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Topic: PACKAGE from Scott  (Read 1931 times)
In west Goomba Village born and raised
  • In west Goomba Village born and raised
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PACKAGE from Scott
« on: March 07, 2018, 10:27:06 PM »

The other day I got a lovely package from our very own Staring Vacantly :SVisntanemoteanymore;_;: and it was loaded up with a most fantastic amount of garbage and odd cool items! Lets dive right in!

It turns out Scott was very thoughtful and wrapped his PACKAGE in vaguely threatening Garfield comics.

Listen. My mom may be low but this kind of shenanigans are uncalled for sir

Can't wait to make THATS IT WHERES MY SHOTGUN: The RPGmaker Game :teehee:

I'll be sure to send you my return PACKAGE to your prison cell after a alarmed postal worker reports this.

I think my favorite part is where he edited punctuation into a Garfield comic

Now onto the package PROPER!

Straight into the "actually just a bunch of garbage" segment right away I see!  :toot:

Well yes I suppose I am! Thanks for askin...


Scott was nice enough to send me a article on college kids and the status of their fuckin'  :erectiledysfunction: (getting some good use out of these emotes today)

This game actually looks cool as hell. Its a old time card game about not getting crow'd! Me and the waifu will be checking it out soon enough this weekend! Stay tuned for a review!

A squeezable baseball! I remember a time we had Scott show off some Hiram Hornets pride and whip a baseball into a corn field (and probably owning a blade on a harvester) once upon a time! Not pictured: mysterious stains on the ball

This is a pretty good wallet actually! Im planning on using it in our safe to put all our insurance cards and such in. Sadly I cant replace my dieing wallet with this one as I need a chain wallet or else I lose the goddamn thing!

A couple books were in the box! Its all pretty interesting stuff too! Im planning on reading some on my breaks at work! Although the back cover description is pretty zany on them!

"Hadeshorn" is gonna be my next cat's name

timne to gete BLITZEDD  :scrow_drunk:

 Some sort of arm brace with some mysterious stains.

1 to 1 K/D in laser tag? 15% accuracy?  Jesus Scott. You are losing some serious gamer cred here!


It was filled with misc things.  All of them now covered in a powder that can be charitably called "fragrant". All of these items now smell of feet. Since I feel that this was your direct intention.  Thanks Scott.

I like how theres at least two POS nugs who dislike their names and go by their middle names.

Of this pile I feel the that best item goes to headphones wrapped in plastic because they wont smell of powdered toes and worse goes to comcast power band for being a truly awful item. I may hide the highlighter around the office to see if anyone complains about the smell coming from a mystery corner!

And thats it for the pictures!  Not pictured: A cool ass CD with music that I left downstairs playing while I opened the rest of the package and a small but rad solar powered dancing toy that Becky instantly loved.  We have him in with our potted plants dancing next to them all day!   This was a rad package! I am already compiling items to be sent back to get my revenge in return

Thanks for the rad box Scott!
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Re: PACKAGE from Scott
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2018, 04:56:55 AM »

I'm glad you liked some of the stuff!

1. I had no idea what was on the CD, it was in a box of stuff my mom put in the attic when I moved back in from college.
2. The books are NOT the first in their respective series. You may want to get the #1s (#1 and 2 in the case of Xenocide). EDIT: The Shannara books ARE #s 1 and 2. You will just need 3 and 4. They are, however, a sequel series to the original Shannara series, which is epic in the way LotR is, so you should give that a read, too.
3. The little dancing yeti never survived our house. It was always knocked off by a cat
4. Yes, a little grammar Nazi still survives in me.
5. On the topic of Garfield, I'm most proud of the one joke you didn't highlight, the really terrible Tide pods joke. >.>

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