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Oh are YOU Me-Mow? That would explain why I keep seeing your comments on POS people's stages.

Fine, for all of you babies who can't jump through a three-tile hole as big Mario, I've reuploaded Bonegrinder. The platforming should be a bit easier now. To compensate for this, certain other things have been made slightly harder. The boss room now has more bombs, and also more platforms, which should make the boss less prone to getting stuck on the bottom. Fight is definitely more intense now. The code has been updated in my previous post.

Also gave The Forgotten Deep some minor tweaks. I actually don't think it was possible to do it before, when I thought about it, but I've made sure that it's now completely impossible to lock yourself out from beating the stage. New Course ID is 79E0-0000-0065-3428.

Given the name, I felt this latest level of mine warranted a special introduction.

/!\ CAUTION /!\
Giant assault vehicle
[ Black Behemoth "BONEGRINDER" ]
is advance on location
Mission ID: 24E6-0000-0068-DC5C
Stay Vigilant Always

This stage is short and a little brutal with a pretty intense boss fight (would be more intense if not for one thing).

So anyway, things about my latest two courses.

Topsy-Turvy Mountain
The switching between two "versions" did come from A Matter of Life and Death. I obviously didn't want to copy that, so I figured a stage where you'd "flip gravity" was a good way to do it. Building this stage took extra care since I had to make sure that every tile, every enemy and every coin was replicated but upside down in the other section. Even the three 1-ups are replicated - even if they're only obtainable from one side. I might have run into a bit of what Yoshi mentioned, "find barrier, switch", but I also tried to make it a bit puzzly. Even if I used basically the same concept twice. It was interesting to make and I'm kinda proud of it.

Black Behemoth "BONEGRINDER"
This was a combination of a few ideas. The name was an idea I had of something where enemies would fall into holes with grinder blades, and there'd be a subsection that would be underneath the stage where there'd fall down bone koopas and stuff from the blade points. It was inspired by something Soap said, and I never really figured out how to make the concept work, but when I needed a name for this stage, it came in handy. I also wanted to make a SMB1 airship themed level, because I really liked the black steel design and the BGM. But I had already made Fortress in the Sky, so I decided to make it a ground-based vehicle instead, with grinder sawblades for wheels, and a slow autoscroll to make it seem like it's approaching. Thematically, but not gameplay-wise, it became a bit of a followup to Fortress, in that you start on the outside of it and enter it, and fight a boss with bombs at the end. But it's much shorter and there's only one interior section, which is the main part of the stage. It's pretty compact - excluding the boss room and exterior section, it's 8x2 screens to go through. It's definitely not an easy stage and Yoshi is probably going to yell at me about it. Due to the length, I also decided to put exactly 100 coins in it, and that's in addition to the three 1-ups. Spent a lot of time on the visuals, too.

Fighting bosses with infinitely spawning bombs is a thing you're likely to see more of from me. I find it a good way to provide a means of both attacking the boss and to force the boss to be fought, by putting a barrier to blow up afterwards. Easy to do when the boss is dead, and if you manage to pull it off while the boss is till alive, hell, you deserve to skip it.

Also! I learned how to get good screenshots, courtesy of SomethingAwful: "Find a screen you like on either Gamepad or TV, then hit home, go to Internet Browser, go to imgur.com, select Upload Images, then Browse Computer."

My latest, Topsy-Turvy Mountain, is live on F4CE-0000-0059-4F1A.

Gave Fortress in the Sky some very minor touchups, mostly cosmetic. The boss room has been made larger, it's now not possible to reach the exit with only two bombs, you can only get three 1-ups in the stage now and the rooms that did not have their secret 1-ups removed might not have them in the same locations anymore. This should be the absolute final iteration of the level, unless I find something I managed to break in the process.

If you've already played it there's no real compelling reason for you to do so again, but the new code is 27D8-0000-0056-B653.

Another stage happened, The forgotten deep: CFE7-0000-0052-E563

And with that, I figure it might be interesting to talk about what kind of creative processes people have when making stages. Do you think out the entire stage beforehand, or do you just start building and it becomes what it becomes, or how do you do? For my last two stages, I've basically started with deciding on an engine and theme, and then a few "keywords" to adhere to. I'm finding it's a good way to do it.

So for Fortress in the sky, I had decided on "SMB3 airship", and started building one. Placed four pipes where there's now three, and had this idea of a barrier that you needed to get things from different interior sections to pass. But I couldn't come up with a good way to do it. I mentioned I was making an airship stage on IRC, and someone suggested "with lava pits", which I first said was impossible since that's only doable in Castle setting - but then I realized I could make the interior sections Castle, and then it all clicked. So I decided on "choose one of three paths" for the first interior part, and then have one large with stronger enemies leading up to a boss fight. (I'll probably reupload that stage with some primarily cosmetic adjustments, btw, now that I understand better how a certain thing works)

The forgotten deep started with "NSMB ghost house", with the keywords of "nonlinear", "not immediately apparent way to the exit" and "walljumping required" (and unofficially "no Boo rings", because Boo rings suck). Decided to make the ghost house part a subsection, and then, well, the different paths and how they would link with each other grew from the first branching path. It being a subsection reached by giong downwards in a pipe provided the name of the level, too.

So what's your process, if you have one?

Fortress in the sky, redux: A95D-0000-004C-5981

I literally spent all day on Fortress in the sky: (see later post for updated version)

Might still want to do some small adjustment, but yeah. Edit: Yeah that's going to happen before I go to bed probably.

Magikoopas are pretty good at being rude.

I present Don't eat the mushroom! - E1D3-0000-0047-E064

For an added challenge, go for all 100 coins.

Then there's Bomb Man, the first stage I completed and was mostly me learning the editor and shit: FE01-0000-0047-5BA7

Probably mostly going to go for the short style of levels right now.

Woop woop

PACKAGE TIME, this was bigger than I thought it would be! They had also managed to write my zip code three times. Fucking addresses, how do they work?

Aw yeah! Figured that since this would be the first Wii U game I get with heavy touchscreen use, I'd get a screen protector.

ALL OF IT. Applied the screen filter. Went pretty well - there's half of a tiny hair stuck at the very top, but eh.

Time to get building!


Turns out the Californication file is fucked, for a variety of reasons. It only plays the first 50 seconds.

Here's a proper version.

Click to load

My copy did as expected not arrive today so I'll start doing shit Monday I guess since I think it'll arrive then!

The Posting Range / Re: The Daily POS Mailbag
« on: September 10, 2015, 03:17:51 PM »
I listened

Dungins and Durgins / Re: Tournament of the Picks 35 [Signup Thread]
« on: September 09, 2015, 06:12:42 PM »
I will pick my picks tomorrow.

I have this idea for a level that's visually a giant brain and there's four paths and at the end of each is a Spider Mastermind and you need to defeat all four to be able to reach/hit the final boss thing and there'll be monster spawner point things in a way that I don't actually know if it's possible to do.

Wait no that was an idea I had for a Doom level. In Mario Maker I'll make some stupid reference levels probably, and I might be into making some short puzzle-style levels, DK94 style.

Now that I know I'm getting money sooner than I thought I would I'mma preorder this when I have said money. Then I'll just hope I have time to actually build levels. Even if I'm not the hugest Mario fan, some of the cool things you can do with this and an easy to use editor makes it extremely my jam.

I need to remember to get a screen protector for my Wii U controller since this'll be the game where I actually start using that touchpad singificantly much.

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