned!
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Prologue 4 - The Man the Devils Fear (Post 3 of 3)


Generic Brand Succubus


"Except they will forget! Because they won't be able to think! Because they'll be dead!"


Don't ever believe me when I complain about there being too much dialogue; I'd much rather talk over that than try to figure out how to comment on the world's most monotonous RPG.


that one tumblr image of a nerd being stuffed into a locker.jpg


Project X Zone, you should probably not be reminding me of other, better strategy RPGs i could be playing right now




I am not yet privileged enough to experience the joys of TIGER PANCAKES


...is... is that your way of hitting on the succubus?


Fun things are fun, I guess!


yeah. great. thats good. good job valky.


and somewhere, a proud SJW's blood starts to boil


Just Defend!


yeah not quite sure i get this new shield mechanic but, yknow, whatever you can do to drag this ordeal out, i suppose!


Chapter 4 Gameplay In Summation

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/riemsianne.png) Hmm, I see. I'm starting to get more and more curious about this.
"Having my shit kicked in is interesting!"

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/riemsianne.png) If I could obtain the power strewn across all of these worlds, then perhaps...
You decided this was possible based on what, exactly? I do suppose a bunch of these video games have power-granting mcguffins in them...

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/toma.png) Riemsianne! I thought you were after the Shining Force!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/arthur.png) Listen, girl, I don't want you getting any funny ideas, now.


Ahaha, oh man, that was pretty funny!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) Geh. Any ideas, Demitri?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/demitri.png) This force... It's the same as when Riemsianne first showed up.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) So you think they all went back to where they came from?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/valkyrie.png) I can only hope so.

oh, ya, prob, sure. easiest villain we ever had to deal with!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/demitri.png) Hmph. I'm going back to my castle. I see no point being further involved here.
then why did you even come to begin with

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dante.png) That's nobility for you. No backbone whatsoever. Anyway, Valkyrie, I think I'm gonna head back to my office.


Well, thanks for pointing it out, I guess?


Stability doesn't pay the bills, lady!

And that's Prologue Chapter 4! Golly!
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fuck all context forever!!

And I didn't even miss anything here. He seriously just loses his armor between lines of text. There's not even a sound effect (there is a very slight screen shake though).
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Yagami1211 on August 23, 2014, 10:21:08 AM
Some gameplay précisions.

Hitting a falling enemy Just before he touch the ground gives you criticals hits. It works with supers. Hit a lot of crits and you can stun enemies.
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If I ever find myself needing to put effort into winning in this game, I'll remember that. :dk:

Prologue 5 goes up either tonight or tomorrow, depending on how cooperative my internet connection is.
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Prologue 5 - Dead Re-Rising (Post 1 of ?)


Today's story begins with Rikiya Busujima from the hit game "Zombie Revenge" talking with some Chinese girl from some game I don't remember.


It's Wiki time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UDS

Alright, none of those make sense. According to the in-game Crosspedia, it's a top-secret plan to use the undead for military purposes.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/rikiya.png) Well, U.D.S. would up getting stopped just before it went into full service. Unfortunately, some of its, uh, "products" got leaked out to the black market.

In other words, zombies.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/rikiya.png) That's why you're here, isn't it? Because you're trying to catch them?

You betcha! Gotta complete that pokédex Crosspedia for Professor Oak the viewers at home!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/rikiya.png) Your name's Chun-Li, right? Agent for Interpol?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) ...It is.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/rikiya.png) I was expecting you, but I wasn't expecting the San Francisco PD.

I don't see any police departments around here, mister!


This dude appears on the scene.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Just try not to cause any damage until I'm done here, okay, Mr. Dynamite?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bruno.png) Aw, can't you drop that already? My name's Bruno Delinger, you know.

The "my name's Bruno Delinger" sentence is a little awkward. Like, when someone calls you some name, you don't respond by telling them both your first and last name! Oh well, anything to keep the viewers at home informed!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/rikiya.png) The cop who's caused $14 billion in damage, eh? You're bad luck, I'd say.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bruno.png) Hey, look, as long as we don't run into any trouble, everything's fine, okay?!

I'm a little curious about the backstory there, actually. Must be something from the game he's from (which is called "Dynamite Cop", by the way).


They decide to give the ship a look-around.


And look who they've run into!


"I'm gonna punch that doofy hat right off her head."

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bruno.png) Huh. Some sorta monster? That's kinda outside my area of expertise.

What is this guy's area of expertise anyway?


I know that's what I'd turn myself into if I had senjutsu abilities, too.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) True, but you still aren't a human being any longer, exactly. But if a Dark Hunter like you is aboard, Hsien-Ko, then that must mean...

The politically correct term is "Dark Stalker", actually...



(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bruno.png) So some freaks from that U.D.S. thing or whatever were smuggled on here?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) No, not that. Something from the Makai world, maybe? I don't know yet.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Makai?! W-What do you...
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/rikiya.png) Guys, we better drop the topic for now. Something's wrong with this boat. You feel it?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bruno.png) Mm? Not really. It is kind of quiet, though.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) Yeah, you're right! Like, right now, I think we're the only ones on this ship.


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) The cameraman who was with me just disappeared! I was looking for him, but...
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Cameraman? We better start searching this ship.

Time to give the ship a second full inspection!
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Prologue 5 - Dead Re-Rising (Post 2 of ?)


The gang meets up on top of the... uh... *scrolls up* aha! *scrolls back down* Bermuda! I guess it's an appropriate name considering all the people went missing...

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) What's going on here? There's nobody else on the ship at all.

Yep, that's what I heard a few lines of dialogue ago too.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/rikiya.png) I've heard stories about something like this. Eerie ghost ships, and the like.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bruno.png) Whoa, whoa. I can take on terrorist cells, but this is outta my field of expertise.

Alright, so are terrorist cells his area of expertise? It doesn't seem to be monsters or ghosts.




Ah, it all makes sense now. The moon's gravity pulled the water up really high and then let the water go and it wait no this doesn't make any sense.


The moon. It's full. It's out tonight. It's already snatched up Hsien-Ko's photographer and you're next!


Ah, it's that green-haired girl people were talking about in the previous chapter!

And with that, it's time to answer the question on everybody's mind. Let's get some comparison shots.


I think I'm going to have to give the edge to Kaguya on this one. Congratulations, Kaguya!



(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Morrigan! Morrigan Aensland! This evil force we felt was you!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) How nice to see you again, Chun-Li. You too, Hsien-Ko.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) Whenever you show up, nothing good ever comes out of it.

Speak for yourself. Morrigan makes everything better!


I think they were in the same graduating class or something.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) More or less. Though we live on different worlds. Something very curious is about to happen in this world. I'm just here to watch it.

Oh, you're here to watch Project X Zone happen? You could have just tuned in to this thread from the comfort of your own home...






It sure is Darkstalkers in here!

This speaks for itself.


Something just happened, and something else is already about to happen! This prologue's on course to win the Happening Star!


You won't be disappointed, mysterious voice. This story's going to be plenty big.


It hasn't even been 30 seconds since Lord Raptor teleported in.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bruno.png) I know you. Frank West, right? You covered Williamette, yeah?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) And if it ain't Mr. Dynamite himself. Good to meet you, Bruno. Not to mention Chun-Li, the famed ICPO agent! I had a feeling there was a scoop waiting for me on this ship.

Just a scoop? No way, man. Hold your ice cream cone out and this chapter'll load you right up.


Chun-Li's been pretty good at repeating things other people say lately.


The "incident" was the legalization of recreational marijuana. :smoakin:


That Darn Journalist

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) Hey, you're good against zombies, right, Frank? Go get these guys!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) Eesh, more zombies? Between them and Hsien-Ko, I just can't lose 'em.


boy u just talk shit about my gurl????

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/lordraptor.png) Let's get this show started! Straight to hell, starting with you!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) Think I'l pass, thanks. Something tells me I'm not gonna like this damn show.

Project X Zone is my favoritest show in the whole wide world.


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Prologue 5 - Dead Re-Rising (Post 3 of ?)


Hooray for gameplay!


Let's see what this giant S thing is.


This actually looks pretty handy.


You said it!


This attack is pretty good. I used it three times and did more than enough damage to win the fight.


Here's their move selection in case you're curious.


Yeah, that was some impressive standing on the sideline you did there, Mr. Dynamite.


More happenings!


Just more bullshit.


They didn't actually teleport in. They just walked in from behind the wall. I guess those two full ship inspections they did earlier weren't so full!


my b


Too late now! You're in the Zone!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jill.png) Not quite, Chris. Looks like there's nothing but monsters up here, too. It's just a ghost ship.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chris.png) You said it. Look at that zombie freak jumping around over there.



boy u just talk shit about my gurl????

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) We're not all zombies here, guys! There are humans here, too! Plus, me, I guess.

☐ Human
☐ Zombie
☑ Other Chinese Vampire Jiang Shi                     

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jill.png) Who are you people? I'm guessing you aren't just innocent bystanders.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chris.png) And where are we, anyway? The last I knew, we were aboard a sinking ship.

Well now you're aboard a non-sinking ship. At least I think it's not sinking.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/rikiya.png) Sounds like you got caught up in a "rift".


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) You're aboard the Bermuda cruise ship. It was occupied by terrorists not long ago.

And then it was vacated by terrorists.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, right? I covered you guys before.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chris.png) Frank...West? The journalist from the Williamette incident?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Chris, and Jill. You're both in the B.S.A.A., right? Old veterans, too.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/rikiya.png) The B.S.A.A.? The group established after Umbrella went under?

Alright, these people are throwing way too many references around. I wish you could consult the Crosspedia during conversations to see what these things are because they ARE actually all listed in there.

If any of you have played Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the system it had would be perfect here.

What a mouthful!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Basically, an anti-bioterror unit. You guys work for the United Nations now, if I recall.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jill.png) Well done. That outfit of yours. You're Chun-Li from the ICPO, right? Let's get down to business. What's going on?

Well, you see, the-


-oh come on!


This is another walk-on. No teleportation here!


Imagine if the back cover of this game's box said "SOMETHING'S HAPPENING IN JAPAN AGAIN!".


It's too bad it doesn't sound like the Doomguy laugh, because that's what I hear in my head when I read the text.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chris.png) Yet another B.O.W.?! Who are you?!

bow wow im a dog

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) That guy's taking these monsters on with his bare hands?!

Eww, gross!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) Wait a second. Have we met before?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/heihachi.png) Hmm. Ah, yes, I see some familiar faces here. I am Mishima, Heihachi Mishima! These weaklings could never slow me down!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Heihachi Mishima?! That can't be!

I kind of recall this guy being a hoot in NxC. And also looking a little older.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Look at that black hair of yours! The real one would rip you apart if he knew!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/heihachi.png) Ah, but that could never happen, for I am the only Heihachi Mishima there is! What more evidence do you need than my word?

That's not gonna fly in a court of law, dude.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/rikiya.png) You've got multiple intelligence agencies on your tail, you know. I didn't get any intel about you changing your appearance.

Should have posted one of your guys by the wig store.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/heihachi.png) This is thanks to a new, experimental drug I'm using! Ha ha ha hah!

Must have been one of those hair regrowth things they advertise on the radio.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) Mmm, how young, and how strong you've become, too. Hee hee hee...
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chris.png) Some kind of metabolism-boosting drug, maybe? With the right viral technology, I guess it's feasible enough.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) That, or maybe it's a parasite. But anyway, what should we do with him?

Hey, guys. Guys. Nobody cares! And that's not just because there's nobody on the ship.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/heihachi.png) Ah, my old ICPO friend. Morrigan from the Makai realm, too, I see. I'd gladly take you all on at once, but for now, how about we work together here?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jill.png) We can get the full story from you later. Let's take care of these monsters first.

And let's not get that full story later. We'll be fine without it.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bruno.png) All right! Let's get busy!


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/heihachi.png) (The Interior Ministry, the ICPO, the B.S.A.A., and the Makai realm... A few others, too, I see. Heh heh! This couldn't have worked out better.)

Yes, the ICPO and B.S.A.A. are stylized differently in the text. I don't know why they did that.


And here we are.

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Prologue 5 - Dead Re-Rising (Post 4 of 4)


Yep, more zombies coming out of the water. The fun never ends.


Yeah, you can summon them from water or teleport them from nowhere!


What's this? A mechanic that might actually make the game go faster?


Yep, I'm preparing to fight three dudes at once.

Interestingly, the HP shown is only for one enemy. I wonder why it doesn't combine their totals.


Thanks, Second Amendment!


dey gone


The zombies are called Ebitan, Ooze, and Zombie (blue).


Whoa, that sounds like a pretty powerful item!




Why would anybody want to resist you, Morrigan?


It's like a shoryuken but you're punching them with spikes.


That's what I tell myself whenever I'm thinking about not finishing these posts.


Busujima Flappy Bird


Busujima-style... Moonwalk!


21 HP :thumbsdown:




"Attacks. You're weak to attacks."

fuck you




She doesn't yell "spinning bird kick". What the hell kind of fanservice game is this?


Misfortune = more characters and dialogue


It's called "Uppercut & Assault Rifle" but Chris spends some time shooting before running up and doing the uppercut.


it's waluigi heihachi time


Well, he didn't split any demon tiles, but he sure split a... *scrolls up* aha! *scrolls back down* Ebitan just now!


There's gotta be some fanart out there that shows just how much her sleeves can hold.


Sorry to hear that! I hope they feel better soon.


A few battles later, I pop some souls to build my XP. Gonna finish this fucker off.

Here's their special.


The end is a long way away. A long, long way away.


Um, yes he has. It was just a couple chapters ago. Why don't you read my thread, Lord Raptor?


Does anybody care?


So this kind of ties the last few chapters together, I guess.


Everyone reconvenes at the big plot device.


And we don't want to hear it.


I think everything's a pleasure cruise to this guy...


I don't know what she's talking about, so I guess maybe there's some funny thing he has a habit of saying at the end of each Looney Tunes episode or something.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) Hold it! I'm feeling some kind of strange power.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jill.png) A strange power? What's that supposed to mean?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/rikiya.png) She's right. This fountain. It's faint, but I feel an evil aura!

Um, dude, that's just Morrigan.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Morrigan! Morrigan Aensland! This evil force we felt was you!

Do these people have no memory? Or maybe they're trying to forget.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/rikiya.png) They say that water can serve as connector portals to other places.

See also: Project X Zone Prologues 1 and 2

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bruno.png) So you think the ship's crew all got spirited away to some crazy other world?

Well, the full moon caused the tide to rise and the water swallowed up the crew and transported them to another world because water does that! See, I knew what I was saying earlier would make sense!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chris.png) If so, does that mean we're next?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/jill.png) Ugh, don't even say it, Chris! That's too real of a threat to even--


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what a way to end Namco X Capcom Prologue Chapter 5: HD Remake!
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Yagami1211 on August 26, 2014, 04:07:46 PM
You learn more moves as the game goes on and as you gain lvls, everyone end the game with 5 combos, 1 super and 1 Multi-Attack.
Using every different normal combos you have grant you an additionnal attack. ( If you have 3 combos, you can hit 4 times. )

Only by combining your attacks with suppots you can go upwards 100% XP ( Which is to launch super moves and block attacks ).
Not EXP, which actually makes you gain levels and shit. A good combinations of supports and gears can turn characters into real game breakers.

May I also add that the translation is on par with the NxC one ( I really wonder if they took the fan team that did NxC. )
And I mean it sucks so bad it's good.

The game does gets more difficult as the story continues, espcially with bosses hitting half your life bar in one hit.
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Soaprman on August 26, 2014, 07:44:58 PM
I figured out the extra attack thing... I was actually planning on mentioning it in Chapter 1. :P

Yeah, so far it's looking like it's going to be NxC but without all the spelling and formatting errors from the fan translation. The spirit is still intact!

If I were just playing on my own without posting it online, I'd want the game to get harder. As things are now, though, I prefer the easy difficulty, as it makes it less likely I'll have to replay a chapter later on when they get stupid long. I'll definitely be doing what SK did and going into less detail as the game goes on and the chapters get longer. Right now they're about 15 minutes, which isn't so bad, but I hear they get up to an hour or something by the end.

If the game actually becomes hard, I am entirely willing to resort to cheats (via Action Replay Powersaves) to get through.
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Intermission - The Between-Chapter Menu

Chapter 1 will be going up later today, but in the meantime, I figured this is a good place to talk about the between-chapter menu that I have access to from this point forward.

Both screens on all of these because I'm lazy! :fuckyou:


This is the main menu. It lets you pick other submenus and see your units standing in nice little rows and lines.

(As of this writing, I've actually played through chapter 6, which is why there are characters on here we haven't met yet. Stay tuned... you'll meet them all soon enough!)


"Unit Settings" just lets you pair solo units with pair units. There are no other "settings" here that I know of!

Each solo unit has several passive and activatable abilities, so I guess there's a bit of thought you can put into the choice if you really want to. Though the most important thing might be to pick a character whose moves work well with your pair's moves for juggling fun.


Equipment is kind of low-key in this game. Not quite "afterthought" low-key, but it's certainly not something that stands out.


These are the stats. I haven't bothered looking into what all of these mean, but it probably doesn't matter a whole lot.


You can save your game here! This is the most important feature, as it keeps you from having to play the entire game in one sitting if you want to reach the end.

Save slot 2 is best save slot, as in every game.



No idea what the ????? settings are (there's another one below the one in the screenshot). Guess that's for later!


The game has a pretty fleshed-out tutorial area where you can look up pretty much anything you need to know about playing the game.


There is also the "Crosspedia", which I've mentioned a few times already. It's the place to go to learn about all the wacky characters, places, and things that make up the wonderful world of Project X Zone!

Jedah's description here makes his old line from prologue 3 make a bit more sense, I guess?


Wait, no, it doesn't. Shit.


The background of the fabled Tenzai Ninjutsu, which I know you've all been wondering about.


And last but not least, the training menu. You can set up some stuff and jump into a quick battle against an invincible training dummy. It's good for practicing your juggling!


Well, practically invincible, anyway. The HP the enemy has scales up as your level increases. I'm not sure what the formula is.

It's also nice as a general-purpose special attack viewer. If you have a favorite boob jiggle, you can use the training feature to watch it over and over again!

Anyway, that's all there is to say about the menu, I guess. Next up is Chapter 1, where the Real Game begins. :(9):
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The ????? Option is the Sound Test And the next one is the ability to override the battle music with the one you want.
Only available after you finish the game once.
After the game is clear you have New Game+ :

You retain every gear ( Equipment, Potions and shit. ) Some very late piece of gear have some broken shit, +40 EPX gain, 1/2 Counter Requirements, Defense Against any type of State Alteration ( Poison etc ... )
Hard Mode is available too in New Game+, Enemies have more HP, hits harder and give less EXP, but they have Higher level too. You get better Gear in Hard Mode
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Chapter 1 - Welcome to the Koryuji House (Post 1 of ?)


Here we are. The first "real" chapter in Project X Zone.

From here, the chapters are going to start getting longer (though this first one is pretty short). And longer. And longer. I hear the late-game chapters are fuckoff huge and take over an hour to complete. Obviously, I'm going to have to start cutting corners somewhere. That corner-cutting will probably come from the battle scenes, mostly, as those aren't going to get any more interesting over time. Once you've seen all the special attack animations and everything, I'll only bring up battle stuff if it's particulary noteworthy (and maybe have the occasional "draculas catsel"-type screenshot). I do hope to keep as much dialogue in as I can bear to, though, as it's the funniest part of the game and will likely deliver for much longer.

If the game ever gets to the point where I'm utterly tired of playing it, I'll stop playing it. So there isn't exactly a 100% chance I'll be seeing this game through to the end! But as long as it stays entertaining, or has the potential to make entertaining posts, I'll keep at it.

That said, let's Go 2 It.


Time to check on our old pals Kogoro and Mii. Remember them? I guess all five of the prologue chapters happened concurrently, so no time has passed in the game world since we last saw them. Can't say the same for time passed in the real world, though!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Well, I sure haven't found anything.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Of course you haven't. I've already cased the place when the stone was first stolen.

Alight, so maybe a little time passed. Either that or he was casing the place while fighting the battles back in prologue 1.


Finding your Lost Remote Control with the Power of Ninjutsu™


If the Tenzai Detective Agency can't find anything, it just doesn't exist! Well, except when it does exist.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Finally admit it, huh? So, what? You turn up anything this time around?

He just said he found nothing... weren't you listening?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Well, hmmm...

Kogoro, having failed to find anything, looks inward and tries to find himself.


Well, maybe that's because Mii keeps fish in it...


Ohhh, that kind of fishy! Yeah, fountains in this game kind of have a track record of doing shit like this.


Y'know, m'lady jokes have grown a ton in popularity online since I posted prologue 1. And Kogoro says it a lot. So I'm not going to point them out unless they really seem like something a fedora-wearing, dorito-eating, faith-smashing cyber-warrior would say.


Ah, just who I wanted to see.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Whoa! Someone's popped out of the fountain!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Who're you?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) So the story's true. Water really can serve as a portal between worlds.

Who'da thunk it?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Where are we?

Chun-Li throws a question into a black hole, never hearing from it again.


I think this is what it's referring to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Honest_Woodman

Either that, or he's talking about keeping his wood honest around all these babes.


Yep, it's his wood.


Morrigan don't give a FUCK 'bout yo fountain.


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) Yep.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) A succubus?! One of those monsters that prey on innocent men in their sleep?!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) Uh-huh.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) You look like a wet dream demon, to me.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) That's right.

(By the way, I don't think I've done it yet, and SK may have done it some, but non-bolded text is me putting words in characters' mouths instead of actual dialogue from the game. Just so you know. Back to adventure!)

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) And what about you? Another demon of some sort?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Human. I'm Chun-Li, agent for Interpol. Would you mind telling me where I am?

We know she asked that already, but maybe everyone was too busy with Morrigan to notice. Time to try again!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) A seductress and a police detective? Your fountain's got interesting taste, Mii.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) We better get to the bottom of this, quick.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Hello? Can somebody please tell me where I am?


The scene fades out and back in, so I guess everyone got caught up.


And Chun-Li finally found out where she is.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) I'm even more surprised! A succubus and a cop? What kind of combo is that, huh?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) You don't seem terribly surprised about what I am.

Sometimes the characters in this game are surprised, and sometimes they just go on like everything around them is normal.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Well, things how they are these days, demons and ghouls aren't that rare.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) I mean, I tripped on like three of them just getting out of bed this morning!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) My ancestors used to be demon hunters themselves, in fact. And with a sexy lady demon like you, I'd welcome that with open arms.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) Hee hee hee. The honor's all mine.

Morrigan got that compliment she's been fishing for.


I know! The nerve of this guy, right?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) So, Japan, huh? I think I'll need to call upon a specialist for help here.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) A specialist?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Ah, I know who you mean...

Why, the Tenzai Detective Agency, of course!


Some dudes appear.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) Looks like we're not the only guests.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Ugh, I hate this! I'm not running a theme park here, you know!

Imagine what a great theme park you could open if you had a water fountain that spawned Interpol agents and succubi.


The stone that was taken before the story even began.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) The culprit always returns to the scene of the crime. Bit quick, though, huh? Well, whatever. You guys mind helping me capture these suspects?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) I'll even make you honorary members of the Tenzai Detective Agency! Come on, what do you say?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) That's my job, Detective. I'll be happy to bring them into custody for you!


Oh, Morrigan...
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Chapter 1 - Welcome to the Koryuji House (Post 2 of 2)


I believe that's the fastest time to title card we'll ever get.


Yep, got it.


The only enemies on the field are a pair of Oros Primus dudes.


Gonna investigate the shit out of this guy!


Pictured: Investigation




I'm not actually sure whether Morrigan is talking to the dead enemy or to Chun-Li here.


Tutors are for tutin'.


After that fight, in True NXC, PXZ, and Probably the Other Games Too Fashion, more enemies show up.


It's some... whatever this dude is. He's brought some dialogue with him!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/eins.png) I thought our work was already done here.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Who is it this time? Nobody friendly, by the looks of it.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) You'd better scram before I do to you what I did to those Jehovah's Witnesses who came by earlier!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/eins.png) My scouts hadn't come back yet. I came to see why. And now I know. I got something I'm lookin' for here. You mind stayin' out of my way?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Excuse me, but this is my house! Who are you, anyway?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) If it's that rock thing you're looking for, someone already took it. Sorry, pal.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/eins.png) Oh, so you're involved in this, huh? Eins Belanos is the name. Just call me Eins. If you're involved here, I'll definitely want a word or two with you.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) I'm up for anything you got, trust me on that!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Well, so be it. Better brace ourselves.

Same shit, different... um, part of the chapter.


Morrigan's always gotta get a "hee hee" in there somewhere.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/eins.png) Aw, c'mon, shouldn't you be shakin' in your boots? You think I'm that wimpy? You're gonna mess up my confidence, y'know!

Why do you think you got assigned to chapter 1, you knucklehead?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) I deal with guys tougher than you in the ICPO pretty much every day.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/eins.png) Yeah? Zat so? Well, whatever. Guess I'll have to prove to you all what I got!


Anyway, we gotta beat this guy, a couple more Oros Primus, and a trio of Kamaitachi (Blue). Except for Eins, they all die in one round.


I still don't know.


Even in playing Project X Zone.


I didn't actually notice this until I started compiling screenshots, but apparently you can get extra items out of enemies mid-battle. I think it happens when you get criticals or something? I'll keep an eye out.


After four thousand years, the Chinese have finally developed their ultimate weapon: the Spinning Bird Kick.


Bosses won't ever stop having tons of HP.


At least it's not meat spin!

And here's a video of it.


After a turn of messing with the best, he proceeds to die like the rest.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/eins.png) Great. Now I've got even more stuff I'm gonna have to report. What a pain in the butt. See ya!

He says this stuff and then he disappears.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Hey! Hey, wait a second!

Weren't you just yelling at him about being at your house?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) We didn't even have any time to interrogate him.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) No doubt about it, he's the main culprit here.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) He's the main culprit here or my name isn't Kogoro Tenzai of the Tenzai Detective Agency!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) A pretty powerful one, too. He might have a major organization backing him up.

Puhlease, that bitch wasn't shit.


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) I've always wanted to try a... whatever he was!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) I don't think we're dealing with just any old rabble of monsters here.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) Well, they weren't from the Makai, either. Not the demon realm.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) We definitely need to investigate this further. Those monsters he brought with him... I know I've seen them before.

According to Crosspedia, Kamaitachi (Blue) is from NXC, so yeah, that statement checks out.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) So, where should we go first for this?

Into the fountain, obviously!


Or Roppongi. Yeah, we can go to Roppongi.


I wonder what kind of detective gear we'll see...


You'll get attacked anywhere you go in this game.


This is the last time that the entire current party will all be on the same screenshot in a dialogue scene. Savor it, because from now on, conversations are going to get more people and make less sense with each passing chapter.

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I love that there's two entire tutorial entries for "people have quotes before they get into battle".

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After this is over, we need a collection of every line of dialogue where Morrigan says the word 'interesting', because holy shit.
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Chapter 2 - The Fighting Vipers (Post 1 of 3)


wait damnit soap didnt i already do this


"its LIKE that, but they're still very obviously right here."


well, it's certainly full of water!


Have You Seen Me?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) This flies in the face of all common sense.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) There's been a long string of unexplained events here. Guess this is another one.
"I give up!"


we are joined by our friends from the previous chapter, who apparently have their office located in the same place as the NxC protagonists, which is "somewhere in the near vacinity of this fountain oh hey look a fountain"


There's been a LOT of trouble in this location, apparently. You would know, Chun, you were there.



(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) I doubt they were hiding in the water.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) And I wouldn't call those guys too normal, either!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Yeah. If you called that normal, that'd be about the end of Roppongi, I'd say.

Y'know ask me two years ago if I would ever play a game that's like NxC but with an even more annoying pair of protagonists to follow around and I wouldn't believe it existed, but here is me being so very wrong.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Hey, I think I've seen that kung-fu lady before.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Pai Chan, right?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) Yes. Oh, are you Chun-Li from Interpol?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Ah... How did you know?

It's hard to keep a low profile when you dress so distinctly and have fought countless mutants, superheroes, and saved the world from Galactus.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) One of my actor friends knows you.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) We ran into one of their agents earlier. A sharp-eyed female martial artist.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) (Juri?!)

the only female martial artist, obv.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) How about we help them? They've got spunk and they may be useful to us.
How about you explain to me why you even care




legWEAR, on the other hand, is a joke


sorry, but you're no kyoko~


"it is impossible when i have the NECRO DESIRE"


Morrigan: The IGN Of Fighting Games


tell me where the goddamn star is


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Chapter 2 - The Fighting Vipers (Post 2 of 3)


Great! Stuff!


and here is some fatass

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Looks like we got the monster boss here!
They call him Boss. Boss Monster.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) I think I've seen that ring on his back before.
"Only an original PxZ character would look this stupid!"

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/drei.png) Ah, yes, Eins has told me all about you, lady. I am Drei Belanos, of the Belanos brothers. And I'm not gonna go down as easily as he did!
Looks like SOMEBODY is doubting the power of Tenzai Ninjutsu over here!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) You've already ransacked my home! What else do you possibly want from us?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/drei.png) Heh heh heh. Well, a few things.
Heh heh heh


"But first I have to keep from falling into plotholes!"


That un-straps my dress!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/drei.png) Aw, come on, lady! I'm a really nice guy on the inside! I can't wait to take you up in my arms... and carry you to your doom!
A real looker, too! You're missin' out, Mii!


"I heard a bunch of shit-ass characters were in need of some actual cool characters to spice up their game."

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/drei.png) Ehhh? Who the hell're you?
Someone get this Fat Ass a copy of Fighters Megamix, he is clearly missing out on a lot in his life.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Wow, who's that? That's quite an outfit he has.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Walking around in Roppongi like that, is gonna turn a lot of heads, yeah.

I have a hard time believing, with this cast of characters, that a guy who looks mostly like a japanese punk stereotype is really out of place in fictional japan.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) Are you...Bahn?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) No doubt about it. One of the Fighting Vipers from Armstone City...
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) Ooh, hey, Akira! Pai's here too, huh? Man, it's been ages!

"We're from the Sega Club, man, we're tight."

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) Hey, speaking of, Akira, you see a guy in a blue student uniform around?


What is THAT nerd doing here!?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) No, I havent. We're looking for some people, too. They just disappeared earlier.
"I've spent all of like 5 seconds looking at a fountain and found nothing, I dunno what gives."

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) That kid you're looking for, Bahn, did he vanish on you, too?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) I called 'im over here so we could settle a coupla long-standing scores.

He's my Rival, from School, y'know

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) Man, I hope that bastard didn't get caught up in all of this junk!
I'm really worried about that fucker, y'know?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) I don't think the social center of Tokyo is a good place for a brawl, Bahn.
"But given my idea of clothing and how I wear it, it might not be the best idea to follow my advice"

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/drei.png) I don't appreciate being ignored, you! Come on!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) Good point, you freak.


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) I heard rumors about you monsters. I think you need a lesson or two, right now! Ladies and gentlemen, you now officially have Genghis Bahn III at your service! I'm still itchin' to beat down that little punk, but I won't say no to a warm-up!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/drei.png) I'm not your sparring partner, you! I'm gonna devour you!



Well Gosh and Fuckin Golly Gee
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Chapter 2 - The Fighting Vipers (Post 3 of 3)




Such is the Life of Pai


"Your EYES are on FIRE! Allow me to STOMP it out!"


damnit mii


im sure at some point soap did or will explain why there are 5 motherfuckers on screen but holy shit game calm down




"Alright this is a bit tricky, you have to press forward, then down, then down-forward..."




Seriously, she's so much worse. How did they manage that!?




It seems as though they were ten years too early.






PxZ catering is apparently not too solid!




I have no words


[fucking whatever]


let us all say goodbye to Fat Ass. But no worries, he'll be back sooner than you think!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) Man, what the heck? That lion dude was pretty tough.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) What's happened to Roppongi? This is totally going to depress the retail climate.

You're an idiot.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) I don't think that's our most immediate concern.
"It's not even our least immediate concern. Quite frankly, it's just not any of our damn business."


They're just all having a Cool Capcom Party and you're not invited, fuckers!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) First the zombies from out of that fountain, and then the Belanos brothers.
"I might ALMOST be interested in this!"


Try explaining this little entourage to your co-workers, Mr. Tenzai

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) You mean here? In this building?
No Akira he means that you should have a seat in the bloody fucking fountain

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) Yowza. And here I thought detectives were all, like, poor 'n stuff.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Maybe I should go private myself, once this is all over.

oh man, Humor Incoming!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Maybe... assuming you're as talented and handsome as I am.
The 'Fashion Victim Robert From King Of Fighters' look is really 'in' this year.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Huh? I thought you were just squatting in one of my company's empty offices.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Shh, quiet, m'lady.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) Just mooching off of her, huh?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) I would prefer if you said that she was making an investment in me.

I... guess this is what's going to pass as character development in this game.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) You need to have more pride in yourself than that, Kogoro.
Chun-Li: Detective, Motivational Speaker

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) Oh, I don't know. Some men would kill to have a life like that.
...what, to mooch off of someone while being completely incompetent at managing to make something of your life? I'd like to think we strive for a little better than THAT, lady.


they go inside


we get a tasteful pan away from the city to show us th-







(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Oh, Dokugozu. Naughty, naughty!
glad to see you havent changed much haha just kidding im not glad for ANYTHING

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) We must be delicate in how we handle things.
"You saw what happened last time. Like, wow, holy fuck."

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dokumezu.png) What do you mean?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) The "rifts" are too unstable. We could get blown anywhere.

OH I GET IT, "GET BLOWN", HA, THAT'S A REAL CLEVER... er... wait, no, hold on...

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Those kids down below... They might be in danger.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dokugozu.png) Yah-hah! That's wonderful news, isn't it, ma'am? It saves us from having to deal with them later!

Oh, if only the audience was so lucky...

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Oh, so direct. But you may be right. Let's proceed with our original plan. To the rendezvous.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dokumezu.png) Right!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dokugozu.png) You got it!

I'm glad our buddies 'Those Assholes Who Inflict Poison In NxC (Which Was A Really Poorly Handled Mechanic)' finally got some speaking lines, they offer so much!


So this conversation accomplished nothing!

Oh, PxZ, you're such a tease.

Ha, hahaha, ha...

Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Yagami1211 on September 26, 2014, 08:19:59 AM
I expected this reaction from SK and here are some background information, and boy did I laugh.

Anyway, here is some useful informations.

Since PXZ is the 4th game in the NXC canon ( Endless Frontier and Endless Frontier Exceed comes right after NXC ), Saya resurrected in Endless Frontier and in fact they treated it as Kenny in a South Park episode, everyone is surprised to see her and the fact is she doesn't even know why she's alive either and everybody stopped caring 5mn after. This is lampshaded multiple times in Endless Frontier. Have Fun.

tl;dr version: Saya doesn't know herself why she was resurrected 2 games prior and not even the characters care one bit 5 mn after. ( and the NXC main characters stopped caring. )

In an interesting turn of events, Endless Frontier does have a good story. Since it's not a crossover, it does have a stable universe and background to base its story on.
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: SK on September 26, 2014, 04:19:11 PM
Saya resurrected in Endless Frontier and in fact they treated it as Kenny in a South Park episode, everyone is surprised to see her and the fact is she doesn't even know why she's alive either and everybody stopped caring 5mn after. This is lampshaded multiple times in Endless Frontier.Have Fun.

Y'know, yeah, that sounds about the amount of effort they would put into that. Given how many other wonderful, tasteful female designs they made for that game they couldn't POSSIBLY exclude her, and who needs reasons?

lets even make her a protagonist to give her more screentime, THAT'LL make sense
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: KennyMan666 on September 26, 2014, 04:53:45 PM
Don't get me involved in this clusterfuck tyvm
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Yagami1211 on April 13, 2015, 11:52:27 AM
I'm just posting here to let you know that a sequel is coming.
The game sold twice much in Us and Europe than in japan, so we'll have "Project X Zone 2 : Brave New World" at the same time as japan does.
More characters, attacks and a longer game overall.

What happened to the playthrough ?
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: SK on April 13, 2015, 10:05:16 PM
blame soap. he is a lazy jerk

now i will fall behind on my namco crossover lore and it's all his fault
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Soaprman on May 17, 2015, 06:09:29 PM
Chapter 3 - The Further Misadventures of Tron Bonne (Post 1 of 4)


Nothing's happened yet, but I have to agree.

Also, go ahead and do any admiring dat booty that you feel needs done.


Yep, sounds like Project X Zone!


We weren't around to see any of that stuff but I'll trust you on this one, Tron.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) And now we're picking up a mysterious energy source here on Kattelox Island!

We must recover all the energy immedally, w-Mega Man! (http://doctawawy.ytmnd.com/)

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) How am I supposed to concentrate on my work with all this stuff happening? Don't you get how I feel, Servbot #1?!
Yes, Miss Tron! Now that rocket you're building will be even more delayed.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) You guys go and figure out the source of that energy response. Got it?
Aye-aye, Miss Tron!
Miss Tron! We've tracked down the energy source!

There's no cinematic pause or anything. #17 says they're on it and #28 immediately says that they've found it. Either these guys are really fast or #28 in particular is a step ahead.

By the way, according to the Crosspedia, there are 41 Servbots. Let's keep up with which ones we encounter! I wonder if all 41 are actually in the game.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Great work, #28! So where was it?

Also, apparently Tron can tell these things apart. I've never played Mega Man Legends, so I don't know if they say how she can do it. Either way, I guess it's impressive?

From inside that fountain over there, and I'm afraid it's growing stronger!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Huh?!


And then it fades to white. Unfortunately, none of them have been around quite long enough to figure out that fountains are bad news in the world of Project X Zone!
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Soaprman on May 17, 2015, 06:33:11 PM
Chapter 3 - The Further Misadventures of Tron Bonne (Post 2 of 4)


In another place, and maybe even another time, we meet up with these two. Remember them?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) Frank! Snap out of it, Frank!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) Nnngh... Hsien-Ko? What just happened?


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) Wait. No, this can't be!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) Frank?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) We're in... Williamette?! And everything's as it was before the outbreak, too!


I've never played Dead Rising either, but the Crosspedia tells me that this is the town where that game took place, and that the people there were turned into zombies. This Crosspedia is pretty handy!

Movieland and Entertainment Isle sound like great stores, by the way.


The game pans around the area for a little bit and then the fountain goes flashy-flash.


Who is this woman and who are all these LEGO™ men?


I do wonder what being transported by a Project X Zone Fountain feels like. Not that I want to find out for myself!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Everything just went white before my eyes. What's going on here?
M-Miss Tron!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) #1! I want a full report on this!
I, um, er...

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Ugh! None of this is making any sense whatsoever!


Frank's over here looking like he's about ready to choke a LEGO™ dude.

There's a guy who looks like a photographer...


...who's with some kind of Chinese zombie...


...and surrounded by these weird-looking monsters!

While playing, I didn't even notice the monsters until this point. But looking back through the screenshots, it seems they joined when the fountain went flashy-flash.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Gnosis! No, not the Pilgrimage Fleet?!
Miss Tron! I see some Reaverbots, too!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Ugh! Well, we can't just sit here!


So if the Crosspedia said there are 41 of them, and Frank and Hsien-Ko are #43 and #44, who's #42? Is Tron a servbot?


So if you count the two new servbots, we've only seen five so far. Maybe the other ones are off doing something else. Or maybe only #1, #17, and #28 can talk? I have no idea!
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Soaprman on May 17, 2015, 07:19:56 PM
Chapter 3 - The Further Misadventures of Tron Bonne (Post 3 of 4)


TuneMakers... the perfect store for people who like making tunes!

Um, I'm not a number, I'm a free man, thank you.
Aiyah. Why are you here, Tron?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) How should I know? I was just out for shopping and a little field work.
You know this woman, Hsien-Ko?
We met a while ago. She comes from really far in the future, I think.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) That about sums it up, yeah.

It's nice to have the occasional reminder that Namco X Capcom is canon and that in this storyline, the stuff in NXC's storyline really did happen.

The future, huh? So you expect me to believe she's a time traveler?

Because I guess that's somehow more ridiculous than all of what's happened so far.

P-Please believe us, sir!
I s-swear it's true, sir!
Um, could I ask you what your name is, sir?
Me? I'm Frank. Frank West. Are you guys robots? You look familiar.

Frank West wasn't in NXC, so I wonder where he would know them from. Dead Rising fans, are there any references to Mega Man Legends in Dead Rising? Like a servbot on a shelf or something? I feel like this statement is making some sort of reference.

I don't know much about Dead Rising, but I do know there was a large Servbot head mask thing in one of the shops as a reference that you could slam on a zombie's head. They even used it as a super in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

EDIT: Looks like that's been answered!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) So I'm stuck in the past yet again. This is the last thing I need. I guess I'm gonna have to deal with these bad guys before anything else.


This one is just regular "Servbot". I guess there's no point keeping up with them all anymore if the game doesn't even do it...


Hey, I know that character! It's, um, black KOS-MOS!


Bitches don't know they 'bout to get hit with the Big Hilb.


It just does a light flash thing and opacifies the Gnosis dudes.


You must be! I've never heard of anything that could phase Gnosis into normal space that wasn't a T-Weapon!


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/telos.png) What did you just call me, bitch?

Miss Tron, do you know this person?

It's the generic Servbot again. Damn. I went and made this fancy CSS way of displaying Servbot numbers with their portraits and now they're just using the generic one. Lame-o to the maximo.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Yeah. She's a battle android developed to fight against the Gnosis. She was built after the KP-X android, KOS-MOS. She's the improved TP-XX model!

Toilet Paper?




Well, I can tell you where I wish she was, and that's right here on my team.

I don't know! We were just taken here without any warning!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/telos.png) Tsk.. The same as me, then.


Be sure to get her entirely in the frame for when you show the pic to Professor Oak!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Frank, this really isn't...
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/telos.png) I don't mind. You may as well take that photo for posterity's sake. Though it will be the last thing you ever do.

Alright, it might be better to stick with the Pikachu running around on the Electrode or something.


What are you gonna do, Hilbert Effect me to death?

Eeeeee! A-All I did was answer your question!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) You can't just do that! That's crazy!


Look at that determined pose. This is a robot who believes in herself.
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Soaprman on May 17, 2015, 08:10:38 PM
Chapter 3 - The Further Misadventures of Tron Bonne (Post 4 of 4)


Fight time!


T-elos proceeds to go about her plan to kill us all by... standing there and doing nothing.


This turn just consists of enemies moving around a little bit.


Then, the camera pans over to Leisure Park...


Is it? Can it be?


It is! It's our heroes!


Wait, we've been in this clown's office all along?


I was about to say. This don't look like no office building!


I guess doorways can act as portals too or something. Or maybe there's a fountain right outside the door. Who knows?


They do a bit of reacting to each other's presences.


My squad's pretty strong, T-elos... sure you don't want to reconsider?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) Not too friendly a greeting there. Who is she?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/servbot.png) Her name's T-elos, and she's a really evil and scary android!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) I don't know what's goin' on here, but if this is a fight, I'm always game.

And it's probably best that we don't try to find out what's going on here.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) I guess it is, more or less. ...But I'm starting to think things are gonna get worse before they get better.

Yep, we sure have lots of chapters of getting worse to look forward to!


Both of them are already placed, so I do nothing here.


We gon' knock dis bitch's ass all the way back to Leisure Park.


fuck you


This asshole won't have a single Ether Pack S to his name when we're through with him.


Here are a couple of Tron Bonne action poses.


Pictured: Servbots #2, #4, #5, #8, #9, #12, #13, #15, #16, #21, #25, #32, #34, #37, #39, #43, #44


Is that the generic Servbot?


Here are some Kogoro motion blurs.


This line is probably in a fanfic somewhere.


C'mon, Bahn! Get it together!


At some point, T-elos started moving. I think it was after everyone else showed up.


Well, it was almost the finale? Maybe?

Here's the only special move T-elos used. Pretty normal special move fare, but the finishing gunshot is a nice touch.


Akira and Pai were just walking around breaking things and opening chests. I don't think they got into any fights this chapter.







I don't remember what this does. But maybe Kogoro could have used it!


Then they break some shit for good measure.




It's good! Hole in one, baby!


If by "out of this world", you mean "to Leisure Park", then yes. It certainly won't get you to Kogoro's office.


You're not NXC legend KOS-MOS, but I'm sure you're the next best thing!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/telos.png) I have no interest in cooperating with complete strangers.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) Well, can I get a pic, at least?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) Frank, I really don't think that's appropriate.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/telos.png) Certainly.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Really?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) Great! Okay, give me a big smile!


This one's going in the porn folder, gents!


Could you fap to porn of a woman who vowed to kill you the next time she meets you?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) Man, that was one crazy chick. I kinda dug the way she was moving.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Was she from the same world as you, Tron?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Yeah. She said she was looking for KOS-MOS.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Huh. If she's searching for someone, she should have hired me for the job.

Nope. You're stuck as Mii's bodyguard.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) Can we worry about Ryu and Jin first, Kogoro?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) Besides, why are we even here? I thought we were going inside your office.

*laugh track*


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Ugh! None of this is making any sense whatsoever!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Whatever happened to Ryu and the others in Roppongi has just happened to us.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Hmm. So, in other words, we're as missing as they are.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Well, if we got in here through the door, maybe we can just go right back out.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) Hopefully. Ready to go in the "out" door.

Oh, Morrigan!
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Yoshi348 on May 17, 2015, 08:47:40 PM
I don't know much about Dead Rising, but I do know there was a large Servbot head mask thing in one of the shops as a reference that you could slam on a zombie's head. They even used it as a super in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.


Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: SK on May 17, 2015, 10:42:12 PM
Frank West wasn't in NXC, so I wonder where he would know them from. Dead Rising fans, are there any references to Mega Man Legends in Dead Rising? Like a servbot on a shelf or something? I feel like this statement is making some sort of reference.

To further answer this, the entire dead rising series is full of references to the megaman series given that they were created by the same guy. The first gave an entire megaman outfit as a reward for beating the game 100% including a working megabuster weapon. The first and second includes servbot masks which can be used as yoshi described, but in the second game you can even attach a lawnmower blade to it and use it as a deadly weapon! Frank also uses the masks in both his fighting game appearances, so, yeah, the lego dudes have become pretty synonymous with him.

So if the Crosspedia said there are 41 of them, and Frank and Hsien-Ko are #43 and #44, who's #42? Is Tron a servbot?

this page (http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/Servbot) offers a couple of references to that, though I'm still not sure. Mostly linking it because wowie zowie even the developers gave them all unique personalities.
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: Soaprman on May 18, 2015, 11:50:31 AM
The more I know!

I'm starting to think I should do more research on these characters. Maybe I'll do some interludes later on where I play some of the games they come from.
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: SK on May 25, 2015, 08:56:14 PM
Chapter 4 - Arisu In Wonderland (Post 1 of 4)




you n' me both, sista'

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) I was hoping to finish things before any distractions came along.
i assume she means 'three sequels came along' because I'm not entirely convinced she's accomplished anything in that time span

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Nothing's ever that easy, though, is it.
Except you


and entering from stage left: Nerds


Where Are We: The Video Game

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) We went right back through the door, and now we're in Shibuya?! This is crazy!
They really did find a way to one-up their Soul Edge Shenanigans from the first game, huh? Just make a stone whose whole purpose is random teleportation!!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Oh, the guys from Roppongi? What brings you here?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) Who's she? Nobody good, judging by the monsters she's got with her.
Judging by her... everything.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) You're Saya. Agent for Ouma.
still a better organization to be a part of than the Ouya

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Well, well, the detective from Interpol? Same as always, I see.
Can you sincerely believe someone wanted sequels to a game where all of the annoying banter dialogue was replaced with "oh, yeah, i know you"

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Shibuya's been closed off to the public! What are you doing here?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) Ouma? Closed off? So, what, I'm not in Armstone City any longer?

Armstone City, Kansas, I assume

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) I think we could all use a little explaining, Kogoro.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) No problem! Let the all-knowing Kogoro lay it all out for you. Shibuya is laden with monsters and dimensional rifts. Once it got too far out of control, they closed off the entire neighborhood. That's why they call it a "closed city" nowadays

Once Saya moved in, this neighborhood went straight to hell!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Ouma is a group that's fomented chaos worldwide for many, many years. Most of its members are supernatural creatures of one sort or another. I'm a werefox, myself.
There is something bafflingly off about this woman providing helpful exposition to her rivaling party.


I... ...yes?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Nice to have an Ouma agent in the flesh to give the story, I guess.
Thanks, crazy nympho murderer lady!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) So this town's gone rotten, and they just put a big lid on top of it?
then they stuck a big "FINISHED" sticker on the lid and shipped it to several game stores in Japan, thus, giving us Namco X Capcom

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) Yeah, and now Ouma's messing around in here. What're you doing, anyway?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Now now, can't kiss and tell.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) In a hurry? You're up to something.

She's in a never-ending battle to remain relevant as a character, and it's just not going well.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) I am. I wish I could relax a bit, but I can't. I keep running into little snags, such as you guys.
thats racist

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Now that you've seen me, I can't let you go alive. So sorry!
no seriously you are not capable of being threatening, you have royally fucked that up throughout an entire game, it's too late. you're done.


Empty Threats: The Video Game

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) ...Mind if I take a pic?
jfc frank


yknow despite being the meme-hating fuck that I am, I would instantly forgive this game if he followed up this photograph with "I've covered whores, y'know"


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) Don't even think about pointing that thing my way, buster.
c'mon, now, he could use the HORROR bonus points!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Right then... Let's get this settled. I wouldn't want anyone else to get wind of me while I'm here.
Yeah, can't get your ass kicked TOO hard, that would be bad.


Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: SK on May 25, 2015, 10:17:27 PM
Chapter 4 - Arisu In Wonderland (Post 2 of 4)



Seriously, though... Chun-Li and Morrigan?


I, Kogoro, declare this city open to the public!


I don't condone leveling up in my house, little lady!


You need a Special Gel before dealing with the likes of Saya.


It's not fair, how can Bahn actually remain cool when being written by this group, I mean, really



Hey, look, it's the villain's goons who were more threatening than the villain!





(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dokumezu.png) Oh yeah.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dokugozu.png) Shall we give 'em the business?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Hmm... I don't want to blow my cover just yet.
Lady, all you're good at is blowin' things, and I mean that in every possible way.



(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dokugozu.png) H-Huh?! Who's that?!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Sigh.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dokumezu.png) Nnngh! Where are you?! Show me where you are!


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) I'd guess somewhere up high. That's usually how intros like these work.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Up high...? Ahh!



uuuuuuuugggghhhh its them

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dokugozu.png) The white-haired bastard!
That's racist. Also it's weird that you would see someone with half-and-half hair color and you just choose to identify him by only one half of it.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dokugozu.png) And that meddling fox girl, too!
You pesky kids, and your meddling fox girl!


Well, hey, now she looks less like a wacky, big-eyed moron. Though she is 50% more of a haircut apocolypse.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dokumezu.png) Reiji Arisu, and Xiaomu! Saya, this is bad news.
Gotta be formal with the full names when confronted by your arch-enemy! Also, I don't know, your odds aren't that skewed yet, they still don't have KOS-MOS with them!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) I had a feeling something like this was gonna happen.
Where ever there is trouble, surely there will be chatty nerds in entirely Red+Yellow+White+Black color schemes following swiftly behind it!


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Agents from Shinra, eh? That saves us some time, but are they real?
shinra agents: what are their motives

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) I'm a bit suspicious... especially of banana head over there,
no no, she's clearly a collection of dead pokemon fur, i will accept nothing else

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) "Fox girl"? Really? What kinda statement are you trying to make?
Mii really doesn't "get" the whole fox-people thing, apparently.


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Sigh.


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) I had a feeling something like this was gonna happen.


"fucken, what do ppl do when they hate each othr again? fucck it i dont care w.e"

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) You entered the picture pretty quick this time, didn't you, boy?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) Don't call me "Boy."

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) I'M A GROWN-UP, GOSH
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) Hmm, a martial artist, a journalist, a zombie, a demoness, a high-schooler...
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) This reminds me of a joke I thought up once, would you like to hear it!?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) And not just civilians, either. I see a few familiar faces here.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) Perfect. No need for long intros, then.

And yet, 9 whole chapters in...

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) I'm worried, though. I have a feeling this is gonna be one long ride.
If their dialogue was not literally copy/pasted from NxC, I'm going to be legitimately surprised.


Y...yeah, sure, why not...
Title: Re: Project X Zone
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Chapter 4 - Arisu In Wonderland (Post 3 of 4)


Y'know, ignoring the fact that they were just teleported here, I'm not convinced they couldn't have just, like... walked.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Long story short, we went from Roppongi to Colorado and back to Shibuya.
"And it didn't cost a dime! Portalstone is the best for vacations!"


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) Rifts, eh? I can believe it. A lot of worlds are connected across dimensions.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) But at this point, what shouldn't I believe?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) Morrigan from Makai, Tron from the future... I probably should've guessed.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) You know about this?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) Well, I've had to deal with something like this before.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) There was a lot less "touch screen" the first time, though.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) Some of our friends have gone missing, too. I think we've got real trouble here.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Glad to see we've got an expert on the subject, at least.

The only thing that she's an expert on is being a fuzzy catastrophe

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/servbot.png) We'll find those missing friends in a flash now!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) Shinra. The Japanese special-agent group? Man, this scoop just gets better!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) It's a crisis, Frank, not a career opportunity!

Thaaat's our Frank!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Well, before anything else, we're gonna have to wrap things up here.


I'm just flat-out convinced that line was given to the wrong character here.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Sigh. No time to enjoy the shops in Shibuya, I guess.
See, that fits MUCH better!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) We're gonna have to take care of this lady gangster first!
That's it. I want art of Saya with a bowler hat and a twirly mustache. I want it.




i cannot handle this


i sincerely doubt that


Yes, but will you take the first napkin?


every time

every time you open your mouth


C'mon, now, the Frank I know woulda used those as weapons! Stop wastin' all your materials here!


Guys, look at how much shit we can have going on in one screenshot!! 7 whole characters in one fight!! Wowie zowie!! So much combating!!

also look at these fucking nerds being impressive, where the hell did they get the bright idea to start actin' this way?


you're a "fuck them bitches an hos" kinda person, I can tell




Tha's what I'm sayin'! "Hang in there, me!"


She got that look in her eye. The one where she has something in her eye, and it like, mildly burns.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dokumezu.png) Oof! Not too shabby for my return battle, I suppose.
Eeeh, that's a 5 out of 10 for that performance, buddy.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/dokumezu.png) Mistress Saya! I've completed the preparations. I'm going on ahead.
And I'm sure our crew will just let you, given that you aren't Saya, therefore cannot possibly be threatening.




(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) omfg
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) wiggity wow lookit 'im go


Not Pictured: Like, way too many fighting screencaps
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Chapter 4 - Arisu In Wonderland (Post 4 of 4)

And it's still not over!

Soap went out of his way to make this. So... uh, here it is.


I have mixed feelings about it.


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) i been a bad shinra agent


because its apparently all the artist really cares to do


put a fucking bullet in my mouth

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Well, we are all ready and waiting. Looks like this is gonna be another long fight between us, boy.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) Fine by me. I know what I have to do, and that's never gonna change.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) You got it! And we're gonna work a lot quicker this time around!

yeah about that

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Hee hee, ciao. -disapporates-
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) Whew, is it over?
If only, babe, if only.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) Hee hee, with you guys, there's never a dull moment, is there?
hee hee

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) You might be enjoying this, Morrigan, but me, I'm exhausted.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) At least I accomplished what I needed to. Getting into contact with Shinra so quickly was a real stroke of luck.
You mean it wasn't part of your Tenzai Ninjutsu skill? I'm shocked.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) With us?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) Of all the rifts, in all the demon-filled towns, in all the world, they get randomly teleported into mine.


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) I wonder why they call it that, anyway?


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) But pretty much anything that isn't wasteful doesn't sound good to me


Oh, shorter post than I thought! Oh well! I know you were dying for more text dump, but I'm afraid that'll have to wait until the next update!
Title: Re: Project X Zone
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Not Pictured: Like, way too many fighting screencaps

Glad you found there were too many rather than too few! Good work using the random shit I gave you, by the way, like the one of Reiji just standing alone in the southeast corner of the map and all the ones of people breaking shit.
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Chapter 5 - The God Eaters (Post 1 of 4)


In someone's evil lair...


Hey, a new villain! Does that mean the plot might advance soon? The last plot-important thing that happened (besides a bunch of fountain accidents) was the portalstone being stolen, and that happened before the game started!


So she's the boss of these clowns.


Should have grabbed the Duracellstone or the Energizerstone! Or maybe even a Thunderstone!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/eins.png) If you ask me, I think it'd be quicker if we just kidnapped her.

But then you have to kidnap Kogoro, too! It's a package deal. That's how characters work in this game.


That sure is a fashionable caboose, but I bet that yellow button back there makes sitting down a little annoying and/or painful.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/drei.png) Doesn't look like they've gone anywhere else yet, no.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/due.png) Well, perfect. Then I can go greet them personally. I can carry out that "experiment" while I'm there, too.

I hope she's "experimenting" with some great dialogue ideas!


********fade 2 black*****


Meanwhile, at DweebCon 2015...

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) So ever since that treasure was stolen from the Koryuji mansion, these rifts have opened up worldwide, linking together different times and places.

So how does the portalstone work, exactly? Do you just flip a switch on the back of it and it turns on all the fountains, or do you have to drop it in each fountain individually to grant them magical teleportation powers? If I flushed the portalstone down the toilet and took a shit, could I get the poop to pop out of a fountain on a cruise ship somewhere?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) Hence, why we've got this ragtag gang of folks from across space and time, huh? And our investigator friend... Karabera? Mani Karabera? Or wait, is that Spanish?


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Kogoro. Kogoro Tenzai. It's been one strange trip so far, lemme tell ya.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) I don't know if you can even call completely random time travel a "trip"...

It's more of a "bizarre adventure" if you ask me.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Besides, it always happens instantaneously. How are you supposed to enjoy that?

Yeah, let's relax and enjoy our journey. Just sit back and enjoy the dialogue and the inane storyline!


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) I should have grabbed a few tapes from Movieland while I was there! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) That town was trashed the last I saw it. No way it's been fixed up like how it was.

The original town fell in a fountain and all the zombies washed right off.


Well, there was nobody on it until PXZ waved its magic wand and conjured a few characters to liven the place up.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) So you think these worlds we're traveling through might be fake, maybe?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) If so, that's certainly different from last time.

Imagine if this game turns out to be 46 (IIRC) chapters to save a fake world.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) A pain in the ass, that's what it is. So, what's our next move?

Bahn stepping up as audience surrogate with that one.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) We shouldn't stay in this closed-off area. Let's get moving.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) She's right. Let's go back to our HQ in Roppongi.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) Hopefully, we can piece together a plan there.

Back to Splitsville to formulate a plan.
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Chapter 5 - The God Eaters (Post 2 of 4)

A group of strangers lands in the Field of Cones.


The traffic barrier party just ended, and nobody volunteered to clean up!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) Alisa! Lindow! What's happening to us?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Everyone still in one piece? I have no idea what I'm doing here. I was just going to the Seminary, and then...
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) All I know is, I was going into the ruined church, and now I'm suddenly here!

The Church of Hole


Lindow 7
Build 80085
This copy of Lindow is not genuine

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) What?! Wh-who are you?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Hey, don't get so testy. My name's Vashyron. I'm a Hunter.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) A Hunter? I haven't heard of you before. What group are you with?

I like how he said "Hunter" with a capital "H" and Soma seems to have known he meant something other than the regular definition of "hunter".

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) I don't think he's a God Eater, at any rate.

Probably a good guess. I don't think most people are God Eaters.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) A Gods Eater? Well, judging by those weapons you're lugging around, neither of you are exactly normal either, are you?

They're not visible from the map, but trust me, they're carrying weapons!

By the way, apparently the game is actually localized as "Gods Eater". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gods_Eater_Burst Strange that we'd get the more Engrishy option.


Fade to black while they presumably talk about their hole stories.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) The Tower of Basel? Where is that?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Giant world-consuming monsters called Aragami, eh? Can't say they ring a bell.

PXZ brings us back with a few vocabulary words to look up in the Crosspedia later.


Well, you have PXZ in common now!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) Like you're from another world.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) I guess that giant hole's taken us into some kind of unknown realm.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) In that case, we better go back where we--

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) Alright, Vashyron, you go stand by the wall, and Alisa and I will climb on your back and retreat back into the giant hole. Got it?

Should have closed that giant hole instead of talking about a bunch of nonsense!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) No! Aragami?!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Oh, these are your Aragami, eh? Guess that hole links up to your world.

Guess that means no Towers of Basel will be coming out of the giant hole.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) Then let's go back, now! Alisa, I'm taking point!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) Wait! You want me on offense or backup?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Alisa goes both ways. Good to know.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) ...I'm not sure I follow you.

Well, you see, there's a thing called "bisexual" where people are cool with either offense or backup and it's really hot when girls do it but it's not as hot when guys do it because I'm not gay!!!!!!


He strikes a pose while he says this.


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) How dare you! These are my professional God Eating clothes, I'll have you know.


Vashyron's looking to make some more hole stories.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Good luck, you two crazy kids!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) Yeah, thanks for distracting me. Alisa, let's team up. Vashyron can provide backup.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Just the way I like it!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) No telling how this could turn out. Don't try anything brash. Just worry about not getting yourself killed for now.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Ah, well said, Soma. That's the attitude you need to excel in battle.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) Hee hee! They should really promote you to captain sooner or later.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) How about rear admiral?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) Clam it. Concentrate on the enemy.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Ah, young soldiers! Let's get going.


Maybe they fell into a different hole?


They fuse together and ready themselves for battle.
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Chapter 5 - The God Eaters (Post 3 of 4)

It's time for some Big Damn Heroes.


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) I knew a hole would open in this wall right here! I knew it!


I can't help but read this with a slightly condescending tone. Like Morrigan's only acting surprised or something.


The camera zooms out for a look at The Situation.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) No way! How did I not notice a rift as gigantic as this?!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) I'm impressed, Mii.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Hee hee! Call it a woman's intuition.

Guess I know who to call if I need to know if any new holes have opened around town!


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) (How is my Tenzai Ninjutsu gonna compete with this? I've gotta step my game up!)


The Shinra job interview ends with a hole exam, where the interviewer asks you whether any giant holes have opened up in town and if so, where.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) I suppose those weird monsters must've jumped out of that hole, huh?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) That ain't all, either. Coupla people, too.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) What? That's crazy! This place is supposed to be sealed off!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) There's no way anyone got past all the traffic cones and barricades I left all over the place! There's just no way!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) Geh. Hey! Keep away! These guys're dangerous!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) We can't let innocent people get hurt here!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) You guys look like the "innocent people" to us!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) I don't know. If they were, would they have those enormous weapons on 'em?

Another mention of the weapons we're still a few screenshots away from seeing.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) Let's help them out. They might know something about this big hole.

They have Vashyron the Hole Jockey with them, so I'm sure they'll be of some help!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Guess you're all kinda like us, huh? ...... Well, I'm Vashyron. Pleased to meetcha. The blue guy's Soma, the hot chick's Alisa. They're Gods Eaters.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) GOD Eaters. Why does everyone always do that?

I wonder if this is actually something that happens in their game, or if it's a legitimate joke about the localized title, or something.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Whoa, settle down, grumpylumps! You're gonna scare away these nice folks.

Grumpylumps... that's a good word. I like it.


Frank's got the camera out, but nothing comes of it this time.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) What do you think, Soma? They seem nice enough.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) There aren't too many Aragami. Let's get this over with. Besides, that's our job.

Time to Eat some Gods! Dinner's served, everyone!
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Chapter 5 - The God Eaters (Post 4 of 4)


The Goatse Eaters


It's fightin' time. Let's do this.


This line is always appropriate.


Pro strat: hide behind Kogoro


For some reason, the game likes to put Akira and Pai near the treasure chests, so they're usually the ones I send to get them. Maybe there'll be a good joke to make about this sometime...


Here are the weapons everyone was talking about.


The sword gets bigger and purpler sometimes.


Alisa's gun turns into a beast-looking thing. The kind of thing that could Eat a God, perhaps.


And Vashryon just jumps around shooting his guns.


I guess Soma has a weapon that can Eat Gods as well. I bet these weapons of theirs make for some exciting games of Hungry Hungry Hippos.


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) It's fun time now. I'm sorry, everyone... I'm so sorry...


Yes you fucking are. You're jumping while upside-down. You are definitely messing around right now.


At this point the monster's been dead for a while and I'm just getting more hits in to grind XP (Cross Points) so I can use specials more easily later on.


Nope, guess not.

You didn't think we were only fighting four monsters, did you?

Also, I guess all the cones and barricades were placeholders for the enemies that would teleport in this turn. They'll probably be using this technique again later...

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) Vajra! This is bad.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Huh? Hang on. How we got monsters from Basel joining in. Which means this hole connects back home! I better hurry.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) Stand firm! We need to hold our ground here!

You didn't think we could just run away from all this, did you?

Anyway, let's see what we're dealing with now.


We got this thirty-four-thousand-HP-havin' ass motherfucker...


We got a few Ogretails and Fallen Ogretails...


We got Dolled-Up Dwellests...


We got Blood Doll Chainsaws...


And we got this treasure-ass bitch over here.


Can you guess what Kogoro said?


Mhm, yep. Dressed for success.


Here's one of the shittier screenshots that comes from me lazily pressing the screenshot button at random during battles. Are those banana peels?




Isn't Akira already wearing one of those?


Exactly that strong! No stronger!




Frank, use quick attack!


Most of these dudes are just gathering around Soma in the middle.


Reiji, the Party Starter

This probably took less time than doing a separate battle to get rid of that last 147 HP.


Time to use a few items while Kogoro just tanks all the hits from these dudes.


And we'll be getting plenty of companions on this journey!


Soma, the enemy's over there...

Vajra's steppin' up to take out the trash.


Vajra's not givin' a fuuuuuuuck.


Wait, scratch that!


Morrigan's out for a nibble of that Vaj.


Vajra's getting taken to The Cross Zone.

Here comes the SLAM!


Stun effects are handy because they keep the boss from blocking as the battle begins. Definitely something to keep in mind to make these HP meters go down a little faster!


These animations just look so silly with these giant enemies.


Knock this clown outta the park.






I still have to kill the mimic before the battle ends. I forget if this applies to other regular enemies... I think I killed them all in this chapter anyway.


The battle's over. Back to dialogue!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) You actually expect us to believe that?

As if it's somehow less believable than anything else that just happened.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) I understand how you feel, but the truth is the truth.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) Besides, you just told us that the world's going to pretty much end in 60 years.

Well shit, I'd better finish playing this game before the world ends!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) I guess we've both got a lot of reluctance to accept the truth here, huh?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) I've never seen a city in such a completely undamaged state before.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) Dang. Guess a hell of a lot's gonna happen a few decades from now.

Ask them about flying cars!!!!!!!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) If that's true, then that means I've gone back in time a few thousand years.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Yeah, I'm basically from year a fuckin' million A.D.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) If that's a joke, then it's pretty damn unfunny.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Basel, a world just barely enduring through a giant environment control system.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/servbot.png) I've never heard of it, Miss Tron.

I wonder how many Servbots actually do know stuff Tron doesn't know?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) Maybe it's best if we think of these as two parallel futures.

And they both suck! Hooray!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) These rifts are connecting different eras together. It's not that uncommon.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) I see it all the time working for Shinra.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) Yeah. The reality we live in isn't necessarily linked up with your futures.

Well, it wasn't, until that big hole happened...

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) This all seems so needlessly complicated.

I'm sure the game will clear it up soon enough...

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) We got no time for this. Alisa, let's go.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) W-Wait! Soma!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) No! We're out of here! This place sucks!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) Umm, thanks a lot for your help, everyone!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) You think you can get back?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Yeah, back the way we came from. Those monsters were from our worlds, too. Besides, I need to get back to where I'm supposed to be, you know? Though, judging by the ratio of hotties here, maybe I oughtta stick around...


If only he was actually a hit with the hotties...

That sound effect.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) As I said, never a dull moment. Now, what's our next move?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) I'm jumping in! I smell a hot scoop in there.

Jumpin' in the big hole for that hot scoop.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Wait, Frank. We've got other places we need to go right now.

Really? Like where? Oh right, Kogoro's office or whatever.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) This hole, though... Don't you think we should seal it up or something?

We should have crammed Vajra in there to plug it up.


Mii's hole senses are tingling!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) What is it, m'lady?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) I-I think the power here is growing.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) Oh? I don't feel--

Reiji, did you even pass the hole exam?

Eventually the game just decides it's had it with all the blabbering.


Too bad we have more blabbering to listen to over here!


Just some good, honest getting sucked into holes.



(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/due.png) Curious, isn't it? Just jumping right in, no hesitation whatsoever. That takes care of one thorn in our side. But that girl went with them, didn't she? That's a blow for our plans.

Parents, always supervise your children when they're playing around giant holes.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) Due Flabellum. One of the leaders of Oros Phlox, right?

Due Flabellum. That's a name.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/due.png) One and the same. Tell me, what do you think of our technology?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) ......

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/saya.png) It sucks. Get it???

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/due.png) Unsatisfied, perhaps? It's still in the experimental stage, of course. I can't say where they were taken to, but we can always follow them.

Driver! Follow that group of buffoons!


The chapter ends with an evil smile and a fade to black.
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holey shit
Title: Re: Project X Zone
Post by: SK on June 07, 2015, 12:26:36 AM
Chapter 6 - Justice Among The Skyscrapers (Post 1 of 5)


...did you say her name was "Due Flabellum"?


what the fuck kind of name is that? its like the guy making Skullgirls Pun Names had a fucking stroke


like what the fuck is wr- oh, are you guys talking again?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) Pretty nice, though, wasn't it? I mean, that world we were in?
it seems nice until you have the misfortune of meeting most league of legends players


izz'at a typo? think that's a typo. also lighten up you bozo. you should take a vacation to the Party Realm or something


and that makes me pose like THIS

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) We're still here too, you know
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) This is 60 years from now? Hah, this sure turned to crap fast.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) HA, BUNCHA DUMBASSES, WRECKIN EARTH N SHIT

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) You?! Why are you here?!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Not like we wanted to be, you know! We were sucked in with you!

soma's not a very good host. no "welcome to my shit realm" or offers to sit down or nothin

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Sorry if we scared you. We'll just go back the way we came.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) I'm certain it's that easy! There's no possible way I can be stopped in this regard.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) I'm not sure we can.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/servbot.png) Huh? W-Why not?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Because I don't feel any energy coming out from that hole any longer.

Also just, like, look at it. it's clearly just not a portal anymore.


"my journalism skills have finally paid off"

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) Couldn't it at least have SAID "one-way portal" ...?
stop. stop being written badly. stop it.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) So we're stuck in a future we know absolutely nothing about. What now?
...I dunno. Sports Almanac?


"luckily i keep a picture of it with me just in case i need to invite people to it!"

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) Fenrir?
yeah, yknow, norse god of the wolves, hes cool

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) Yeah. The Fenrir Far East Branch. Kind of a front-line base for God Eaters.
It's happy hour, and we're serving Gods at half price!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) Man, this is kind of a roundabout route to Shinra HQ we're taking, isn't it?
... no?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) Well, we have no choice. Besides, I could do with a shower and a nap anyway.
And if this were more like Cross Edge, I'm sure we would be forced to physically see all that!


"Y'know, to make sure it's still... ruins."


ive seriously just flat out never heard of this game before. is it a hidden gem, or forgotten for a reason? who cares, we have a much more important piece of video game history to discover!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) Is this Lindow a friend of yours?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) No, Morrigan, no, he's not. He's just some fuck.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) Yeah. We got seperated in the church. He's always making trouble for me.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Let's just hope he didn't get shot into Basel or anything.

Oh, man, let's not even talk about getting shot into Basel. Not after the last time. I'm still reeling from that experience.
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Chapter 6 - Justice Among The Skyscrapers (Post 2 of 5)


I reiterate, holey shit


...it's being swarmed by paper crafts?


and monsters made of herbs? Man, the future sounds pretty damn lame.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) There must be something around here connecting Vashyron's world to ours.
no its just a REALLY big coincidence

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Well, no way to find out unless we go in
just run in dick-first and see what comes of it!


at this point why even show this screen


so here's some bullshit


that is a terrifying blind topless woman with a shrimp body, a giant snail shell with an eyeball, and wings for arms


Wide Open Spaces


shit that i assume soap is going to break


and shit that i assume soap is going to break


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) is that some sort of of euphemism
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) yea, cuz we gon FUCK some bitches


seriously look at this horrifying monstrousity

also that snail lady is weird too


one dead monster later and


in the name of God-Eaters and all that is holey, what in the everloving fuck is that thing

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/ciseaux.png) Where have I hoped into now? What a dirty, dusty little briar patch!
in all seriousness... what the fuck?


a comeback from awful fashion, i hope

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/ciseaux.png) And the prelude to that is just about ready to kick off! But before then, I see some folks who need slicing and dicing.
I have never wanted so badly for a character in PXZ to ask someone who the fuck they are because ???

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) A scissor-bunny, OK. Because everything so far was too normal, right?
Scissors??? what are you gleaming that from??? how do you ALREADY know more about this than me???




(im sure i could get soap to make movie sequences so you could actually tell where everything is in relation to each other but... honestly)


yeah, thats it, this is officially the bad future, marty mcfly has REALLY fucked up this time


i'm so sorry to hear that

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/gemini.png) And your little show's coming to an end right here, right now!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/ciseaux.png) Usaaaah! You ladies are joining together now, eh?

Paris, New York, they're virtually next-door to each other, might as well

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/ciseaux.png) Well, I swear by my beady red eyes that you humans won't get the best of me!
oh is he a rabbit? i couldnt tell

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/ciseaux.png) Come to me at once, my Prelude steam-beast!
Excuse me?



(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/erica.png) omg
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/gemini.png) i know right

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Chapter 6 - Justice Among The Skyscrapers (Post 3 of 5)

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) A robot that runs on steam energy? There's a pretty rare sight.
someone clearly missed out on the Nerds Love Steampunk era

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/akira.png) That rabbit an Aragami, too? Didn't realize they came in such variety.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) ...Ugh. No.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) how DARE you besmirch the name of Aragami!?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/gemini.png) You guys stay back! It's too dangerous for y'all!
Y'all let New York take care'a this bandit, ya'hear?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/erica.png) Just leave this to us!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Oh, are these girls Gods Eaters, too?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/erica.png) Um, maybe? I'm not sure. Yes! We'll go with yes.

lady you look way too skinny to have eaten a god before

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/alisa.png) R-Really? Soma, look! Other God Eaters!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) ...Ugh. No.

Y'know if I were in this game I think repeating "ugh. no." wouldn't exactly be a bad route to take

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) Well, they look safe enough. Who are you, anyway?
I'm not convinced Morrigan has had an in-character line for several chapters in a row now. C'mon now, guys, you can't give Saya all the forced innuendos!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) That bunny said something about a "combat revue".
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/erica.png) Yes! I'm Erica Fontaine, with the Flower Division of the Paris Combat Revue.

And I'm just so sure that means something to someone.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/gemini.png) And I'm Gemini, from New York. Nice to meet y'all!
"y'know, like deep south New York"

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) Paris and New York?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) I suppose you're from the same world as we are, in that case.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/erica.png) Oh, well, that's a relief! I honestly have no idea where we are.

well, then we're all up to speed then. no one knows fucking anything.


The Official Hand Gesture of the Sign Language Division of the Combat Revue, I assume

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) You think these ladies are from another time in history, too?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) You wouldn't mind if I asked you a few questions, would you?

Because we are just STARVED for ways to kill time right now, I tell ya

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/ciseaux.png) A-HEM! I feel I should remind you that my Prelude is about to kill you all!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Dude, not now, there's an urban cowgirl over here and it's driving me totally crazy
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/ciseaux.png) In fact, it'll pounce upon all of you like me and my morning salad!
...your robot jumps ontop of you while you eat salad? Is that some sort of kink?


Pictured: Bahn is still great

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/erica.png) A horrifying beast-man, threatening peace across the city of Paris! I thought we had taught him his lesson once before. Apparently not!
So many words that all seem to say the same thing: "He the villain"

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) Ugh, Aragami are bad enough without new problems to worry about.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) Ugh.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) A rabbit-shaped robot, huh? Got some prety mean-looking weapons on it, too.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) Yeah. Better watch for its close-range punch and its homing missiles.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) I subscribe to Nintendo Power, I know these sorts of things.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/erica.png) Oh, that's not all! Those ear-scissors could cut you right in half, too!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Sounds like you're familiar with him, eh? Then let's get started already!
Please, I've aged an entire year just writing this post


Title: Re: Project X Zone
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Chapter 6 - Justice Among The Skyscrapers (Post 4 of 5)


"I mean, just look at me! I am a PROBLEM"


And against all odds, they fight with a sword and machine guns








yeah but the skeleton key is the WORST item in mario party i swear


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) Years of fighting X-Men supervillains have prepared me for this moment!


Could the translation team give it their all? Like, for once?


"It's not... southern-y enough"




well now they've just given up


"You honestly shouldn't talk AT ALL"


"I get paid for every word I tolerate from this furry idiot's maw"


but thats what having a job is like, kiddo, get used to it


now im just not sure what this game is trying to tell me


holy shit, are you still in this game?


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) YOU'RE ALL UNDER ARREST


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) LEMME AT EM I'LL RRRRRIP EM APART






tsk tsk, late to the party as usual!


its easy when you all you have to do is sit back and watch!


pretty ingenious marketing strategy, promising your soda can do anything


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) DESTROY! SURRENDER!


hey its those scissor ears everyone was talking about. NOW I UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING

Behold their might! Watch as they rip Kogoro RIGHT IN HALF!


Witness his ability to mildly pester people through walls! It is a truly terrifying steam-powered beast!




(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) is it sex?  i think its sex
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/chunli.png) IT MUST BE SACRIFICED




(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) of course im the master of it, who else has even heard of it!?

it has the deadliest combination of fighting styles; enormous bullet spray, and chaotically bouncing around like a loon

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/erica.png) i will be your new felicia
Title: Re: Project X Zone
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Chapter 6 - Justice Among The Skyscrapers (Post 5 of 5)


this has been a long chapter


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/erica.png) Hold it, rabbit! C'mon, after him!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) We can catch him. He's got nowhere to run in the church.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/gemini.png) Yahoo! Time to make the biggest chicken fried rabbit you've ever seen

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/gemini.png) MURDER HIM AND EAT HIS CORPSE, I AM DONE WITH THIS


B-but... he had nowhere to run!


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) im battin a thousand right now, go me


your clothing; what, and why?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/mii.png) Like, where did that rabbit and these ladies come from, for starters.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/xiaomu.png) Yeah! So start talkin', samurai girl!

Because so far her most distinguishing feature is her sword.


fade to black \o/



(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/erica.png) Well...yeah. What did you expect, some kind of fantasy world?

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) I don't think that's the story you'll find in my history textbook...
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/kogoro.png) All I've ever seen are chapters about...me
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/frank.png) Plus, the Paris and New York you're describing sure ain't the ones I know.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/gemini.png) Well, whadaya want from me? New York's New York, all right?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/reiji.png) I think this is a parallel past...one that runs on a different axis from ours.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/servbot.png) So how did you make it all the way here, Miss Erica?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/erica.png) Well, Gemini and I stopped by a church so we could offer our prayers.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/pai.png) A church... We're in a church now. Was this in Paris?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/gemini.png) Right. When we knelt down, there was this light...and we found ourselves here.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/gemini.png) Within the story of Project X Zone. God's most sadistic of punishments.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Sounds kind of like what happened to me.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/hsienko.png) You were working on a job, you said.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/vashyron.png) Yeah. I was in the basilica of a seminary.

Where were you when the world got stupid?


"I'm not prepared to suffer through this alone, I'm takin' that fucker with me."

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/tron.png) Maybe the opposite happened to him and he got shot out to some other world.
It's safe to make bold assumptions about things that are otherworldly which you have little to no experience with. Which is probably why you're entirely correct.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/soma.png) ...Possibly. We just went through that ourselves, after all.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/bahn.png) And God only knows where the heck he went, this bein' a church and all.

...do you mean this being a church would have some sort of vague impact on where he would be teleported to, or that, being that this a church, God is actually the only one who knows where he went? I'm just not following here.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/erica.png) ...I know! I'll ask God for some help!
...we're really bringing in a religious element into this, huh? Sure, why not, couldn't make this story any worse.


(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/morrigan.png) because to be honest i just havent been paying attention to you nerds


Not pictured: flashing, rumbling


God ain't havin' any of this "being a part of PXZ" bullshit!


Man, I really miss Felicia. Or, like, Shion. Remember them? They would say such stupid shit and it was hilarious, intentional or not. Now, there is no humor. Only black holes that suck up all fun. And are lazy plot devices.

See you next post!!!
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Post by: Yoshi348 on June 07, 2015, 01:13:33 AM
"y'know, like deep south New York"

Oh man, it's like accent babelfish
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Post by: Yagami1211 on June 11, 2015, 07:28:14 PM
Hey they're back.

For starters : Reiji, since Endless Frontier, is a walking reference to Rom Stoll from Machine Robo : Revenge of Chronos.
His intro in the game is the exact same, he got the same voice actor too. His has this habit of shouting WAIT ! when he does his intro and does a speech about virtue and justice while saying his enemies don't deserve to know his name, he does this so much it's almost a meme.


And both Reiji and Xiaomu, since NXC, are inspired too by Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning ( Subordinates of Sanger Zonvolt, who is in PXZ himself. Hilarity ensue when you put them in the same team. ) from Super Robot Taisen.

Kaguya Nanbu ( Who as the same nickname as Sanger "The sword that smites evil" ) and Haken Browning from Endless Frontier are inspired too by Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning, leading to hilarities with Sanger too. Check it out.

I could try to list all the returning playing characters from NXC but that would be long.
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Chapter 7 - The .hackers (Post 1 of ?)


Things have been looking grim... looks like our only option left is to pray and hope things work out.


A flash of white light and our prayers are answered! PXZ continues!


MRW images of PXZ appear on my monitor after about two months of not updating PXZ


Wrongamundo, fuckface! It's Repentance Land, the church-themed amusement park!


"This isn't what I prayed for!"


"Get away from this crazy fucker!"

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/lindow.png) Calm down, calm down. I'm not here to hurt ya. Oh, uh, my name's Lindow. Lindow Amamiya. I'm with the Fenrir Far East Branch, rank...uh, ensign, I think?

Dude's just making shit up as he goes.


I guess nobody thought to put Lindow on the left during this conversation so we could actually get a good view of the arm she's talking about. Though come to think of it... *goes back and looks at screenshots with Reiji in them* ... guys, I might have missed one because I was just skimming, but it seems like Reiji has never appeared on the left side of the screen during a conversation. So I don't know whether he has a separate sprite with the white hair on the correct side for when he's on the left side.

Though looking back at prologue 5 (man that was long ago), it looks like Rikiya (the only other notably asymmetric character I can recall) doesn't have separate sprites. So maybe Reiji doesn't either. I'll be sure to let you guys know if I ever spot Reiji's other side!


The screen goes black as the characters presumably introduce themselves to each other.


Real talk: I like how they wrote the conversation between Zephyr+Leanne and Lindow much the same way that they wrote the conversation between Soma+Alisa and Vashyron. It's a nice touch.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/lindow.png) And you work there as a job-for-hire Hunter? Hmm.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/leanne.png) How did you get in here, Lindow?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/lindow.png) Well, I was on my way to some church ruins, then I saw this flash of light.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/zephyr.png) And next thing you knew, you were here? The same thing happened to us.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/leanne.png) We were going to the Seminary for an assignment, when all of a sudden...

Look at all this stuff you could have inferred already from what was said just a few lines ago!


The Ol' PXZ Turn-Around

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/lindow.png) Whoa! Who're these guys?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/zephyr.png) Monsters I'm pretty well familiar with by now. Ugh, I swear.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/zephyr.png) SIGH

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/leanne.png) Yeah. You see them around Basel all the time.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/leanne.png) I just cross the street and use the other sidewalk whenever I see a group of them coming.

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/lindow.png) So wherever you guys came from, this place is connected to it somehow.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/zephyr.png) Looks like it. But let's go blow these guys away before anything else.



(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/lindow.png) ...Wait, seriously? You can't save it for later?
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/leanne.png) I feel like a stronger woman when I have it on. It starts running and stuff when I cry, so it encourages me to stay strong!

Protip: Drink a lot before you start a game speedrun. The threat of accidentally wetting your pants will encourage you to finish the game quickly!

(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/lindow.png) Huh. Makeup makes you stronger, huh? Wait'll I tell our girls about that.
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/zephyr.png) It's just a pain in the ass, that's all. She piles it on before every single fight!
(http://thedailypos.org/content/imagefests/pxz/facesofevil/lindow.png) Ah, it's all right. Let her do what she wants here. You ready to go, then? Let's do it!


I hope they're okay too! I'd hate it if they never showed up again.


The Ol' PXZ Let You Fight For One Turn Before All The Other Characters Show Up And More Dialogue Happens
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(it's late, I will post more either Thursday, Friday, or this weekend depending on when is best for me to do it)
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Post by: SK on August 06, 2015, 07:08:57 AM
totally breakin up your post with a comment but while its fresh on my mind

Quote from: Soaprman
I guess nobody thought to put Lindow on the left during this conversation so we could actually get a good view of the arm she's talking about. Though come to think of it... *goes back and looks at screenshots with Reiji in them* ... guys, I might have missed one because I was just skimming, but it seems like Reiji has never appeared on the left side of the screen during a conversation. So I don't know whether he has a separate sprite with the white hair on the correct side for when he's on the left side.

I looked into this because I was curious and I find it kinda funny.

I remember NxC making a decent effort to make mirror sprites for certain asymmetrical designs, but it seems mostly reserved for subtle touches and one main character. A quick glance tells me Armor King (http://www.spriters-resource.com/playstation_2/nxc/sheet/15535/), Bison (http://www.spriters-resource.com/playstation_2/nxc/sheet/20922/) and Reiji (http://www.spriters-resource.com/playstation_2/nxc/sheet/546/) had them, and probably a few others. The rest were relegated to being stuck on one side of the screen, which I find the oddest case of that is Xiaomu considering she was one of the 'focus characters' so to speak.

The PxZ sprites are still being ripped but most of them seem available, and from a brief glance, the only ones I can see with mirror sprites are... oddly, Reiji (http://www.spriters-resource.com/3ds/projectxzone/sheet/62487/) and Hsien-Ko (http://www.spriters-resource.com/3ds/projectxzone/sheet/62464/) (with a REALLY subtle change). The rest do seem to be stuck to one side again, including the guy with one arm. I dunno if Reiji's are even used, given we haven't seen them yet, but they are apparently there.
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NOTICE: I'll finish posting chapter 7 someday when I'm in the mood. I don't make good posts when I'm not in the mood to deal with this game's nonsense (which is the majority of the time). Seriously, it's just boring and tiring to keep up with the posting with this game...

In the meantime, I'm going to shift gears and LP a game I actually like. See you in another thread! :jarsnake:
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQ8aOUygqjI  :playitloud:

Just the super attacks of PXZ2. I can't wait to play that one. A bit disappointed with the lack of Super Robot Wars characters.
I love the return of NXC's theme song.
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Man, I still need to get around to playing some more of the first PXZ. I won't be making any more image posts or anything but I plan on getting together with SK and streaming it sometime. If we ever actually decide to do that, I'll post here and let you know! (I'll probably upload the archived stream to YouTube or something, too)

As for PXZ2, I'll probably get it. I don't have too much of an attachment to most of the characters so there's not ever much for me to be particularly hyped or disappointed about.
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Stream of chapter 9:


Follow me here and/or keep up with the chat in Discord (http://thedailypos.org/friends/index.php/topic,407.0.html) to know when streams are coming: http://www.hitbox.tv/Soaprman

Most of my streams won't be this game but I'll grab SK and stream some PXZ on occasion to break things up.
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Stream of chapter 10:


it is processing at time of posting but should be done soon

also if you dig around on https://www.twitch.tv/soaprman/videos/all you can find the recording there
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Oh shit ! Fuck yeah !