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Can I Get a Gamer "Hell Yeah"? / Re: Mario Maker Challenge Thread!
« on: November 26, 2015, 04:13:35 AM »
"Shepherd" is mine. You should have my thingy by now, right?

Can I Get a Gamer "Hell Yeah"? / Re: Mario Maker Challenge Thread!
« on: November 22, 2015, 11:50:28 PM »
1. Rick
2. Malik
3. Yoshi

Not gonna go back and edit my old levels since they were made for a world with no checkpoints


Please don't move! Love, Bowser
What if there was an auto-level that still let you play Mario? I decided to make a shitty joke level. Just a really medicore auto-mario accompanied by a short, easy level for people who dare to disobey.

Wait, was it supposed to kill you if you didn't move? Because it killed me, but because of the title I thought that was joke.

My Wigg's
I wanted to have a level called "My ___'s", with some random noun. At first I was going to make an airship level called "My Boat's" but I had just made an airship level so I changed course. I figured "My Wigg's" is a funny name so I worked from there. The level itself was my attempt at a level with a speedrun-oriented path hidden in it (this is also somewhat true of Wiggler's Inside Story). It's possible to run and jump on the first Wiggler, then hold right+run+jump and bounce off enough Wigg's to get a 1-up and land by the lower pipe near the end. Then after making the "speedrun" path, I built other paths to take. Then I just put a big bonus area on top because why not.

I thought you were intentionally skirting around "Nigg's" there. Especially since you were PootieTang at the time.

Anyway, with my shit:

Yoshi posted a thread
Well, I did upload this like, an hour or so after the game came out. Little did I know this level would probably be among the cream of the crop of the 100 Mario Challenge. It's pretty intentionally classic style. I don't know why I made the "100" but I had fun putting stuff in the blocks there. Also that Paratroopa jump kills a lot of people, didn't expect that. I don't even know if he's necessary or not but honestly Paratroopa jumps are fairly easy.

Radio in the Bathtub
Well, I have a Pikachu amiibo, of course, and I tended to think of possible themes for amiibo-centric stages, and "why did you put all the electricity in the water" kind of clicked. Plus, I hadn't really ever progressed a day intentionally by scribbling so I only skipped a day once, and having just got the water set meant it was one of the few sets where I had a mostly complete system, given I don't usually like going completely ham with shit like underwater hammer brothers. Given the toolset, the fooling around idea bin, and the SMB restriction I went pretty simple again, this time trying to make use of my newer semi-solid platforms for decor like I had seen Anti use a lot.

Don't Be Cruel
Very much one of my early ideas; a stage that had what looked like a part where you needed to bail from Yoshi, but you didn't and you needed Yoshi later. Because it's Yoshi, how could you throw him off the cliff you mean jerk. The "coin trail becoming block platforms" bit came to mind fairly early on, inspired by the many many times in uploaded levels I'd bring a P-switch or trampoline along "just in case". This level bends my personal rules on getting screwed and/or trial and error tricks for the sake of the central conciet, but I did make sure to have the player get a look at the jump area both in the preview box and from the side of one of the rooms.

I went SMW Ghost House because Ghost Houses are the established "tricksy puzzle levels" of Mario, and SMW was where you actually did have to use the Yoshi suicide to get to a secret exit, to put people in the right wrong frame of mind. After that, it was just filling in ghost house shit. The ending ended up pretty abrupt with just the pipe by the exit because I ran out of blocks, having been overzealous in blocking up places the player couldn't actually see. I'm not happy with how the camera ended up in the upper area... I try to stay out of putting stuff up there entirely because of that, but I needed the room. The magikoopa horseshoe room ended up with its weird ending because I was just scribbling when thinking and then decided the "everything's falling apart" look looked neat. I used it again in the filler room I put just to get on the right side of the strict pipe/door rules regarding subs, and to provide the preview area.

A Matter of Life and Death
The "two state" transforming level was something I had seen in uploaded levels a few times, and there's been precedent in other games too (like that seasons level in Milky Way Wishes). The problem is in execution, it tended to be just a thing where you had a barrier in one side so you switched to the other, then there was another barrier, and so on, which kind of sold the thing short. With uploaded levels, I also found the other way to fail where you just blasted through one of the areas and didn't give a fuck about the other area. I had thought about it for a few days, and eventually had to settle with the idea that each side would have different challenges, and that which ones was preferable to the other would be up for debate. I ended up with the Life and Death theme because I could make skull platforms into regular platforms to really change things up, plus there were other natural things like Koopa -> Undead Koopa. I choose SMB3 because SMW and NSMBU have ghost houses, which didn't match the outdoor "life" area. SMB and SMB3 had black void areas, and I decided I had seen way more SMB than SMB3, plus I had to go to SMB whenever I did an amiibo thing so nice to balance that out. What to do with the Boos took a while; Boos were like the other undead enemy there but they didn't really have a counterpart. Bloopers at least floated, were white, and were probably more deadly than their counterpart, who are slow as fuck, which let me give "life" a little more edge in areas.  A lot of the other details ended up coming through as I built, especially the runaround for the super secret room.

Tricked a very nice redditor into playing a level of mine:
Click to load

I'm glad he provided that weird ass echo effect to enhance the feeling of being underwater!

I've just uploaded my newest and most ambitious level. A GHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST HOUSE


No but seriously I'm kinda nervous about this one, hoping everything goes as I hoped it would.

No. Honestly there'd be no way to justify selling this at $60 if there were.

After a couple attempts I'm pretty much not gonna play 100-Mario at all

but... those costumes are CALLING ME

Pause button lets you toggle that shit.

Also play 4DEF-0000-00013-2D95, it's really cool, even if there is on small part that's kinda dumb.


leaving a comment automatically stars a course!  :cranky:

Keep in mind that you can follow people so after the first post or so there's no need for more code bashing!


i maded a course

Yo Check This Out / Re: Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold
« on: August 22, 2015, 05:02:05 PM »

Yo Check This Out / Re: Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold
« on: August 13, 2015, 01:20:26 AM »
I'll trim to two then

Troubadour 4 - LetsDance
Beast 4 - Pangoro

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