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Rasputin gestures at the lady past Jeb and Tanya  "Jeb.  Who is that maniac?" Then after a pause he then just gestures at all the passengers "Who are these maniacs?"  He then takes his helmet off and scratches his head for a moment bewildered "Where did you find these people? I cant imagine we're being paid enou-Phaedra! Put the livestock down you cant keep it! We've had this conversation before!"

Rasputin steps forward between tanya and the newcomer and puts out his large shield with one hand and with the other he grasps Pepe by the collar. "Defensive plan 16 Peps." 

Rasputin chucks Pepe at the woman (1d20+5 = 23) 

Rasputin snags the bagpipes out of Pepe's hands and throws them as far as possible. Into a fire if nearby or perhaps that into that Uppity bard from yesterday (strength check 1d20+5 = 23 )

"So am I Alice."  he then turns the the lady with a hand rapping against his sword's sheath.  "So am I."

Rasputin turns to Jeb now and frowns a bit at him. In a deadpan tone he states "It is.  It is racist and I am deeply offended"  He then continues tieing everything together on the cart in a complex shipmans knot

Rasputin leans over to pepe before nodding at the two men and specifically their beards  "Think you can steal those beards sometime? Thats a fake as hell beard"

Rasputin raises a eyebrow as he yanks the ropes tighter. "Dorfs huh? Long way from Hammerfast."  Rasputin looks at Jeb with a 'Are you kidding me' glance before sizing up these two dorfs. He looks them over for ANY sign of dwarven clothing, Weapons, or any other jewelry or the like that would set them apart from twin eccentric farmer goofballs.

(1d20+4 = 18 without any bonuses)

"She's paying us to never mention her coming along either. Concerned that someone is gonna find us and ask but foolish enough to think folks whose silence can be bought wont sell that silence later on when she's gone. Theres More platinum in her purse than what we took as well.  What did you get from the look of her? Royal on the run? Thief?" Rasputin slides Pepe right into his cot while only holding on to his head before heading to his own.  "Had some daggers on her but I couldnt catch the make of them."

Rasputin picks up Pepe with one arm as he downs another stew bowl with the other.  As he trundles for the rooms with he sneaky friend he strikes up a quiet conversation.  "Lady is paying well but she's got the look of someone on the run to me.  Could come to bite us in the ass.  Gonna need you to be ready to extremely stab her is need be."

Rasputin stands and starts stomping towards Jeb. Once he is behind jeb on the other side of the woman he simply folds his arms and waits. Keeping the boss out of situations of rising tensions and tricks of thieves has always been his business. Rasputin attempts to spot any weapons on the woman such as daggers or other sneak thief nonsense before he steps in any further.

1d20+4 = 12

Ignoring the blood elf talk Rasputin lifts his head back drinking bowl of stew in seemingly one gulp before waving his dishware at the nearest person to fetch him more. "Odd for dwarves to be heading in that direction boss." pausing to search his helmet for a bit of jerky his glances over his shoulder back towards jeb. "The others?"

(d20+4 = 8)

That explains your clothes :owned:

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Dungins and Durgins / Re: Emotimate battle: Heavyweight round
« on: June 04, 2015, 09:43:52 PM »
That did not go as I had theorized!   HERES THE NEXT ROUND!


1:  VS 2:  VS

Junk Heap / Re: fun words
« on: June 01, 2015, 09:09:20 PM »

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