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Topic: Taco Bell Breakfast Menu  (Read 1404 times)
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Taco Bell Breakfast Menu
« on: March 30, 2014, 10:28:47 AM »

So I'm on a quest to try every item on the new Taco Bell Breakfast Menu. I started documenting my findings on Skype and Spat suggested I take it to the forum which... well, I don't know why I didn't do that in the first place!

Thanks to Cannonfodder/Malik for compiling yesterday's and today's entries!

Soaprman's Taco Bell Breakfast Chronicles

Entry 1
   Saturday, March 29, 2014
[8:56:12 AM] soaprman: so i bought breakfast at taco bell today. i got a steak burrito, a sausage burrito, and coffee
[8:56:26 AM] soaprman: the burritos are kind of like the ones from mcdonald's but bigger (and maybe better? not sure yet)
[8:56:38 AM] soaprman: the coffee is about the same as any other fast food place's coffee (it is regular coffee)
[8:56:56 AM] soaprman: i'll be going back tomorrow to try something else. stay tuned!

(soaprman was asked what he was going to try the following day)
[10:26:25AM]i haven't seen the enitre menu yet so not sure lol
[10:26:27 AM] soaprman: maybe the "waffle taco"

(it seems soaprman wasn't incredibly astounded by today's choice. the two burritos (steak and sausage) were compared to the same product sold at competing fast food restaraunt, mcdonalds. soaprman thought the products from taco bell were slightly superior to the products sold at mcdonalds. he remarked that the coffee sold to him was the same as any other coffee sold at competitor's restaraunts. overall soaprman seemed to have his hunger sated but his interest remained the same)

Entry 2
   Sunday, March 30, 2014
[8:59:06 AM] soaprman: so, i'm eating my second helping of taco bell breakfast
[8:59:13 AM] soaprman: a.m. crunchwrap is pretty ballin
[8:59:22 AM] soaprman: waffle taco is waiting for when i finish this
[9:05:50 AM] soaprman: waffle taco is kind of so-so. tastes ok, but the waffle is really greasy for some reason. might be the sausage in it, idk
[9:06:02 AM] soaprman: they also include a little maple syrup packet
[9:07:13 AM] soaprman: most things can be ordered with your choice of bacon or sausage. i go sausage because i generally prefer it to bacon

(soaprman was then made aware of the recording of this logbook)
[9:09:11 AM] soaprman: every weekend i'm going to go to taco bell for breakfast both days until i've tried the whole menu
[9:09:21 AM] soaprman: but yeah so far the waffle taco is the most disappointing of the lot
[9:09:29 AM] soaprman: especially after the a.m. crunchwrap which was great
[9:11:00 AM] soaprman: i think they should maybe include more syrup with the waffle taco to mask its mediocre taste lol
[9:11:11 AM] soaprman: gonna need to get out the bottle of mrs. butter-worth's to finish this bad boy
[9:12:39 AM] soaprman: yeesh, not even drowning it in syrup makes me want to finish it

(soaprman was asked if he had any final words to end this entry)
[9:15:22 AM] soaprman: i sure livéd más this morning. guh-huh
[9:15:58 AM] soaprman: the last 1/3 of this waffle taco is going in the trash
[9:16:27 AM] soaprman: damn thing tastes less pleasant with each bite
[9:16:35 AM] soaprman: don't order the waffle taco, folks
[9:16:43 AM] soaprman: get two crunchwraps instead

(soaprman was asked his motivation behind purchasing the waffle taco and also is told to make a thread on his local forum [thedailypos.org/friends])
[9:24:15 AM] soaprman: my expectations weren't high lol
[9:24:39 AM] soaprman: it's very much the type of item that only exists to combine the waffle and the taco
[9:24:45 AM] soaprman: will do

(it seems soaprman's satisfaction with today's choice was on both ends of the spectrum. he praised the a.m. crunchwrap  and went on to recommend two helpings of them to his peers. he was sorely disappointed in the waffle taco, however. he remarks that beginning consumption was middle of the road, while nearing the end the taste and satisfaction plummeted. he thoroughly trashes the waffle taco and tells his peers to never purchase one in the future. he also remarks his dissatisfaction with the amount of syrup on the waffle taco)
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Re: Taco Bell Breakfast Menu
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2014, 10:32:10 AM »

Also post your own impressions if you have any!
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