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inspired by scrowfunk owning a scrub

Can I Get a Gamer "Hell Yeah"? / Smash Amiibo name thread ayayaya
« on: July 19, 2015, 05:02:35 PM »
We've been stocking up on amiibos as of late and I figured you fellas might have cool amiibo names too.

Mario: Gonzales
Toon Link: Supergod
Sonic: Chilli DAWG
Pac Man: Soapr
Little Mac: Whopper
Kirby (Black Kirby): 8-Ball

"...Im not going in there.  Phaedra maybe you can chat with that thing.  You're one fourth frightening monster arent you?" Rasputin chucks another rock into the opposite side to see if there is more than one

"Lets just find the girl and go.  This is a weird and silly place.  Also fuck these rats"Rasputin picks up a large rock and hucks it at one of the rats as hard as possible. (crit fail 1d20+5 = 6) but the rock somehow slips from his hand due to the cheese buildup on his hand and it sails off in a odd direction  "Shit.  Heads up."

Rasputin squints at the bubblin swamp before looking up at phaedra.  "We might want to get a rope around you.  I dont think wandering into this semi-poison looking shit is gonna end well. Either way Im thinking rats in a rat kings den is bad. we better step on them so they dont... rat us out to their boss." He then pauses in his wandering.  "...heh. rat wordplay." he then thinks back on his own travels through this region or tavern expeditions remind him of any info on this nasty business. (1d20+4 = 10).

He is then far more interested in any psychic damage done by his rat puns anyway 

"Aw shit...  Pepperoni! Go save your girlfriend ya doofus! Pepe may need the help and besides you kinda beefed it while she was watching!" Rasputin wheels around and scans the area for dangers before starting in the direction Alice went in  (wis 1d20+4 = 11 blargle)

"Keep a eye on Jeb dorfs! You keep him safe through this mess and I'll tell you a lead about some treasure I know of. (bluff cha 1d20+4 = 24 CRIT)"  Rasputin gives a manly nod that speaks of the volumes of treasure filled adventures he has gone on.  as he trundles after the squishy baby team his mustache appears to glint like gold from the lighting.

After he gets out of direct sight he starts wondering where the hell the others got off to

Junk Heap / Re: pls pray 4 my computer
« on: July 05, 2015, 10:31:10 PM »
 :erectiledysfunction:  perfect not functioning ___  emote

"Jesus what in the hell is going on in there...  Jeb! You got a plan or should I just wing it?" Rasputin wrangles the NPC babies trying to get them to finish celebrating  "We better get after them but I dont thing you should be alone out here."

Rasputin backs up from the biting werefreak and puts a hand down grabbing his halfling friend by the scruff of his collar. "DEFENSIVE PLAN NUMBER 14! PEPE TOSSSSS" (Pepe Toss  1d20+9 = 28 vs AC)

With a astounding display of might Pepe disappears out of Rasputin's hand the moment he lets go. The sound of a thunderclap rings out as Pepe reappears impacting into the bowman holding the fair lady. Pepe magnificently kicks the man in the face but the absurd speed of the toss twists his tiny ankle a small bit as he lands a perfect pirouette STYLISH!(3d6 = 11   half damage to Pepe)

"Pepe fuck them up! Taco grant him sneak attacks!" Rasputin spins on his heel looking back at his other party members "Ruth tail that broad! Take Alakazam and Kabal with you!"He points at the dorfs arranging their fake as shit beards "  Phaedra to if you can talk her into it!" he then points at a wildly drumming madwoman tub-thumpin' away.  Finally he turns back to the Wererat with intent. 

"I'm gonna make a stew out of you."

The Posting Range / Re: I don't know if any of you remember me
« on: July 03, 2015, 11:35:22 AM »

"Oh for the love of-" Rasputin takes a swipe at the bandit as Anime is dragged past (skilled intercept 1d20 = 5) but the swing is ducked under by the bastard in question.

"You arent going anywhere pal!" (melee basic 1d20+5 = 10)  Rasputin glances to the side just as he swings distracted by Phaedra's new battle song as the blow sails over the sword guy's head  "I told you to leave the sheep back in town!"

 (Init 1d20+2 = 5 whoops)

Rasputin just finally got comfy in his position near the carts so he is as slow as ever to his feet. After he stretches lazily he picks up his sword and shield from the cart and starts for the loudmouth in front.  "This is your one warning. Give US your stuff and then get lost or I'll make a neckless out of your eyes and teeth" (intimidate cha 1d20+4 = 23)

Rasputin keeps a eye on Tanya's cart before speeding the horses along to their upcoming destination. "Worlds full of people who would do harm to folks like us for nothing more than the food we're carrying. Still if you arent that sort then I feel for you. If your concerned you're being followed I'd say try and make you way through the mountains south of Dawnforge range. Mithralfast is tough going but theres a port town past it to get you out of Nerath and they generally dont ask questions."

 He then takes a moment to slow the horses now as they round their way into the king's road.  It'd be a good spot for a ambush if someone wanted to try.  (wis d20+1 = 10  I would like to bring in my caravan guard experience to help with that bad roll tho)

"Miss if I should be watching for something specific for whatever reason it'd be nice to know"

"Saved Fallcrest once.  Place got hit by a raiding party of Hobgoblins all centered around a fire tossing ogre." Rasputin lights up a pipe and  handles the horses as they round the southern pass.  "Peps distracted the big guy long enough for me to get close.  Knocked him down in one charge." Rasputin looks on at Pepe's thousand yard stare on his cart and then shakes his head.  He then makes a note to make sure Pepe doesnt purposely crash his cart due to the passengers constant gibbering.

"I have a habit of taking uppity people down a peg so to speak."

Rasputin, still frowning about all of this finally nods. "Better keep them apart or Tanya may end up electing to stay.  Dont want to be caught on the roads without a real healer..." He glances back to Phaedra and then down at the sheep nestled in her arms sleeping away. "No offense."

After a moment he adjusts his helmet back on his head before stepping forward. "Everyone planning to go get on the carts! We're going to be late otherwise!   Think you can handle the horses for one of these carts Phaedra.  They've been antsy around Peps lately"

 Rasputin sticks with Jeb himself whichever cart he chooses to get in

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